5 Of The Best Counterfeit Money Detection Apps (Android & iOS)

5 Of The Best Counterfeit Money Detection Apps (Android & iOS)

When exchanging currencies at the bank, you can be relatively calm: forgery is very rare, almost never.

But when exchanging by hand, receiving payments for cars or other goods, it is very possible to find counterfeit goods.

This review contains the best counterfeit money detection application. They will help you distinguish between genuine and counterfeit banknotes.

1. Cash Reader


This application will help you identify and eliminate counterfeit money. Working with this program does not require special skills.

Run and get the appropriate screen to verify the authenticity of the banknote.

Now you bring banknotes to the screen and see the results of identification.

It supports banknotes like euros and dollars.

In the upper right corner, there is a low profile cross to close the camera and go to the next stage.


2. Counterfeit Money Detector


This application will help users check banknotes for authenticity.

This program will also tell the owner how to count counterfeit banknotes independently without the aid of equipment.

This application will be able to determine several banknote security features.

This money comes from various denominations issued during the period 2010 to present.

In addition, this will provide information about the special features of other banknotes.

Application verification does not guarantee the authenticity of banknotes. But, it can tell you where and what security features should be placed on certain banknotes.

This program will tell you how to identify real and fake money with lumens, by touch, when zooming in or from a different angle.

In addition, users will be able to determine the year of the bank’s problem using the camera.


3. IDEAL U.S. Currency Identifier


This version only works with dollar and euro banknotes from various denominations.

Technology support – augmented reality.

The application can recognize banknotes and check the watermark correspondence if you insert banknotes into the camera.

The application checks the accuracy of portraits on banknotes, as well as watermarks.

How to use the application:

  • Place the cellphone camera on banknotes, the camera must fully capture banknotes.
  • If you see OK on the screen it means that the quality of banknotes meets the standards.
  • If you want to check the watermark in more detail. Looking through the banknotes in the background, point the camera at the watermark that appears.
  • Then, hold without moving for 1 to 3 seconds until the OK sign appears.

If the note isn’t detected it doesn’t mean it’s fake, your cellphone’s camera might not be able to process small parts or the note might wear out.


4. MCT Money Reader


To detect fake ones, use this money verification application. This program is organized as a banknote catalog.

You can see where the protection is, the useful interactive tools of this program will show you how to find it.

To show your banknote to the application, click the button in the upper left corner.

Then select “Get to know” and show the banknotes to your smartphone camera. The recognition result is displayed on the screen.

This is accompanied by an interactive guide called “Authentication”, which helps you check money for a 100% guarantee.


5. Nevon Currency Detector & Blind Assist


This application allows users who are deafblind to easily and quickly understand what types of banknotes are in front of it.

This application uses an intelligent algorithm to determine banknotes. This application is also suitable for detecting fake or prank banknotes.

Operating principle: You must run the application, point your smartphone camera at the banknote.

Then you need to touch the screen to start the recognition, the results are displayed in visual, sound and touch form. This application can be used by blind and deaf people.

This application supports voice assistants and Braille display.


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