5 Best EVP Apps For Android & iOS 2020

5 Best EVP Apps For Android & iOS 2020

Psychics are always a concern for people of all ages. Horrifying stories, horror stories, stories about witches and witches, folklore and national myths – in all this, there is mystical, mysterious, and inexplicable.

Of course, as we get older, we stop treating stories as truth, and we increasingly don’t believe in ghosts. But what if you are interested in psychics?

An object that falls by accident, rustling pages of a book, radio and TV interference, creaks at night – all this causes the hair on the back of the neck to chill and makes your heart beat more often. What if the ghost is really close to us and the person you love dead is behind you?

Knowing this will help you find out what is always near you – your smartphone! We present you with the top 7 applications for your mobile that allow you to understand what’s next to you!

1. Ghost Detector Radar Simulator


If some applications explain to users how they work and calculate psychics, Ghost Detector Radar Simulator doesn’t care about explanations and clarification at all.

What’s the application’s use: You run the tool at the right time, walk around the area or region you want to explore for paranormal phenomena, and the application magically shows the direction of the ghost. How to determine this is not clear to anyone, but the facts remain.

Ghost Detector Radar Simulator is considered “the only application that allows you to communicate with ghosts for free”. Yes, yes, don’t be surprised, it’s to communicate. By communication, the developers mean the following: when you find a ghost, you can print and send it a message.

The ghost will reward you, so you can chat. Imagine the ghost of an edited man in the 18th century getting a text message! You can assume that the ghost died again from shock.

Reviews of the Ghost Detector Radar Simulator application are ambiguous: some believe they are cheated (shocking), while others consider the application with humor and actively communicate with spirits from other worlds.

I think we can say that Ghost Detector Radar Simulator can be a very strange Tinder between the world of living people and ghosts.

2. Ghost Hunting Tools


Ghost Hunting Tools is a free and available application that combines EMF meters, EVP analyzers, and word (speech) analyzers.

You can ask a reasonable question: Where does the telephone electromagnetic field sensor come from? Simple – several other gadget sensors such as a compass and accelerometer are used to detect them. Traditionally, these sensors are believed to find the right field and thus “see” the appearance of ghosts or spirits.

Ghost Hunting Tools sounds when recording it. This application can capture EVP, which can be in the form of sounds and electronic sounds, as well as sounds and ghosts. The widget recognizes recorded audio tracks, captures and displays sound graphics from FM waves, radio, and simple microphone interference.

Everything that deviates from these voices is an anomaly. Ghost Hunting Tools pay special attention and record all foreign and foreign sounds, anomalies.

This application can correlate EVP – sound and be known by its words, which is to show what can be hidden behind a simple and trivial interference. Maybe someone is trying to contact you and say something? The Ghost Hunting Tool will help you understand the situation.

3. Paranormal EMF Recorder And Scanner


“Detects, records, and analyzes electromagnetic field anomalies (EMF).” – is the application slogan. As we know and see, true ghost hunters always use magnetic field sensors to find the other side and are abnormal.

Do you already have Ghostbusters on your head? Is the melody of the whole cartoon playing on your head?
In real life, it becomes more realistic.

Because these sensors measure magnetic fields so expensive, paranormal fans must find their own solutions.

Such a solution could be Paranormal EMF Recorder And Scanner. With the help of a magnetometer installed in your device, the application measures electromagnetic fields, reveals anomalies, and places where something is wrong.

The application turns your gadget into an EMF sensor and captures and records anomalies. You can record everything with or without sound – recording only allows you to be distracted by things during your research.

Analysis of recorded data is presented to users in the form of dynamic graphics, which can be easily converted to excel and stored.

Many people who use the application once begin to doubt its accuracy. The developer answer is simple – it all depends on the quality of your equipment. Any error the developer can associate with the quality of the sensor on the phone.

But even so, it’s good to try this application out of scientific interest – just to feel like a scientist and researcher, an anomaly seeker.

4. Ghost Radar


Ghost Radar is a classic application that makes you feel like an explorer and adventurer. The developer claims that their project is able to detect paranormal and supernatural, but he does so in a way that cannot be guaranteed by such applications.

Ghost Radar uses a motion sensor, magnetic field sensor, vibration and surrounding sounds. The developer and “father” application say that the widget does not have the full analog and is the best of its kind.

But even with this in mind, the app’s website makes it clear that there is no guarantee of Ghost Radar’s performance or loyalty.

The application itself is designed for entertainment purposes only, and you can use it only if you want to have fun, laugh or make fun of someone.

5. Ghost Sensor – EM4 Detector


Once you meet a ghost, you begin to trust him. But what if the meeting doesn’t happen, and you want to be convinced that it exists?

Here Ghost Sensor – EM4 Detector will come to the rescue. The developer promises that the EM4 algorithm is new and progressive, more sensitive and accurate (although they don’t provide arguments, we will take their words for it, right?).

This widget allows you to determine the nature of the other party by analyzing the current state. This analysis is not affected by the current ghost status.

The developer promises to add a camera detector, additional analysis and ghost tracker to future applications. Meanwhile, we can be satisfied with what we already have, make friends with ghosts in their rooms and entertain ourselves by searching for lost souls.

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