5 Of The Best Altimeter Altitude Apps For Android & iOS

5 Of The Best Altimeter Altitude Apps For Android & iOS

The altitude altimeter application is a great way to save money. Traveling equipment may require a significant cost, so the fact that it can be replaced by technology is very touching.

No matter what you need an altimeter for – to see your progress in hiking or to keep your altitude sickness under control – the application below will help you take the necessary measurements.

Note that there is a mixture of applications for iOS and Android. Most Android applications are at the top (2-4). The iOS application is at the bottom (6-7). The first application is suitable for both systems but works very well with iOS.

1. My Altitude


My Altitude is an altimeter application that can calculate your altitude – altitude from sea level, location, barometric pressure, and boiling point of water.

To get all these measurements, the application uses your phone’s sensors and GPS. On newer iOS devices, it’s just sensors – they are very powerful there and are therefore able to provide accurate results without GPS.

If your cellphone has gone through a lot but is still functioning properly, you don’t need to buy a new model. This application, as well as many others, can provide you with the data needed without sophisticated sensors. Accuracy will be more than enough for ordinary users.

My Altimeter application does not require a good internet connection because there is a big chance you won’t be able to get it. If you want you can take pictures directly in the application. The pictures will contain all the parameters so you can boast on social media about how high you managed to get.

All in all, this is an amazing application! If you have an iOS device, you will surely be satisfied with it. If you are using Android, you can also use this one but keep in mind that there are other applications below that might work better with your phone. Get the application and see if it suits your needs!


2. Altimeter Ler


The Altimeter Ler application is a complete Android application for pedestrians, mountain bikers, and almost anyone who is going to get somewhere. This application has a compass, tracker and altimeter. This can also tell you about the weather. All measurements are mostly carried out using GPS.

By the way, there are many compass applications out there. Some of them have altimeters incorporated in them. See articles on 15 of the best compass apps for Android & iOS to learn more about them!

The Alereter Ler has a real-time orientation feature. You can change the magnetic North to the correct and vice versa. More than that, this application can help you track the way you take and store parameters such as distance, time, average speed, max speed, etc. – including altitude, of course.

Are you interested in the weather conditions that you will encounter? This application can give you this information too. All info connected to temperature, wind, sunset and sunrise can be accessed inside the application. Even visibility is very useful if you are in the mountains and there is often fog.

Just like the application above, this one allows you to take pictures and then add coordinates and some parameters of your choice to them. This feature is practically a must have in our social media era.

In short, this application is the right choice for those who want to start a trip in the mountains. Compass, tracker, altimeter … Why do you need all this stuff if you have a telephone? Get the app and always have it all!


3. My Elevation


My Elevation is another application that can be found exclusively on Google Play. This one only works with a data connection and only if you have feet on the ground. The application will not tell you your altitude while on a plane.

The reasons are as follows: the program uses latitude and longitude to find out your altitudes and it is not realistic to measure them when you are on the ground. So, beware!

This application has useful features such as ‘follow me’ mode, which allows you to record your route and then analyze how much you are progressing, where exactly you are, etc. We’ve found that this feature isn’t useful if you’re on a long trip – you definitely need that battery for something else! However, if you are just hiking, you can use it.

It’s kind of cool because it helps you save memories of your trip and don’t get lost when you go there a second time. What’s more, you can mark the most extraordinary locations on the map to be able to return to those locations in the future.

This application has one more feature that is useful for those who are not worried about cellphone batteries – providing information and links to Wikipedia about places that are bypassed.

If you find it useful, why not use it? Although, of course, there are many other sources of information. The problem with everything is that you need to have an internet connection that is not always available.

To solve this, this is not the best altimeter application out there but has advantages. If you don’t mind having to use an internet connection and drain the battery, you can get the application. Our guess is that it is best suited for short distance hikes or for purposes other than traveling.


4. Altimeter Offline


If you travel to places where you don’t have an internet connection, and you know you will need an altimeter, make sure you download this one. The problem is that this application has an internal tracker built into the application system that allows it to take measurements even without a global network.

It doesn’t matter if you want to go hiking, trekking, cross country skiing, and climbing mountains and peaks – Altimeter Offline keeps you protected. Yes, the measurement is sometimes not right because in the end the program does not have access to the Internet but is quite feasible to use.

It has a super simple interface design – so if you like something more complicated, you should use another application. However, is design important in altimeter applications? … By the way, this application is available for iOS and Android.

All geographical coordinates will be displayed. When you have an internet connection you can always share your location with your friends through social networks. One more advantage of offline altimeters is that when you close the application, the GPS tracker is automatically turned off to save the battery life of your cellphone.


5. Altimeter free


The free altimeter application is a beautiful-looking application for measuring altitude above sea level. The only disadvantage of this application is that it includes advertisements. Apart from that, this is a really cool professional altimeter. This uses both a barometer sensor – if your device has it – and a GPS. If you want, you can record altitude trends by setting a time interval. If you do, you will eventually see a beautiful graph and a histogram graph.

Another useful feature is taking pictures. If you want to tell the whole world (or just your customers) that you have climbed that amazing mountain, you can do this right in the app. Easy and beautiful!

In short, this is an outstanding altimeter that has everything you need to get the most accurate results. If one or two advertisements from time to time are fine with you, then you can enjoy this beauty for free! If not, you can pay some money to thank the developer.


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