5 Of The Best Free Hiking Apps For Android & iOS 2020

5 Of The Best Free Hiking Apps For Android & iOS 2020

Outdoor adventures can be very fun! Go hiking with your family or friends, chances are you will get a great experience. Hiking can be different – just go to the nearest forest for a weekend in the trailer or think of mountain routes that are very difficult for several days or even weeks. If you have never been hiking before, it’s time to get started.

Much help can come from specialized sources or experienced people. However, there may not always be specialists among your acquaintances: in this case, you must look for information on the Internet.

If you want to protect yourself during the hike, and don’t get lost and don’t get into trouble, you will need a guide or escort. Strangely, even for this purpose, many interesting applications with useful information have been developed.

Electronic maps, for example, will always help you navigate terrain, while applications with guidance on how to create nodes will help you set up your tent. By installing this utility, you will feel more confident. We have found 11 of the best free climbing apps for your smartphone.

1. AllTrails: Hiking, Running & Mountain Bike Trails


Whether you are looking for the right place for camping, hiking, or even a complete itinerary, AllTrails can help you find new places.

A large number of different national parks, bicycle paths, and even other places of interest are included in the catalog. The entire route map is displayed based on your current location, so you can see the closest places you can visit.

Most importantly, AllTrails is a whole community of travelers. All routes are made by them – so every route you take has been explored by other tourists. You can also contribute to the development of travel plans and make your own contribution to the catalog of routes you will take.

AllTrails has the largest collection of GPS routes where you will find hiking routes that are ideal for your activity level. Choose whether you want to hike by bicycle, walk or run, and you can travel outdoors. You can also track other users who inspire you.


2. ViewRanger


ViewRanger is a complete navigation system that can inspire you to travel. In the application, you can find many travel plans that help thousands of travelers find new routes and shows while hiking.

Not only will you find out what other fans are doing, but you will also be able to share your own journey with a whole community of like-minded people.

In ViewRanger, you can turn on all the routes and terrain around you. Augmented Reality technology allows you to see terrain maps in 3D. You will also be able to see everything around you that might interest you.

After you start following the route, you will see all the points of the planned trip. You only have to follow the instructions and also take into account all the details of the guidebook. Route navigation using your device’s GPS tracking system.

Record your route and see it in real time so you can see how far you have come. You can even turn on power saving mode so that your smartphone doesn’t run out of power when you’re on the road.


3. Wikiloc


Comfortable enough to use offline topographic maps. You may not use the Internet, especially if it is not available.

Wikiloc is an active recreation application that requires you to register your own account. This account contains information about your route and trip – you can share it with other users or friends.

There are more than 70 different activities in the application. You can choose one of them and see which routes are currently available. If you have access to the Internet, you can share your current location with your family.

You can also send them your route if they decide to follow you. For a perfect hike, this app will also give you a weather forecast, so you can pick up the right equipment and goods with you. From small visits to large expeditions, use Wikiloc to accompany you.


4. FATMAP: Hike, Bike, Ski Trails – 3D Outdoor Maps


Mountain sports are quite popular with pedestrians. FATMAP will help you plan the ideal mountain route that suits you in terms of temperament and preferences for recreation.

All your adventures will be recorded in a saved application for your memories. All planning is done with the help of 3D maps, which fully replicate real landscapes.

Mountain sports are not limited to hiking. You can enjoy skiing and even the whole ski tour, biking, freeride, and more. In FATMAP all these sports are presented, along with demonstrations of possible routes around the world.

Even if you have tried and tested the route, you can try something new, explained by professionals.

Because mountains can have snow, snowstorms, and other weather conditions, FATMAP always gives you the latest information about snow depth and weather forecasts. The status of popular mountain resorts is also displayed in the application.


5. Komoot – Cycling, Hiking & Mountain Biking Maps


The simplest climb will help you get closer to nature and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Commuting is your key to nature, which will show you every path and path.

Even when you are offline, you will be able to see the paths in your area. Planning in the application includes the smallest details, given the complexity, distance traveled, and even the surface.

You can also use voice navigation. This means you won’t be disturbed by your smartphone screen while you are watching the road. Voice navigation can also be turned on when you are hiking – so you are not disturbed by the environment.

Look carefully at what is happening around you right now. For adventure in the wild, there is an offline mode. This takes into account the busy streets and terrain around you. Identify your destination and see the main hiking spots encountered – whether it is a waterfall, gas station or nature reserve.


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