5 Of The Best Apps That Pay You To Run (Android & iOS)

5 Of The Best Apps That Pay You To Run (Android & iOS)

Keep yourself in a difficult condition – you need motivation, goals, and time. And if time can be found sometimes, the motivation is difficult and almost impossible to find. Different people can be encouraged to act with different motives – someone wants to please others, someone can pursue the goal of improving health.

One of the most important motivators of all times for people is material gain. Money, the benefits of civilization, comfort, and so on – everyone is looking for comfort and prosperity, they want it.

Have you ever thought that you could get money just to maintain your body fitness? How about being paid for your activities? Right now, there are apps that are ready to pay you for … just walking around!

Yes, because people are trying to motivate physical activity, the developers have created applications that will track your walking movements and give you gifts for it. So, we are ready to introduce you to a new type of new income – just for fun, while bringing positive results to your health and wallet.

1. Sweatcoin Pays You To Get Fit


Speaking of monetization of human activity, the first application that comes to mind is Sweetcoin. This is the most well-known, well thought and popular application, which is one of the first to translate steps into money.

Well, it’s almost money. This service does not provide you with real money or notes, as you might have previously thought. But we can say that it is worth the equivalent of money.

Sweetcoin has its own internal currency, sweatcoins, which give you the opportunity to buy something new and useful. In fact, you do the smallest amount of activity every day – going to the bus stop, cleaning, walking with friends and even moving to work – all the activities you do are turned into real money.

The only thing to remember is that Sweatcoin only functions in the open – so if you want to benefit from moving in the office, you will be disappointed. Your e-wallet accepts funds for all your activities, and you can save it for some time.

Need to talk about the benefits you get. First, you become more athletic and strict, which is a positive thing. Even the smallest physical activity will only benefit your health.

Second, you can buy or exchange coins for valuable goods or services. For example, healthy food, fitness products, sports goods, and even certificates to restaurants. Of course, the value varies depending on the value of the product itself and you can decide for yourself what to buy.


2. StepBet: Get Active & Stay Fit


Do you know what motivates people more than earning money? The chance to lose their money! If someone invests in his own business, he always tries not to lose his finances, and maybe even multiply it. Here’s how StepBet works: You put your own money to yourself. Now let’s consider a little more.

Initially, you must connect your activity tracker to StepBet – for example, Google Fit or Samsung Health. With this application, you can set your personal goals for fitness and daily activities.

Of course, developers have determined that beginners don’t get impossible goals and, therefore, professional athletes don’t lower standards. To get goals step by step, you must contribute. After that, you officially join the community and start your game!

To track the fairness of decisions and awards, StepBet has a WayBetter referee. In case of suspicion or disagreement, you can easily contact them and get answers or support.

After you reach your daily or weekly goal, you win. A common pot in the game that you share with other players, the same as you have contributed and achieved the goal.

Interaction with other players, personal contributions, ongoing contact with WayBetter – all of this motivates you to stay active all the time. Of course, no one wants to lose their bet, especially when you can increase it!


3. Yodo – Cash for walking & running


They say it takes time to form habits. This is absolutely true – you will not be able to get a new habit in a short time or by taking action several times.

Yodo is designed to give you the habit of exercising, running, or just walking every day. Because the best attachments can be developed in the form of games, developers focus on this.

Yodo allows you to earn money from your love of sports. Many prizes that you can get just by staying active are easily available to you.

You can even get cash – as long as you want to get it. Prizes can be very different, and you can even get them by downloading your sports achievements or by inviting friends.

Steps are calculated in real time. All your past activities are easily tracked – in the application you can see how active you were yesterday, a week or a year ago.

Running training is also tracked by your location. At the beginning of the exercise or in front of you, you activate the GPS sensor, which will give Yodo all the data about your movements. Of course, this activity will also be taken into account.

Yodo can give you specific sports assignments or set goals. You are also rewarded for the settlement. If you want, you can get what you produce every day, but you can also save it – money and other rewards will be available to you anytime.


4. Walkify – Keep Walking & Earning


Walking with your dog, jogging in the morning, going to work or shopping, all can give you extra income. Walkify is a source of additional income for people who continue to be active and want to get money on it or for those who are looking for motivation to walk continuously.

You can monetize every step of your life and every meter you walk. They are equal to one point in the application, which you can then exchange for real prizes. By the way, you get an award every 3 days – so Google immediately gives you cash – like a salary! Awards and prizes that you get every 4 days.

Your running session is also easily tracked on Walkify. In real-time, the application monitors distance, running duration, and calculates calorie speed and consumption based on this data.

After all, all your movements will be paid for – you maintain your fitness at the same time, and you get – of course, not millions of dollars, but still. You can also get points by watching videos and advertisements – although the main source of points is running and walking, you can benefit from everything with Walkify.


5. CircleCare – Live Healthy. Earn Rewards.


Take care of your own health and well-being – this is very important and is the basis for a long and happy life. Your health and the health of your family can now be constantly under the control of only one application, and give you real income and pleasure from yourself.

Nowadays, you can rarely meet people who are truly healthy. Someone has a congenital disease, someone is constantly taking vitamins and complex supplements, someone is taking insulin, and so on. Because CircleCare monitors your health, this application will always remind you to take vitamins and medicines. For all timely actions you also receive awards!

You can create your own health care network with colleagues, family, or friends. In this way, you can motivate each other to win new prizes, as well as monitor your health and stay active.

You can also keep a measurement record of all your health indicators – blood pressure, weight, height, and other vital signs. You can not only track your acquaintances, but also absolute strangers. You can also send postcards to people to show that you support them in choosing a healthy lifestyle. Awards will be a great addition to your community’s communication!


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