5 Of The Best Parkour Training Apps For Android & iOS

5 Of The Best Parkour Training Apps For Android & iOS

Parkour is a sport that gained tremendous popularity some time ago. Over time, this sport has gained its own professionals, as well as a large number of people who want to start classes. Training to develop their own sports skills and abilities will benefit anyone – even those who first discovered this sport.

Parkour training helps develop discipline, the ability to master one’s own body and muscles, and, of course, physical strength. You will become more confident and stronger, which will certainly affect your self-esteem and ability. The 15 Best Bodybuilding applications for Android & iOS can help you develop your body.

If you are nervous and don’t want to use a special coach service, an application with a training program will always help you. This will explain in detail what you need to do now and many other nuances.

Because Parkour is a very specialized sport, we decided to help and put together some good services for training. We recommend you learn the 9 best parkour training applications for iOS & Android.

1. Parkour Strength & Athleticism by Fitivity


Do you want to start training in parkour? Then you can try the Parkour Strength & Athleticism application. Even if you have done this before, you can improve your skills and abilities with the application. It focuses specifically on the strength part of training – it is important for you to do complex movements and exercises.

Parkour Strength & Athleticism has several types of training that you can choose from. This can be plyometrics, flexibility, balance, hand strength, and more. You need to exercise in a way that balances your lower and upper body.

This will allow you to do exercises on obstacles. If you decide to buy a Premium Subscription, you will receive guidance from your digital trainer and individual training.


2. Parkour Moves Technique & Training for Beginners


The Parkour Moves application is the best choice for people who don’t like unnecessary details. This is the simplest interface that only contains the most important details and categories.

The entire application is a list of different exercises with technical explanations, hazards, and other details that must be taken into account for beginners during training and practice.

Parkour Moves has a tutorial for each exercise with illustrations to help you repeat certain moves or tricks. Among the most popular are Wall Climb, Side Parkour Roll, and Cat Jump.

Each exercise is seen separately, which is uncomfortable if you already have experience with movement and training. So Parkour Moves is only suitable for beginners who are just trying to do something in the first few training sessions.


3. Ultimate Parkour App by Nicolas Provost


Want to learn new tricks? Or maybe learn parkour techniques from the start? With the Ultimate Parkour Application, you can find lots of new and interesting information that has been carefully chosen by the developers during the manufacturing process.

You will be able to master new tricks, learn a little about the technique, and more. Start as soon as you download it.

Every trick in the Ultimate Parkour App has its own progress that you can track during each exercise. For more motivation, you can set personal goals that will remind you of what’s important.

Ultimate Parkour App has a large database of parkour tricks with accompanying video lessons. There are a total of about 60 of them, including basic and unique tricks.


4. Parkour training by FreeAppsLaborator


Parkour training is an application that will help you improve your sports skills and allow you to manage your own body ideally. You should practice regularly, but the results will justify all the efforts you make.

Using this application, you might think that your smartphone will have a complete catalog of exercises and tricks that are often used during training in the city.

Parkour has no age limit – you can practice at any time. You will use your body not only to move from one point to another, but to make large movements. In Parkour training you can also find like-minded people who communicate in separate forums. You can even meet with them for joint training.


5. URBN Jumpers – Parkour, Freerunning & ADD


For permanent training in an urban environment, special areas are needed. It must be big enough and have many obstacles where you will sharpen your skills.

URBN Jumpers will allow you to discover lots of new playgrounds and meet people who are passionate about parkour like you. You can also share your favorite places.

Thanks to the simple interface in URBN Jumper, you can easily add new places that you find during training or the latest walk. With special settings, it can also be seen by other parkour users.

In URBN Jumper, you can also plan exercises by marking your progress after each one. Share your latest results and achievements with the community and get an objective evaluation!


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