29 Best Health Apps For Android & iOS 2020

29 Best Health Apps For Android & iOS 2020

Among the many things that smart phones carry in our lives today, one of the most useful is their ability to help us live healthier and more active lives. Our pocket assistants learn to play the role of trainer, doctor, nutritionist consultant, and sometimes caregiver. They accompanied us in training, monitored our heart rate and weight, according to how much we ate and what we drank, made us sleep and gently woke up in the morning.
In this review, you will learn about the best applications for Android and iOS, which take care of our health.

1. HealthTap. Doctor consultations and prescriptions.


A HealthTap website and mobile application, as claimed by its creator, has saved many lives. The work of the resource is based on a professional advice system – asking questions about these or other symptoms, users get answers from general practitioners. The credibility of doctor’s opinions is marked by their reputation and ranking in the application. In this application, you can find useful tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, information about the best applications with health themes and subscribing to the best therapist mailing list.

2. Sleep Cycle alarm clock


The Sleep Cycle alarm clock is a unique service that is placed near your pillow. Therefore, he will be able to track your sleep phase and wake you up easily, at the right time. In addition, by using the default calendar, it will save all data, and then you can bring it to the screen, and see the quality of your sleep for a certain period of time. We all know that healthy sleep – is the key to good health.

Sleep Cycle was developed using proven sleep science and through years of research and development. Sleep Cycle helps millions of people to wake up with rest!

3. Talkspace


TalkSpace is a mobile application that allows you to get advice from a licensed psychologist. Communication with the therapist takes place in text mode through messages. Talkspace’s main target audience, according to its founders – people who have started treatment, but cannot stop it, for various reasons. Talkspace startup has been created for people like that. The developer offers to do psychotherapy to users anytime.

In the opinion of the developer, the possibilities offered are cheaper, more comfortable and no less effective. In addition, this almost anonymous form of communication with psychologists helps avoid the inconvenience that is often felt by people wanting to visit a specialist. Experts advise in real time – either in text message format, or video session format.

Users are offered to subscribe for a week, a month or a quarter. This application allows you to limit access to your chat with therapists with short four-digit codes. The sponsor provides complete anonymity from the consultation.

4. Happify


Western culture is aimed at ensuring that you are happy at all times, but often it is a cause of depression: to always be on the edge with happiness – a beautiful and tiring task. However, don’t let “happy” in the title encourage you. This application is intended to teach users not to distance themselves from their feelings and enjoy their lives. Happify helps stop negative thinking habits and learn how to see the world in new and positive ways. Simple exercises disguised as simple games created by the creators, relying on the results of research on the psychology of happiness. As always, for the first time free, over time, this application offers a subscription – a month or a year.

According to statistics from developers, 86% of Happify users feel an emotional improvement after 2 months of using the application.

5. Calm: Meditation to Relax, Focus & Sleep Better


The name speaks for itself: this application will help you to relax even if you are having the most nervous day. People suffering from anxiety disorders are often advised to try meditation in one form or another, and with the help of a smartphone to do so becomes very comfortable. Even the Calm title site immediately helps you to relax, and the application itself offers dozens of meditation songs with ambient music, nature sounds, and so on – all to make a useful rest for the day and sleep peacefully at night. All basic meditations are available free of charge, and those who want more will need to buy a subscription for a month or a year.

6. Pacifica – Stress & Anxiety


Pacifica is a beautiful application that helps deal with stress, develop positive thinking and achieve your goals. It is possible to keep a diary to track your mood. There are also a small number of meditation options to help you relax. An interesting feature here is setting goals. They can be selected from a list grouped by category, evaluated on a scale from 1 to 10 the complexity of the alleged task, and then included to evaluate the results.

Completion of small but bright tasks has a very positive effect on the soul and helps build new approaches to its implementation, even for those who have increased anxiety.

7. Headspace: Guided Meditation and Mindfulness


Headspace is an application that teaches its users to meditate. It contains a series of guided meditations – audio instructions that accompany the user during meditation and help concentrate. Headspace has a free 10-day basic course, and many meditation options on all occasions, but they are only available by subscription. Overall, this application is a great tool for those who want to incorporate meditation into their lives, reduce overall stress levels and improve mental health.

The beautiful and simple Headspace application helps you choose the meditation program that you like, depending on circumstances and free time.

8. 7 Cups Anxiety, Stress & Depression Chat & Therapy


7 Cup is a XXI century hotline. This is the perfect application for those who have problems and can’t or don’t want to tell friends about them. 7 Cups offers free professional “listener” services. First, the user is offered to choose the problem he wants to talk about, and then an open chat where you can discuss the problem.

The list of problems offered includes a variety of issues – from depression and thoughts of suicide to learning and sexual problems. “Listener” can also be selected according to different parameters, including the language used. The only disadvantage of the application – latency connection with the interlocutor. However, these moments can be spent with profit by exploring the possibilities of the other 7 trophies, for example, a system of training for the development of positive thinking or overcoming certain difficulties (the latter, however, for a fee).

9. S Health


The S-Health application is a utility that allows users to track physical activity, the number of calories consumed and spent, and receive information about heart rhythm and sleep. The benefits of this program are also the fact that despite the impressive features set it extends free of charge. The main function:

Pedometer. The pedometer function at S Health allows you to see the number of steps taken, which change the distance traveled and calories burned, depending on age, height and weight entered in the profile.

Running, walking, cycling. In addition to counting steps, S Health also has the ability to track running, running or cycling races.

Sports. In the S Health application, except for running, walking and cycling there is a section called “Sports”, where you can track activities for various sports and training about simulators. The sports database is very large.

Food. Using S Health users can enter data about food, trying not to exceed the amount of daily calories that have been determined. Unfortunately, there is no database of local products in this application.

10. Google Fit – Fitness Tracking


Google Fit is a platform that allows you to monitor activity and give you access to all fitness data. This program is slightly lower than other application rivals, but Google of course is upgrading its new application. So far, it has better support on Android Wear.

Google Fit calculates walking, running and cycling, calculates distance traveled, speed, calories burned, and even makes recommendations based on your achievements. You can also set specific goals for yourself, such as session duration or the number of steps you want to go. After that Google Fit will make graphical visualization of an easy tracking process.

Google Fit can collect data from other applications, for example, Nike + or Runtastic. Thus, even if you use another program for training, all results can easily be integrated into Google Fit.

11. Fitbit


The Top Fitbit application is designed to track all of the user’s daily activities, training and health. Calculate all your daily steps and distances directly on your mobile device. Track statistics and your jogging, hiking and walking routes. Monitor the number of calories consumed with the help of a reliable food database. Use a barcode scanner for this. Monitor your daily diet and manage your weight! Set goals, enter your weight, sleep long, and start implementing an eating plan. Then, see the results and track your progress with the help of easy-to-understand graphs and graphs. Ask your friends and family to support you in achieving your goals faster. Share your statistics, join fitness challenges, communicate with each other and compete with leaders!

All these features and benefits in one place – your Fitbit application!

12. Fitocracy-Fitness Community & Personal Coaching


The Fitocracy application, made by two fans of multi-player online games, turns sports into games. In fact, in the Fitocracy app, there are levels, achievements, searches, groups, friends and chat – all good quality RPG features. This application is like a social network but only for people involved in sports. You fill out a profile, determine your height, weight, and body condition (honest).

Like earning points in video games, doing real exercises and marking them in Fitocracy, you can pump up your “character” and move up the career ladder, in front of all the other participants in the project.

In Fitocracy there are hundreds of exercises, ranging from general entertainment (playing golf, for example, or rollerblading) to special training (sit-ups or push-ups).

13. Running, Walking and Biking with Endomondo


Endomondo is one of the oldest applications of this genre, which deserves the love of millions of users worldwide. As a step counter it’s not very good, but for lovers of running nothing better hasn’t been made. This program fixes all the main parameters – distance traveled, steps, calories burned, average and maximum speed.

You can use it to set goals (for example, to run a few kilometers), to share training results with friends, invite them to beat your record. And Endomondo can improve your route. This can be published and other events show users where you are running. This helps, for example, to find new and interesting routes in the city.

This application can boast of its accuracy and one of the easiest interfaces.

14. Runtastic Running & Fitness


This application appeared a few years ago as an Endomondo competitor and today for many reasons it is superior to opponents. In particular, there are more functions, so we can say with certain requirements that Endomondo – for fans and Runtastic is for professionals.

Here are more measurements. This program is able to run fragment processes with different speeds and acceleration. It also has a memory function that stores jogging route details. Among other things Runtastic can also calculate account weather data, to provide voice confirmation on the route and allows you to control the music player that is inside the smartphone.

15. Runkeeper – GPS Track Run Walk


Another program with a set of standard functions (background music, setting goals, tracking distance and speed), but the emphasis is made on competition with friends. RunKeeper offers to boast of your achievements, attaching posts on your route’s social network.

It also provides a hint and a calorie counter (all based on height and weight entered). Here are programs of varying degrees of difficulty, and they were formed by Mike Dibbler – American sports master, founder of one of the leading fitness studios in San Diego.

In general, the difference between Runtastic and RunKeeper is insignificant – the first application is intuitive and concise, and the second – lots of detailed modes and instructions.

16. 30 Day Fit Challenge Workout


The 30 Day Fitness Challenge is a simple way to stay in shape, learn new techniques and exercises during the long training months. The exercises from this application are suitable for beginners, who have never been to a gym, and for experienced athletes. To do the exercises, you don’t even need to buy special season tickets. It will be enough to buy the equipment needed at a sports shop and enhance your figure in a home environment that is comfortable for you. If you have a little free time, you can choose exercises that will take you only from 5 to 30 minutes.

In the application, there are special exercises for hands, feet, or for general body tone. The 30 Day Fitness Challenge will help develop the type of individualized training for you and to achieve the goals you set!

17. 7 Minute Workout


To be in good shape it is enough to do daily exercises with a special course for seven minutes. Any cost is good and useful. And this complex makes it perfect for cheerful morning. It only takes 7 minutes and consists of 13 exercises. 7 Minute Workout already has more than 3 million users worldwide. This is a good way for busy people to get conditions quickly and easily. So, believe that it is very helpful!

18. Lifelog


LifeLog with its functions and features is, if not the best, at least one of the best applications in the lifestyle, fitness and health category. The Lifelog application registers your physical and social activities. For example, you can learn about walking or running distances, and how long you communicate with friends. You can also see which photos you have made and what type of music you are listening to. To start using the Lifelog application, you must download it from Google Play and then set up an account.

19. Lose It!


Counting calories is one of the most effective ways to reduce and lose weight. But tracking calories is quite boring and not a very pleasant job. Lost that item! will help overcome this problem. Lose It is one of the best applications for today to track calories. This free application is a great tool for recording your diet and exercise. Lose weight with the Lose It app! This will help you to make the right choices and achieve your goals.

OIt is easy to use with the Lose It application. Download the application and enter, you must first enter your personal data, namely: current weight, destination weight, gender, and height. On the basis of this data, individual plans are made for weight loss. You can also specify how much weight you want to reset each week. Then you record your food consumption and exercise done.

20. Fitness Buddy: Gym & Home Workout Exercise Trainer


Fitness Buddy has a very large exercise database. All available exercises are divided into several muscle groups. Besides images, there are step by step descriptions of each activity. After reviewing the list and selecting the appropriate variant, you can add it to the activity list as part of any exercise. In this case, a quick search will help, but the overall interface might be a bit outdated.
Maximum freedom of choice lovers can create a training cycle from the start, but there are several collections, designed for various levels of training. The full version, in turn, includes more variants to bring your body to the desired condition.

21. JEFIT — Workout, Fitness, GymLog


Unlike Fitness Buddy, JEFIT promotes a very serious approach to this problem and immediately offers to create an account to synchronize your training data cloud. Modern and contemporary, and analyzing the results through a web interface can be simpler and more convenient in a number of cases.

You will be asked to fill in detailed information about yourself, measure all relevant parameters, and aim to improve it. A large number of illustrated exercises will help you, as well as a comprehensive training program, easily modified for user needs.

22. Fooducate Weight Loss Coach


One of the main problems with weight loss is a lack of understanding of what you really need. But thanks to technology, we can make the right choice. The Fooducate application helps you determine whether a particular product is suitable because it is able to scan barcodes with your smartphone’s camera. There you will find tips to help you learn more about proper nutrition.

23. ShopWell Diet, Allergy Scanner


You can use the ShopWell Diet to manage your weight. This application will help you eat healthy and true foods to achieve high results. ShopWell can be used to help manage your weight and control diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and celiac disease. ShopWell can also help you maintain a vegan or vegetarian diet. Scanning barcodes at home or in stores is very convenient. At the same time you will find out what is suitable and what is not.

24. mySugr: Diabetes logbook app


MySugr application is a kind of magazine about diabetes. This application not only provides instant feedback and motivation but also has a fun game function. For each data entry, you get points that help you to “tame sugar monsters”, and assign tasks to you, helping achieve your personal goals. The following is also Smart Search: places, food, activities.

25. Waterbalance: best way to control level of water in your body


Several slides in the application tell you about the importance of maintaining water balance, forming a sort of FAQ section: it turns out, water (natural and sparkling) has a positive effect on the brain, skin, liver, and immune system.

Water scarcity is not eliminated by drinking juice, soda water, and beer but drinking ordinary mineral water. Using Water Balance can fix all the water you drink and find out if you have survived to an optimal level of 1.5-2 liters (depending on height and weight) on a particular day. The incentive will provide stickers that can be shared with Facebook.

26. Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal


This is a strong database of more than 3 million product names and types of exercises that have helped more than 40 million people achieve their goals today.

Using MyFitnessPal you can get access to more than 3 million different data on how to lose weight and what to use. This application remembers your choices and provides information in a short amount of time for you. With this application, you can synchronize your data, through the site Depending on the goals you set, the application will count how many calories you have to consume every day.

27. Calorie Counter – MyNetDiary


Calorie Counter by MyNetDary is an application that helps you control the number of calories consumed more effectively. To do this, you will find more than 225,000 types of products in the application database. In addition, you can edit the product list to satisfy your diet.

There is also a large database of more than 500 exercises. Therefore, every time you go to the gym, run, play soccer, etc., you can count the number of calories, and count how many calories you spend each day.

Calorie Counter by MyNetDiary – a great companion for anyone who wants to lose weight. This application gives you many opportunities that will help you lose weight more easily.

28. Lifesum – The Health Movement


Millions of people are healthier and happier by using Lifesum! The Lifesum application is so good that medical journals around the world recommend it to their readers. No wonder, because it works!

Lifesum tells you how to control your diet and physical activity every day. This program helps choose the right foods and gets rid of bad habits. Lifesum – it is the best choice for those who want to lose weight and control their daily death. This application will give you advice about food, the amount of food, and many other aspects of your nutrition. Likewise, it’s also your personal schedule, which will store all information about the water you drink, and the food you eat.

29. Noom Coach: Healthy Weight Loss, Diabetes & More


Noom Weight Loss Coach is an application for Android and iPhone users, which helps not only monitor progress in the diet, but also helps do it right!

The trainer takes you through this difficult path with the help of a plan developed specifically for long-term weight loss, informative articles, interesting assignments, daily assessments, pleasant challenges, and constant training reminders.

This application includes:

1. Personal interactive weight loss plan that enables achieving real results (86% of users have successfully overcome overweight).
2. Specifically selected food and exercise plans.
3. Magazine, which helps with one click to track your exercise, nutrition, and weight loss.
4. A simple registration system with colored stickers, which tells you what foods are useful and healthy.
5. Tracking training system with GPS tracker and pedometer.

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