4 Best Rap Battle Mobile Apps Android & iOS

4 Best Rap Battle Mobile Apps Android & iOS

Rap battles are getting more popular lately. Hip-hop culture is more than entertainment for the poor – it is a separate industry that is growing faster and faster. The essence of it is, of course, original words and poems that convey the struggle of real people and real life battles. Maybe that’s why many young people turn to hip-hop culture rather than indie or pop. Fighting can take place both on the street corner and on the stage, at school and at concerts – practically anywhere!

Below, I will find 5 mobile apps that are linked to battle rap. Regardless of whether you want to rap yourself or like watching popular rap battle leagues like King of the Dot, the application below will increase your interest and help you in many ways.

1. Battle Me – Hip Hop Community and Rap Studio


Battle Me is the # 1 application for organizing rap battles and recording rap tracks. It has amazing promo-videos that you can see below. This app combines rap studio with more than three hundred beats to choose from and a community of like-minded rapper supporters.

With this application, you will always be able to find your audience. And, of course, you will have the possibility to fight other rappers. There is a rating system in the application that allows you to become popular by getting scores for each track and battle. The more you are involved in this activity, the better. Plus, there is feedback. Other people always judge you, so it’s quite difficult to put your music there. However, it is very valuable! You can also like and comment on other people’s tracks. The best get a special prize.

All in all, this is a great application for hip-hop lovers! This gives you lots of opportunities – you can rap, battle, and connect with rapper & other fighters like you. What else to expect?

2. AutoRap by Smule2

AutoRap by Smule is another application that can do both – it’s good for rap and fighting. As for the first, this application allows you to do it in two modes. First, you can turn your speech into a cool track with little or no effort – just say what you think and ‘turn it on’! Second, you can choose a tone from the library and record the lyrics you want to record. So, basically, you are kidding or making original songs (using someone else’s beats). After recording something, you can share it with friends or with the application community. What you can also challenge for others – silence them and see what they say in return.

This application uses advanced technology that can change any sound into something beautiful. So if you are embarrassed by your voice, try this application! This might not be moved by the community as ‘Battle Me’, but this is definitely the best in voice transformation. If you just want to play and see what happens, then AutoRap is what you need to download first!

3. Punchline – Battle Rap


The battle application is not just about the punchline, of course! But they are part of it. It’s hard to imagine great battles without cruel jokes and funny rhymes, especially those that finish long and boring. This amazing application will give you some ideas if you are not able to make it yourself. Many rappers are skeptical about apps and tools for lyrics, but this one is special: it doesn’t help you rhyme – it gives you jokes to laugh at and use in your battles. You know what they say – all that is good today is what was forgotten in the past.

If these two examples don’t sound too harsh to you, check the application and find out more! You can give a ‘thumb’ to the one you like the most. One last thing worth mentioning is that this application has punchlines in five languages – English, German, French, Spanish, and Russian. Just like at the UN!

By the way, if you are interested in lyrics, you should check out this article: 11 of the best offline lyrics applications for Android & iOS. This will guide you through the offline lyrics application which both reveal the lyrics of others and allow you to write and save your own lyrics.

4. Battle App


Battle App is for video battles. Why do you limit yourself to only sending audio when you can make the whole performance? Fight with friends and have fun! This application is not for Shy Wussies. This allows you to show your true self. Like, comment and share are all available – just like any social media platform.

So, if you want to be entertained, try this application! This will bring you lots of positive emotions and energize you for the life battles we all face every day.

Rap battles are an extraordinary way to eliminate anger and negativity in a fairly civilized way. The battle rap application can help you practice before showing off your skills to a real audience. We hope you find the application you are looking for. Be sharp with your words and be smart in choosing apps!

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