5 Of The Best Gif Maker Apps On Android & iOS 2020

5 Of The Best Gif Maker Apps On Android & iOS 2020

A large amount of content is posted on social networks every day. People often use other ways to express their emotions and circumstances other than text. One such method is GIF animation.

A GIF is a looped video or animated image that usually takes no more than 10 seconds. Depending on the type of your device, you can use various methods to make it.

Even though smartphones have many features available for a while now, there is still no built-in service for creating GIFs. All videos and photos are saved in a certain format, which you can later create animations.

To prevent you from later searching for a suitable animation, we offer you to make it yourself with the help of a separate service.
We have found 5 best Android and iOS applications for you that you can use in your daily life.

1. GIPHY – Animated GIFs Search Engine


GIPHY is a large directory of GIF files that you can find with just a few clicks. The developers believe that they have built the largest GIF library in the world, growing every day with more interesting things.
You can use it on your social networks and share it on Facebook, Snapchat, and other communication services.

Animations are taken from various sources – here you will find Game of Thrones, various celebrities and their funny moments, as well as highlights from sports competitions.

You can save the animation you like in your smartphone memory, copy it to the clipboard or add it to your favorites.

If you want to do something yourself, just upload a photo or piece of video to the application. GIPHY turns your files into real animations and you don’t need to use simple smileys or boring text.

Now you don’t need to send boring messages to your friends – they will be different and interesting.


2. GIF Maker by Momento


Do you want to turn your photos into something unusual and funny? Then GIF Maker is your tool in this creative endeavor. It uses an intelligent photo and video detection algorithm to create your own new and unusual animations.

GIF Maker will never let you leave a file in its original form, allowing you to add more details to it. Stickers, text and even music attachments can all be added to the results you get from your application. That way, you can make your files unique and special.

Edit videos or photos before you start creating animations so you can even add effects or change brightness and contrast. You can add the resulting GIF to iMessage or even LINE.

By the way, GIF Maker also has a premium subscription option. You can pay for it every week and every year. This account allows you to delete an unlimited amount of watermarks, as well as using music, stickers and other details.


3. GIF Maker, GIF Editor, Video Maker, Video to GIF


Creating, editing, modifying, and so on are only a small part of what you can do in this application. Create animations without watermarks, no borders, and make them beautiful and strong.

Fast and smooth, GIF Maker gives you new animations without twitches or delays. All in one is the main motto of the developers of this application and it is perfectly implemented in functionality.

By the way, you can save the results in whatever format is convenient for you, not only as a GIF. Download videos from your gallery, select one fragment from it or its full duration, and then proceed to conversion. You can even get results using screen recordings.

If what you are doing is too heavy or you don’t want to waste internet traffic, with GIF Maker, you can even compress the file. That way it’s easier to share your results with friends!

By the way, editing clips or even making transparent backgrounds no longer matter – GIF Maker is a great and fast way to modify your animation. Add a shortcut or emoji so your friends can see exactly what you want to say.


4. 5SecondsApp – Animated GIFs


Have you taken a whole series of photos and want to turn them into full animation? Do you know how to do it? Then we are responsible for recommending 5SecondsApp to you.

This application perfectly transforms full slideshows into real GIFs. Of course, you can also animate photos, ordinary videos and more.

You can add borders, stickers, and text annotations to the GIF. All basic parameters such as playback speed and frame rate can be adjusted by the user, and each frame can be saved as an image.

You can save the results to your smartphone or send them to your friends right away – both on social networks and via MMS. By the way, with the iOS 11 GIF operating system stored in a library and directly in your gallery.

Don’t you want to waste your smartphone memory? Then download the animation to your Dropbox and use it only if it suits you.

5SecondsApp is very easy to use and is made only so that experienced users can install it. Now it’s easier than ever to create GIF files!


5. GifGuru


GifGuru is an application made by the developers of many video editing applications. These people know exactly what is needed to get perfect results in animating photos and videos. GifGuru also has integrated functions for creating, editing and searching for GIFs.

Combine up to 200 images together, transforming into one animation. This can be 2-3 photos or an entire photo session. You can adjust the aspect ratio of your photo or adjust it to fit it into one size.

You can also change the frame change rate. If your message is not clear, then you can easily sign the picture or add text.

The file is exported in very good quality, but not too heavy. In other words, as a result you can get HD GIF – of course, if the source file is not of poor quality.

Add subtitles or filters to the image – so the visual animation will be more interesting. One of the weaknesses of GifGuru is the slight delay in the appearance of the text.


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