5 Best Plant Identifier Apps For Android & iOS

5 Best Plant Identifier Apps For Android & iOS

If you are a gardening lover or a curious nature lover, you will definitely want to identify any new plants you have discovered. But are you still living in those days when you asked those around you to tell you what plants were? Or, do you click on her photo and then ask everyone you know? Well, the world is advancing and so is our application. Now you can use your smartphone to identify plants as soon as you find them. All you have to do is get one of the below crop recognition apps for Android and iPhone and get started.

1. Plantifier


This is an app from and has helped people identify different types of plants, thanks to its large database. You must register yourself to use this application. And when you want to identify a particular plant, you need to send pictures of that plant to the public. They will then contact you with plant details.

The most amazing feature of Plantifier is that it is available in 4 different languages. You can send pictures directly and if you want, there is an option to describe plants too. This will help in easier identification.

2. GardenAnswers


This app is more than just a simple plant identifier app. You can ask gardening related questions to the app and it will help you. To identify a plant, you need to point the device at the plant and click on it. You will then receive plant details within seconds. You can also use this application for identification of flowers.

When you are going to use GardenAnswers you can also contact a gardener and if you have any questions regarding existing plants you can solve them. If your plants are infected by pests, the app will help you identify that too.

3. PlantNet


The way the PlantNet application works is different from other plant recognition applications. It doesn’t work by matching the crop image you click on. Instead, it uses a combination of a crop image and the location where it was clicked.

The app’s algorithm detects the location and then notifies the factory especially on the basis of the location. He may access his innate knowledge of what plants are grown in the area and along with that, he matches the plants shown in the image. And then, it displays the results in the My Observation tab.

This app will isolate a specific part of the plant and then give you the details of the plant. The isolated parts can be leaves, bark or even flowers.

4. PlantSnap


Those who have their own garden and want to have a large collection of plants in their garden will love Plant Snap. As soon as you shoot a plant through the app’s camera, it will initialize and then give you the name of the plant, how you need to care for it and the ideal planting scenario for it.

The amazing feature of this app is that after identifying the plants and providing you with the details, the app will direct you to an HTA certified nursery where you can actually order those plants.

5. SmartPlant


Again this is a great application which you can use to identify plants. You need to click on the crop image and let the application find out the details. Once the app has identified your plant, all its details will be displayed.

The good thing about this app is that it can serve as a complete gardening app. Experts will not only help you identify plants and flowers, but they will also give you advice on keeping your garden healthy.



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