5 Best Ludo Game Apps For Android & iOS

5 Best Ludo Game Apps For Android & iOS

Ludo is a strategy board game with random elements for 2-4 players. There are also adaptations for 6 and 8 players. This game comes from Spain. Ludo takes its origins from the older Indian pachisi game.

The main goal is to complete all 4 tokens before anyone else. This is a board game that is now available on all smartphones.

In this review, we have collected the best ludo game applications that will help you have fun.

1. Ludo Neo-Classic : King of the Dice Game 2020


This interesting board game version called “Ludo” is designed for teams that can load up to 4 people.

You can play like four or three, two, or even alone. In the start panel, you can choose how many players will take part in the game.

The most interesting and intense gameplay, of course, when playing a game for four.

If you can’t gather friends, just turn off additional virtual players or replace them with artificial intelligence.

Optimal: count how many of you are on the list and replace other players with artificial intelligence.

Yes, friends, you can play with the Internet, instructing him to think for all four players. But, if you turn on the electronic mind for four players, no one else can play.

However, such an arrangement is convenient for the initial introduction of the game and its rules.

Watching gameplay, which is entirely carried out by the electronic brain, you quickly understand the rules and learn to play.

So what’s up, Ludo? Four players are located in the corner of a square game table. In the corner of each player there is a “base” (castle) of 4 chips.

The challenge is to move all four chips to “stable”. This is the middle part of the playing field, marked with an arrow with the color of each player.

So, place your four chips on your color arrow faster than the others and you will be the winner.

By the way, after determining the champions, the game can proceed to find the 2nd, 3rd and 4th place.

2. Ludo Game : Ludo 2020 Star Game


Ludo is a very interesting board game, which can be played by two to four people at once.

Its popularity may be due to the simplicity of the rules and interesting plots.

This virtual game has a special playing field, a cube playing with numbers from 1 to 6, and sixteen chips in four colors.

Before the match, each participant took four pieces of the same color and placed them on their base.

The game starts and the players roll the dice one by one and then move.

Depending on the numbers on the die and the combination of chips on the field, the player can do one of the following actions.

If the number 6 falls on the mold and the initial cell is not occupied by another chip of that color, the player can place one of his chips on the initial cell.

If numbers from one to six fall on the die and there are already chips on the field, the player can move with one of them.

In this case, the player can only move to an empty cell or a cell that is occupied by an opponent’s chip. In this case, the opponent’s chip is removed from the track being played and placed on the base again.

The chip runs clockwise. After each chip moves, he must be brought home. The winner is the person who will be the first to bring all the chips home.

In the sixth fall, players get the right to move prizes.

Those are all the rules of this strategy with the opportunity element. There are many computer versions of this entertaining game.

3. Ludo All Star- Play Online Ludo Game & Board Games


This is a multi-player online board game. Standard version that is interesting and familiar to all Ludo games.

It’s fun: You can fight with opponents on the Internet or friends at the same table. That is your choice.

The object of the game in this game is to reach their chips in the middle area of the map.

Players take turns rolling the dice and traveling through zigzagging the field, crashing into various obstacles.

After a few steps, you can insert new chips in the path, and then choose which of the chips will run.

You can play against strangers online or with friends in a private room. And you can also play against virtual opponents, and even make automatic moves.

It turns out you will play while doing their work, looking for who wins there.

4. Ludo Club – Fun Dice Game


This is a game that is one of the most popular board games among a large number of smart phone owners.

Because this game is known throughout the world, it has several fans.

This is one of the few board games where the competition is held, and the winner gets an impressive amount.

In this game, you find three-dimensional graphics, rules, complexity, and pleasant music.

As in many board games, where each player takes turns. To determine how many cells to rearrange the chips, use the cube.

Roll the dice, drop two, for example, move the selected chip in the next two cells. There are many nuances in Ludo’s rules.

To release the chip from the base, you must throw six on the dice. This is the green light for one of the chips, standing on the base (in the castle).

Only six points on the dice and no one else can get the chip out of the castle. Second point. On the playing field, when the chips move into the cage, they are vulnerable.

They can be “attacked” by other players’ chips. If there are other chips placed in the cell of the playing field where your chip stands, then you, base, return to the castle (to base).

But, there are places where the chip is immune.

Among the safe places for chips it is worth noting both the base itself and the first cells near the base. When six falls and you pull a trick from the base, the first thing needed is this first call.

It was painted in basic colors. So, all these colored cells are safe for all chips, regardless of color.

Immune also cells with asterisks, and all cell tracks are colored to “arrow enclosure”.

5. Ludo : The Dice Game


This is a more serious game than others.

You have a political map of the world, and your job is to destroy rivals and capture all the countries on our planet.

The chance section in the game also exists. But to win, you need to develop a strategy and respond quickly to events.

In this version, you will not think about it and spend extra time.

All actions are carried out automatically, you only need to determine who will be attacked and where to defend the territory. This game has strict rules about account permutations.

Any chip can move forward only on the number of cells, which fall on the cube. This rule is very relevant when placing the chip on the stable.

It often happens that you have to wait one or two moves on the dice. This helps to move the chip to the finish line.

Six in the cube, let us remind you, can be the key that releases the chip from the base. In this case, he was placed in a cage next to the base. Or it can be used to move the 6 chip cells forward.

Repeated moves are possible: on roll-out on cube six, on attacks by a piece of the enemy (extra moves are given to players whose parts are attacked by others). Also when finishing one of the chips.

But, the game description is too complicated, in practice, it’s much easier. Try it for yourself and learn quickly. This game is very interesting.

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