5 Best Free Apps Mobile Games Based On TV Shows (Android & iOS)

5 Best Free Apps Mobile Games Based On TV Shows (Android & iOS)

We all love to watch various shows, soap operas, films and other entertainment content. There’s nothing better than spending an evening with friends or family in front of the TV with popcorn, watching a story on a screen.

You can even watch your favorite cartoon or TV series yourself, watch the characters in each series, and a list of the 15 best apps for watching TV shows for free on Android and iOS can help you. But even this way of relaxing can get in the way – or maybe the show will just end.

If watching your favorite shows gets a little annoying, or you’ve just watched the same series 10 times, then we recommend that you continue to get acquainted with the characters in different formats.

Some content creators run their own mobile games that follow the plot of the film, there are heroes in common, and you can get a little closer to them. If you are interested in this way of entertainment, now we will tell you about the 5 Best Mobile Games Based on TV Shows (Android & iOS).



If someone doesn’t know who Kim Kardashian is, it’s likely that that person has been isolated for the last 20 years. The celebrity has become so popular all over the world that few admirers of her can remember exactly what the girl became famous for.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians show was watched by millions, and the famous family didn’t miss the opportunity to launch another product – the app. KIM KARDASHIAN: HOLLYWOOD lets you create your own star and conquer Hollywood under Kim’s protection.

During the game you have to create your own character, building them from hundreds of different styles. True fans can even recreate Kim’s own image, using him in the game.

You will find yourself in the world of celebrity, where you will be chased by fans, paparazzi, and will visit various social events.

KIM KARDASHIAN: HOLLYWOOD is easy to sync with your Facebook account, so you can pass the game with your friends, in the process of developing your character as a model, designer and so on.

2. America’s Next Top Model Mobile Game: Full Edition


America’s Next Top Model is the most popular show on TV, where hundreds of girls dream of entering. It is a reality show where participants try to conquer the best podium in the world and prove themselves to be true professionals.

Tyra Banks is the host of this show, helping some models become the best versions of themselves. In the game, this detail is preserved: here your progress will continue to be carried out by well-known models, and you should use these odds 100%.

Besides America, in America’s Next Top Model you are invited to become a global star and visit shows in various countries. As you climb the modeling business ladder, you will meet in the game various celebrities who are known to be the most fashionable.

When you become a real star, America’s Next Top Models will offer you to choose your own style and model that you will use to work as a team. Follow the dream in the world of fashion – at least on your smartphone screen.

3. Stranger Things: The Game


If you were hoping that absolutely any game would repeat the plot of a series or show, that’s simply not true. A clear example of such a plot change is the game Stranger Things, which is not a copy of the series.

This application immerses you in the prehistory of the series, offers to get acquainted with the story much better. It should be noted that this game is officially presented by Netflix, which can be considered as a guarantee of the quality and reliability of all that happens.

At Stranger Things, you will be a researcher and explore all of Hawkins’ environments on your own. This way you can view famous and favorite places on the screen, like Mirkwood Forest or Hawkins Lab.

Even though the game doesn’t yet have all the dynamic and terrifying events we saw in the last season, you will still meet your favorite characters.

For example, Lucas and Nancy will accompany you throughout the game. Also in Stranger Things is an interesting and funny moment from the film: you have to collect all the Eggos that Eleven loves so much.



Britney Spears has long been a world-famous girl, with talent and fame. In light of the recent events, he has become even more popular, and fans with new enthusiasm are starting to show interest in him.

Because Britney has repeatedly appeared in many events and is a permanent figure in Hollywood, her team also released the game BRITNEY SPEARS: AMERICAN DREAM. In this game, you can immerse yourself in the life of an extraordinary star, trying to reach the peak of pop music glory.

In the game, you will create your own hits, design albums and take photos of the singers. In the world of stars, you have to match the level of celebrities, so you will also try yourself as a stylist, create new and bright looks.

With Britney, you will be able to fulfill the American dream, go higher and higher in your career and gain more popularity. Since BRITNEY SPEARS: AMERICAN DREAM is an online game, you will be able to communicate with other players and be connected to your social network accounts.

5. Desperate Housewives: The Game


Desperate Housewives is an iconic series whose development has been followed by millions of women. If you are among them and are also waiting for each new series, then we suggest you try the game Desperate Housewives, where you collect all your favorite characters.

According to the game’s plot, you move to Wisteria Lane and get to know all the characters first-hand, build friends and develop the plot. It’s time to uncover some secrets and take all the dirty secrets while staying in the middle of the show.

To become the perfect hero, you need to create your own in-game story and build your reputation. To do this, you need to upgrade your home, pay attention to the interior and furniture, expand your wardrobes and much more.

Of course, the most prestigious clothing and furniture items are very expensive, so you need to save on them. If you don’t want to do this, you can easily buy them for real money. Desperate housewife will help you find your true love and be in the world of gossip.



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