4 Best Hoverboard Games For Android & iOS

4 Best Hoverboard Games For Android & iOS

Self-balancing scooters are becoming increasingly popular vehicles in all countries. Last year, at the peak of Christmas sales, Americans actually wiped them off store shelves. Hoverboards have become such a popular phenomenon that rare gadget makers have not yet tried to succeed in new fields.

However, it should be noted that the price of this miracle device is rather large. Not everyone can afford to spend a decent amount of money on two-wheeled vehicles, which are only intended for flat roads.

If you are one of those people, don’t despair. Many resourceful mobile manufacturers have lost their fortune by deciding to create applications that allow gadget users to try themselves as hoverboard riders.
So, we extend your attention to the list of the best hoverboard games for Android & iOS.

1. Hoverboard Stunts Hero 2016


Do you like to ride a skateboard or hoverboard and do it miraculously? Then, the Hoverboard Stunts Hero 2016 app is exactly what you need! This is a real arena of tricks that will show who is capable of what. Only the best will get recognition!

Now, you can surprise everyone with your extraordinary skills. To do this, the game has everything you need – ramps, rails, and more, without which a true skater cannot imagine his life. You will be able to race in a dangerous arena to practice serious tricks but stay calm because everything happens in the virtual world.

Depending on personal preferences and skills, speed can be changed from large to very small. The game is designed so that from there you will get very pleasant and pleasant emotions.

If you want to be individual and stand out from the crowd, you can choose not only costumes but driving styles.

This game has a number of features that make it even more interesting and original. These include high quality 3D graphics, smooth and fairly simple operation, choice of two driving styles, as well as unusual visual effects that create an indescribable atmosphere.

Show now, who is truly the best in the arena!

2. Hoverboard Racing


Around you, there is a unique arena, where players must move quickly to become experts in driving a gyroscope. The developers of Hoverboard Racing offer several game modes, including multiplayer, capturing flags, attacking zombies, and collecting coins. Each time before the gamer there will be a new task related to the rapid movement of the location to reach its destination in a short time and cut the skills of other players who compete in the same location. Buy new transportation and improve current transportation to achieve better results.

3. Hoverboard Rider Skaty Girl


In this amazing game, you have to dodge and overcome obstacles on your hoverboard. It must be recognized that managing a hover board is not easy. So, listen to the victory and start an interesting game, collect points, jump, dodge and escape from the ferocious players.
Demonstrate cool action on the slopes! But don’t get carried away, otherwise you risk falling off the board. Go through all levels and stop the loud laughter of the players.
Hoverboard Rider Skaty Girl application – is a realistic game with 2D graphics with great possibilities for tricks and animations.


  1. Beautiful hoverboard simulator.
  2. Realistic physics.
  3. Amazing graphics and sound.
  4. 15 levels with different tasks.

4. Hoverboard Finger Drive Simulator 2017


Try a new game where you can control your hoverboard with your fingers, just by placing it on your mobile screen.
Remove obstacles and get experience!
Realistic environment and unforgettable game waiting for you!

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