5 Of The Best Smoke Effect Apps (Android & iOS)

5 Of The Best Smoke Effect Apps (Android & iOS)

Smoke effects can look very cool on images. There are many great applications to apply this effect. Most of them are made specifically for Android, but we have managed to find some good ones for iOS too. To find out what it is, scroll down the article!

1. Smoke Effect Photo Editor


Smoke effect photo editor is a prank application for Android. Everyone knows that smoking is harmful to human health, that’s why you don’t need to smoke a cigar to make a picture that looks cool. Why damage health if you just fake it? With this application, it’s easier! Just select an image, crop and add the smoke effect you like. What’s more, you can add stickers to make your pictures look more stylish.

There are more than 50 smoke effects. That’s enough to make people able to find the right one! There is only one disadvantage in this application – advertising. Video ads are very annoying. They make you waste your precious time which is always unpleasant. On the other hand, one ad is worth the drug result!


2. Smoke Effect Photo Maker (iOS)


Are there similar applications for iOS or better said: are there applications with the same name for iOS? However, this smoke effect photo maker has a lot of various smoke effects including cool ones like circles. Many people try to learn this trick (making a circle). If you haven’t already done it, you can always fake it until you succeed! Just use this application.

In addition to the smoke effect, this application has several other tools that allow you to work with text. You can change the font style, add stickers and emojis. This is like the early 2000s! The only disadvantage of this application is that it is not light at all, however, the weight is the cost for all of these amazing features. So if you want to apply smoke effects to your image on iOS, this is a great tool to get started! And the best is it’s free.


3. Lens Distortions (iOS & Android)


Lens distortion is an application that you can add real-life fog to your images. Of course, smoke and fog are different things but sometimes we need both. In addition to fog simulation, this application also has several other effects – mostly light effects. All effects are really high quality because it is based on actual optical images.

You can adjust settings such as motion blur, opacity, contrast, saturation, etc. The mist feature isn’t free but because this is the closest to reality that you can find, maybe it’s worth doing. Of course, if the work you do is very important, then there is no doubt. You should try this application. This new application will be launched on Google Play, but you can already try what is called a ‘beta version’.

To solve it: if you fail to take good pictures in foggy weather, don’t worry! You can always download Lens Distortion to achieve the same results.


4. Smoke Effect Art Name


Smoke Effect Art Name is slightly different from the rest of the applications on this list. This is not about adding smoke to an image – it’s about adding it to the name. If you have ever wanted to make a good logo, this is for you! In addition, this application can be used to wish a happy birthday to your friends or relatives. There are 100 fonts and styles, 200 stickers, and 15 smokey backgrounds to choose from.

In short, this application is great for text decoration. It can serve different purposes and different people. Download the application now and do magic! There is a similar application on the App Store but the ranking isn’t too high. So, if you have an iOS device, just explore your own choices!


5. Smoke Effect Photo Frames


Smokey pictures, smokey letters, smokey eyes … Smokey frames? Correctly! Even frames can be ‘made of smoke’. In fact, this application combines a number of features. It has many beautiful frames, basic smoke effects, and tools for making calligraphy art. Plus, there are lots of cool stickers to make your social media images look more unique!

Upload pictures, do multiple edits and get amazing results! Explore the application yourself – there are definitely lots of things to explore.

Finally, the effect of smoke is a very broad term that can be applied to different things. First of all, you can use it to joke trying to convince someone that you smoke a cigar or maybe something else. Then, there’s just natural smoke that will add a special atmosphere to your photos. And, finally, there are smoke effects that are used to beautify letters, names, and even frames. Depending on your needs, you can choose and download the ones you like the most. We hope this information helps you. Stay here & be smart when choosing apps!


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