5 Of The Best Apps To Mirror Reverse Videos On Android & iOS

5 Of The Best Apps To Mirror Reverse Videos On Android & iOS

Video making is very popular nowadays. Everyone from an early age has a mobile device capable of making high-quality videos. Plus, there are tons of different apps and platforms where you can upload videos and even count your likes.

It goes without saying that there are also a large number of video editing programs for desktops and applications for phones and tablets. There are professionals and amateurs. There are paid and free. Everything for one wish.

However, not every application has a number of possible tools for editing videos. For example, there are applications that are made solely for making slow motion videos. You can check it out here.

In this article, we’ve decided to take a closer look at a video editing app that features one of the most interesting and exciting tools – flipping or mirroring videos. Such effects add a unique feel to a video, an outrageous feel, and will keep an eye on the video. You’ll create even more awesome videos for your own collection or to add to your video blog.

Here’s a list of the 5 best apps to mirror or flip videos for Android and iOS.

1. Flip Video FX


The Flip Video app has taken the first place in our list. This application is made with Polish development only for Android devices for some reason we do not know. After all, this app has gained immense popularity and can be proud to have high ratings. It’s free with in-app purchases and ads.

The main feature of this app is to flip or mirror videos. Usually flips videos quickly but also depends on the size of the video. So, high-quality videos may take some time to process the flipping process.

This application allows us to upload videos from the device library or record them through the application itself.

Apart from flipping videos, this app lets you trim them however you like. So, play the video and cut it to use anytime for your personal purposes.


2. RFV


RFV is an application with only one simple feature. If your video has the wrong orientation, you can mirror it horizontally or even vertically. If your recorded video has the wrong orientation from the start. Or you didn’t realize when recording the RFV could help you solve this problem. In addition, this application is free to download for iOS and Android devices.

This app has a very easy and user friendly interface which has a dark mode. IF you shoot your video sideways, this free app is the perfect solution. Many users find this app convenient because of its free service, required little memory space, and the absence of annoying pop-up ads. There is no watermark on the video either.


3. Video rotate + flip video easy


Video rotate + flip is an iOS platform based application for easy video rotation. Flipping videos can sometimes be very important. Often times we shoot videos in a hurry because the moment has to be captured quickly. We didn’t pay attention to the position of the device during recording and the final orientation of the video.

In the era of digital development, we cannot just leave a video in the wrong orientation because there are many video editors who can help. However, they may be very large and expensive. Whereas all we need is one feature. Of course it must be free to use. The video rotates app is an easy way to flip videos vertically or horizontally. It doesn’t take much time to download the app and flip the video itself.

Most of the comments praised the app and the developer for providing an easy way to mirror videos.


4. Video Slimmer App


Video Slimmer app can be called a professional app video editor app due to the number of excellent features it offers, This app allows to play videos horizontally or vertically if you record them in wrong orientation or there are some problems with your device. Or you just want to mirror the video thinking it will be much better.

However, apart from flipping the app it allows shrinking videos if they are too heavy and take up a lot of space. This may be necessary if you have everything stored on your device or you need to upload it somewhere with size restrictions. Compress your video without losing quality.

This application also allows us to adjust the video, share it or combine it, change the dimensions (height and width).

As you can see, this app is quite powerful with all the features you might need to improve video characteristics. However, the app is not free and requires a one-time payment which is actually too small to talk about.


5. Fast Video Rotate Trial


Fast video play experiment is an app that lets you correct horizontally or vertically incorrectly oriented videos. This allows you to play the video sideways or upside down. The developer left some notes for the users. For example, it is not possible to upload videos from a memory card in your device. First, move the video to your device memory and the app will find it.

Also, as the name suggests, this is just a trial version which allows to mirror or flip only one video. If you need to play more videos, buy the full version of the app. This can be considered a fair note because after the first video you will see if the app is worthy of continuous use or not. Then pay because every good effort must be paid.

This app can play videos up to 90, 180, 270 degrees.


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