5 Best Free Diabetes Apps For Android & iOS

5 Best Free Diabetes Apps For Android & iOS

Health is a natural gift that must be cared for and maintained thoroughly throughout life. Where the world is developing, there are more challenges facing humanity regarding health. We have found many treatments. Many unknown ailments are found, and we are also working on a suitable cure.

Technology has made breakthroughs in dealing with physical and psychological problems, where machines can diagnose us and provide us with healthy diet recipes and plans. Diabetes is a common occurrence and is easily caused by excess amounts of blood sugar.

The developer has created a smartphone application that helps you tell you when to take medication and do physical exercises. This app contains a feature that provides you with a list of foods to receive to keep your nutritional level regulated and all your body fluids functioning. Data provided by users is measured and recorded, analyzed, shared with doctors.

The graphic representation of the data is an important motive of this application, so you know how much progress you have made in how much time. Some of the applications are listed below.

1. Diabetes: M


Diabetes: M is a multiplatform application that measures and monitors your health. It focuses explicitly on diabetes control systems, which collect data from users and then provide solutions to control problems.

Once you’ve checked your diabetes and got a reading and set a unit of measurement, the app provides you with tools that help keep your diet under control and manage vitamin levels, calories, heart rate and other factors. This app shows glucose statistics from the last time you checked until now.

Measurements of insulin injection and food intake are recorded, and when you forget to check in the app, it calls the emergency contact listed on the app. Diabetes: M also features a bolus calculator where users can take advantage of information about all types of food and drink. The layout and interface of the application are combined and make it easy for users to navigate the application.

2. Diabetes


Diabetes is a constructive and connected diabetes measurement app for Android and iOS devices. The main feature of this app is that it provides a chart and graphical representation of user-provided data about glucose levels, blood pressure, and offers many options for controlling your diabetes.

Diabetes app provides a detailed table of previous actions and compares them with the most recent given data. It also exports / imports data, consists of a reminder function and many other features.

Its main function is to provide direct details to the user with fewer menu options. Settings has several modules that set the theme, add weight, adjust the time and date of the entry. It is free to use but offers in-app purchases to access additional features.

3. MySugr: Blood Sugar Tracker


MySugr: Blood Sugar Tracker is an app that is dedicated to one purpose, which is to keep users on track with the diabetes information provided by the user. The app has an intuitive layout, and the interface is easy to navigate and best suited for children’s interaction.

MySugr has a funny look and sounds funny when you enter the application. The best app for kids to track their glucose levels. It has four core functions, blood sugar tracker, carbohydrate logger, insulin calculator and HbA1c estimator.

Other features include personalized dashboard, medical analysis, doctor reporting, secure backup. Pro features include smart search, insulin calculator, food photos, basal rate and PDF & Excel reports.

4. BeatO


BeatO is a cross-platform application where you can do many things related to medicine and health. It contains a glucometer and tracks calories, the steps you take throughout the day and consult a doctor. It has a smart interface that creates data and compares it with previous data to give you a structure and a schedule to follow specific steps to increase your diabetes rate.

The main features of this app allow users to sync fitness trackers, shop for drugs from Ayurveda stores, show food indicator tools, provide diet and exercise plans, lifetime warranty on BeatO glucometer, share your readings with doctors, and much more.

5. Diabetes Connect


Diabetes Connect is a cross-platform application that measures your diabetes and provides you with excellent charts to follow and control your diabetes problems. This application comes in two versions; free and paid. The free version is full of features and offers an interactive interface that is easy to navigate.

The free version of Diabetes Connect includes detailed entries, adding blood sugar, food, exercise, blood pressure, weight, pulse, emotion labels and a notes module in case you need to send something specific to your doctor.

The paid version has all of these features and has reminders, priority support and specific timeframes as additional features. Diabetes Connect has an extensive menu, and data is represented in graphs and tables.



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