5 Best Apps To Play Music From SD Cards For Android & iOS

5 Best Apps To Play Music From SD Cards For Android & iOS

Music is an integral part of our lives. We listen at home when we clean and cook, when we exercise, when we sit in cafes, when we walk, or when we just surf the internet. A variety of songs are played in cafes, pubs and bars, shopping centers and shops.

The reason is the brain’s reaction to music. With the help of certain melodies and rhythms, you can draw attention to something, calm someone down or encourage something. Favorite artists are constantly releasing new albums and tracks (of course, unless your favorite band is Nirvana or Queen).

People with headphones on the street become so familiar that people without them are considered rare. Some people listen to music through the MP-3 player, but most often we do it in the most accessible way – with a smartphone. The built-in player, if there is one, is often uncomfortable.

Therefore, so as not to be left without music when you are not online or do not want to be connected to the Internet, it is better to download a special application. We are ready to assist you in choosing the necessary utilities. We present to you the top 5 best applications for listening to music from your smartphone SD-card for the iOS and Android platforms!

1. Poweramp Music Player


Poweramp is a popular music player for smartphones. If music has become an integral part of your life, you can download tracks and entire discos to your smartphone. But playing good music has to be good, and it doesn’t always depend on us.

If you have quality headphones, that’s not enough. You need at least 2 more things to do – adjust the sound and good resolution of the audio track itself. Poweramp allows you to get everything at once. If you have downloaded songs in good quality, you can adjust the playback according to your personal needs. Quality equalizer will be your assistant in the arrangement.

This application provides different volume levels (30 \ 50 \ 100), 64-bit processing, interference refinement and more. To access the tracks that you download to your smartphone, you only need to place them in a special folder – Poweramp / Library / Music Folders. Poweramp supports many formats from mp3 to flv, so your music is available in all formats.

Everything goes hand in hand with a stylish interface – a bright equalizer, album artwork in good resolution, the ability to customize your theme. Music will be even more fun if accompanied by beautiful images and various features.

The Poweramp application gives you a free 15-day trial version, after which you can decide whether you want to use it further or not.

2. Rocket Music Player


The easier, the better. This principle is the basis for Rocket Music Player designers and developers. The application design is made in a minimalist style. You can view albums with artwork, create your own playlists and sort tracks by artist.

All of these functions are so incredibly intuitive that even a fool will immediately understand where to click. Of course, you can change a standard theme to one of the 30 themes available, but they are still minimalistic and simple.

With the help of Rocket Music Player you can play tracks downloaded from your SD-card, and if you do it online – you can even view song and album ratings. Of course, you can also judge any song yourself.

The songs have built-in lyrics, so you can even parse the lyrics at Rap God Eminem’s fastest moment or try singing your favorite song.

The built-in sleep timer will allow you to turn off the application after a while – for example, if you turn on music to sleep, set Rocket Music Player to be turned off in an hour. This way you can sleep and not use up battery power on your device.

3. VLC


If you have been using a computer for years, you are accustomed to this orange cone on the logo. VLC is one of the oldest and most popular players on computers, tablets and smartphones. Now this service is available on iOS and Android platforms.

VLC is not only an audio player but also a media player in general. This application includes a complete and almost professional audio player that can play many formats offline and online.

You can use the equalizer function, apply filters and process music, and play multi-level audio tracks. Adjust not only the volume but also the brightness of your music, as well as individual settings – bass, high notes and more.

VLC can help you adjust the look of the album cover and playback device, be it headphones, Bluetooth speakers, or stereo systems. However, VLC can play music.

The obvious added value is that this application is completely free. You don’t have to pay for it every month, see boring permanent ads or start an account – VLC minimizes your inconvenience. Music and minimum problems – no problem.

4. SoundCloud – Music and Sound


If you always want to keep up with the latest music innovations, SoundCloud is right for you for several reasons.

First of all, you can always find the latest information about new releases and albums in the application. Second, you can find the top of the best tracks that are constantly changing and dynamic. Third, you will be able to find tracks that are just beginning to gain popularity.

“YouTube Sound” – that’s what many users call SoundCloud. And that’s for a reason – after all, recommendations and popular categories are updated according to the same algorithm as YouTube.

But the main difference between the two services is that SoundCloud helps you play tracks that you have downloaded or only download them to your smartphone. You get offline access to your favorite songs and singers – meaning you will not be left without soothing and original music during your flight or in a remote village.

If you have access to a network, you can listen to popular podcasts, radio programs and more – players are not limited to just music. Add your favorite tracks to your favorites, and if you have also authorized using Google+ or Facebook, the information is automatically synchronized with another account.

Full access to your music favorites – all in one application. Download your music and always travel with SoundCloud.

5. Amazon Music


Most likely, there isn’t a single person in this world who has never heard anything about Amazon. The most famous service has its own music division – Amazon Music. Millions of songs, tracks, and entire albums are freely available in the application.

But the main thing is that after installation you can play tracks that you have downloaded – just allow application access to the memory card on your mobile. High sound quality and free switching between music are some of the main advantages of Amazon Music.

There are 2 types of accounts in the application:

The first is a Prime account. With this account, you can listen to music for free and get total access to the application. You can listen to music without ads as much as you want to change music – and no one will hang and disturb, listen to music Hands-Free and offline. You only need to download Amazon Music and your favorite music to your smartphone!

The second rate is unlimited. Unlimited is an advanced version of the Prime package. You have access to Prime’s full functionality, as well as access to more than 50 million songs and new things – even those not yet available to the public.

The nice thing is that the developer first allows you to test this plan and gives you a 30 day trial version. So, you will see whether Amazon Music is right for you to listen to your favorite songs and albums. A month of unlimited access to new and downloaded tracks – isn’t that a blessing? Sound quality will always be with you!

On the plane, on the train or on the road – the music comes with you. Despite the fact that now the Internet and networks are everywhere, there are still places and situations when you stay offline. So that such situations do not separate you from your favorite artists, it’s a good idea to download music to your smartphone, and download and listen with maximum pleasure and comfort – you also have to download an audio player. We hope that our best small variants will help you choose an assistant in music playback. And settings built into the application will help to improve sound and make the atmosphere and playback more enjoyable. All you have to do is choose the application you want on your smartphone.

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