5 Apps To Fix Speaker Clogging On Android

5 Apps To Fix Speaker Clogging On Android

Is your speakerphone making a rattling or buzzing sound? Or, is there any other problem with the audio output? Well, whether you dropped it in the water or due to dust exposure, here are some apps that can help you fix speaker clogging on your Android phone.

1. Speaker Cleaner


Speaker Cleaner works best if you accidentally drop your phone in water. Just install the app, turn up the volume, and make sure the speakers are facing down.

After you start cleaning, the speaker will function normally in a few minutes. If not, switch to mode two and start again. You can also switch to the ear speaker to remove water from the earpiece.

2. Super Speaker Cleaner


Similar to the above app, Super Speaker Cleaner comes with several built-in cleaning modes to fix speaker clogging issues. So, if the audio sounds muffled, install the app, and follow the onboard directions.

All you need to do is unplug the headphones, maximize the volume and position of the phone in such a way that the speaker is facing down. You can also use an application on a Bluetooth device if it has been in contact with water.

3. Disable Headphone (Enable Speaker)


Sometimes, your phone may display a connect to headphones symbol even though it isn’t. Since it thinks you’ve plugged in a wired audio device, all audio will be routed to the audio jack, muteing your speakers.

Now, the problem can usually be fixed with a simple reboot or clearing the cache from recovery. However, if not, install the ‘Disable Headphone’ app and give it a try. You will be able to play audio through your internal speakers through the connected headphones.

4. Speaker Booster


Speaker Booster is an ideal tool for those who face low volume issues on their cell phones. This app helps amplify the overall audio output for louder movies, games, and calls.

So, if you need an extra blast, install the app, and you’re good to go. However, use with caution – prolonged use at a high boost level can cause damage to the speaker hardware. It can also be used with headphones and other audio devices.

5. Frequency Generator


The frequency generator allows you to test your speakerphone on different frequencies, from 1Hz to 22KHz. Download the app, set the frequency you want, and start playing the audio to test the results.

Meanwhile, it works as a speaker cleaner by removing water and dust from the unit – there’s a dedicated tab for that. You can also use the app to analyze spectrum and tune musical equipment.



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