5 The Best Android Apps for Downloading Videos Online

5 The Best Android Apps for Downloading Videos Online

The problem with downloading any video from the internet is always ongoing. And if 10 years ago people struggled to get videos to their laptops now smartphones were the main concern. Because no one really wants to plug in a smartphone to a computer to transfer videos again. We want everything to be done in one click.

Still, downloading videos is illegal, but have you ever stopped it? Currently, perhaps, Netflix and YouTube are the most difficult sources to remember downloading videos. But the following application developers managed to hack everything. So, if you have enough courage to download videos from the internet directly to your Android device – get it!

1. YouTube Go


How many times do you expect to be able to use YouTube during a flight? That can actually be great but have you seen the price for onboard WiFi? Bet that not many people are crazy. However, if you fly with a low coster there is usually no screen in front of you and no onboard WiFi. However, you need to spend your time somehow. And this is the solution.

With YouTube Go you will be able to enjoy your favorite videos even if you don’t have access to the Internet. Your favorite music videos, movies, TV shows with famous guests, DIY – these are available wherever you are.

All videos can be saved to your cellphone. You control the traffic consumption yourself, and you control which volumes in your phone’s memory will be occupied by those videos. This is very convenient – you have just watched a new video and now you can save it on your device! There is a preview function that helps see content that you really like.

Saved videos can be played without buffering. And although some people worry that applications like this can slow down your cell phone, in this case, that isn’t true. Moreover, the memory taken by YouTube Go is not much at all.


2. Nova


Remember that before you download videos online, you must ensure that no one catches you and that your country is not too strict with those who do it. As a precaution, some countries consider very high fees for illegal traffic. So check everything before or you might lose your partner thousands of dollars.

Nevertheless, Nova is one of the best video downloaders on the Internet. With it, you can download videos from all types of social media to your mobile. It works very fast and free. Imagine you are watching a video on Facebook and you want to save it for your project.

Here you don’t need to do a lot of manipulation, like copying a URL, entering it somewhere and so on. The download icon will appear directly above the video and all you have to do is click it. Are you happy you finally don’t need to use a computer and torrent to download your favorite movies to your smartphone?

If your connection is lost while downloading, the application will continue later. All video formats are supported, the application supports SD-cards too. Videos can be downloaded in background mode and in HD quality.


3. All Video Downloader


We all know that illegally accepting copypasting and spreading content is bad, the public and our lawyers have talked about it for a long time, but … The fact that what is always there with us. Even though we currently seem to be developing a lot, we are progressively getting illegal media content.

This Video Downloader utility detects, downloads, and saves videos that are shared directly from the internet to your Android device. Directly from this application you can watch videos and download them anonymously. So before downloading, you can preview the video, and use a good download manager to get the clip. Videos can be received in background mode, at high speed, safely.

This application can also download large files. But be careful, this application does not support the oldest Android version. When the download starts or finishes, you will get a notification. There are 2 modes for watching videos – portrait and horizontal. To download videos, you only need to click on the screen button that you will find in the application.


4. FVD


There are many news sources that record interesting clips. They post exclusive footage that cannot be found anywhere else. If you want to be able to save the videos whenever you want (maybe, you yourself are preparing a news report), then install this application.

When you launch it, it will give you access to a number of web sources where you will find your video. When you watch the video from the application, you see an icon that tells you to download the clip. Remember that all videos are protected by the rights of their owners in accordance with t = with the laws of their home country and the application is not responsible for your actions.

Additionally, you can download videos from rare websites but you cannot download them from YouTube and Flash. This might be detrimental to those who expect all-inclusive video downloaders, but this application has strict policies. On the other hand, this particular downloader gets videos without damaging the quality of many other downloaders that cannot be praised.


5. All Video Downloader


TEDx videos are always interesting to watch. They bring a lot of useful information directly from the experts of the most prominent business people. The problem is, many of the TED videos are available not only on YouTube but also on the websites where they are held. And sometimes it’s problematic to get videos like this.

With this All Video Downloader you will get videos from the source you want. First, you can watch videos offline and then share them with your friends. This application has a default browser that you can use to watch and, prospectively, download videos.

Every time you watch a video from this browser, you will see a pop-up icon at the bottom of the screen. Click to get the video. You can open any website. There are no restrictions for downloading videos, clean UI, many supported formats such as Mp4, Flv, Mp3, Wmv, etc.

Manipulating downloads is also easy. You can pause, stop and reset downloads at any time. All downloads occur in background mode. Build a file manager to view and manage all downloaded videos, images and files. If someone from your friend uses this application too, you can share with the download link with them.


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