5 Of The Best Slideshow Apps For Android & iOS

5 Of The Best Slideshow Apps For Android & iOS

After having experienced precious moments with friends and family, chances are that you have a lot of photos on your device. Creating distinctive slideshows is the best way to enjoy each photo without opening them individually. Coupled with background music, memorable events just get better in your memory. If you’re interested in creating one, finding the best slideshow app can be a great start.

There are many applications that come with the ability to create slideshows. But only a few of them can be counted on to create impressive slideshow videos. For this reason, you need to be selective in your search for applications. If you need help, this is the place for you. There will be 10 recommended slideshow apps which work well on your Android or iOS smartphone.

1. VivaVideo


When accessing Instagram and other social networks, how many times have you come across a video with the watermark VivaVideo? This is more than enough to show the popularity of VivaVideo. This application has millions of users around the world and has become one of the favorite video editing applications. You can not only edit videos, but you can also create slideshow videos from photos on your device.

This professional editing application comes with many features for producing videos. This allows you to trim, combine, or adjust speed controls for best results. To make the slideshow more memorable, you can also add text, transitions, music and themes. Not to mention the special effects that will enhance your video.

Just select the photo you like and let the app do the rest. After creating a slideshow, you can share it with friends and family via social networks. Viva Video is available on Play Store and App Store. Just like other slideshow apps, Viva Video takes up a lot of your phone’s memory so you have to provide enough space for the app.

2. PicPlayPost


As one of the most popular and widely used applications, PicPlayPost comes with an intuitive interface and an easy-to-use package. You can not only make slideshow videos, but you can also create photo and GIF collages. Slideshow maker helps to explore your creativity and wrap all valuable photo collections in memorable videos.

PicPlayPost has a number of features to enhance your slideshow creation experience. Apart from being an intuitive program, it supports high resolution output. Apart from that, this app comes with various effects to enhance your slideshow video. Unfortunately, it has a limited selection of music.

Overall, PicPlayPost is a great slideshow app that works great on your Android, iPhone and iPad. Make sure your device is powerful enough to handle all editing tasks. Otherwise, you will find the device is not responding many times.

3. MoShow


If you are looking for an app with 4.5 stars, MoShow is worth your consideration. This slideshow maker is easy to use, making it easy for both beginners and newcomers to create their first slideshow video. However, it has tons of features that you can explore for an impressive and excellent video.

Among the best features that MoShow brings is an attractive style that makes your videos worth watching. It also comes with various innovations such as blend transitions, mixed text, as well as instant previews. The ones least mentioned allow you to see how the video looks before finishing the project.

Good news for Android and iOS users, this slideshow maker is available for both platforms. MoShow can be downloaded for free, but offers in-app purchases. Also, you need to upgrade to the VIP package to enjoy a slideshow of more than 30 seconds.

4. SlideLab


This is a great app for creating different slideshow videos. SlideLab lets you combine photos from your camera roll or gallery into amazing videos. This application works well for beginners because it does not require many steps to create a slideshow. When the video is ready, you can choose to save it on your mobile device or share it with friends on social networks.

SlideLab has a lot to love. It comes with great filters to enhance your videos. It also lets you select background music from your device or from an app. Whether you want to upload to Instagram, the video will auto-adjust so your friends can enjoy it the best they can. Apart from that, it provides you a lot of transitions for better slideshow.

Unfortunately, SlideLab is only available for iOS. Also, you can’t use iTunes music when sharing on Instagram and Facebook. But overall, SlideLab is an excellent application for creating slideshow videos.

5. Pic Flow


If you’re the type of person who uses the same features, again and again, PicFlow can be a great choice. This best slideshow app doesn’t come with a lot of features, but it does pretty well for creating different slideshows. You can get the best of the available features and enjoy a simple interface at the same time.

Despite having limited features, PicFlow gives you a lot of control over the program. This allows you to specify the time each photo is uploaded. You can also align photos with a color of your choice. That means you can choose which images will appear at any given time. Interestingly, it can be matched with the background music!

What makes it better? PicFlow has 18 different transitions for impressive slideshows. It also allows you to save videos on your camera roll or share on social networks. Pic Flow can only be enjoyed by Android users.



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