17 Best Offline Music Apps For Android & iOS

17 Best Offline Music Apps For Android & iOS

Nowadays it’s easier to find good podcasts and listen to experts talk about various topics. There are a large number of mobile applications that offer hundreds of podcasts on various topics: education, politics, news or comedy shows.

All podcast applications offer advanced play tools such as playback, sleep timer, volume increase, etc. Below is a list of the 15 best podcast applications for Android and iOS. Choose one according to your wishes.

1. Spotify – Music and Podcasts


This is the number one music application. You can listen to music and podcasts there. This application has a convenient search list. You can find songs by artist, year, genre or album. Create your personal playlist and share it with your family. There are thousands of podcasts. Some of them you can not find anywhere else.

Connect the application with Apple Watch. There are no advertisements. You will not be disturbed. This app will always let you know about new hot tracks. It can analyze the songs you listen to and make specific recommendations for you. Enjoy the perfect song sound. Discover new songs and albums.

You can search for music using mood filters. It classifies songs based on emotions. This is a very interesting feature. All trends in the music industry are collected in one application. Download and fill your life with songs.

2. Google Play Music


You can listen to music anywhere and anytime with this application. It doesn’t matter if you have an internet connection or not. This application has the perfect search bar. You can find anything there. You can search by song title, artist and music genre. How can you listen to music without the internet? The answer is simple. You only need to download the song first.

This application also has a radio. There are many radio stations. You will definitely find something you like. If you want to learn something new everyday, you can listen to a podcast. There are many themes in it. You will get recommendations for music and the application will notify you of new songs.

Don’t worry about internet connection. You will always be ready with this application. It’s great to be able to listen to music anytime and anywhere. Enjoy beautiful songs with your friends or family. Google Play Music makes melody and beautiful evenings or runs.

3. Free Music – Unlimited offline Music


This application is a giant music player. You can find new trending music. You can listen to music without limits. Listen to music even offline. You can choose the song you like and download it to listen without an internet connection. You can see top songs and artists.

This application shows its users a personal music list. It can understand what you like. Create playlists of your favorite music. Music is the perfect way to relax. The music will continue even if you use another application. You can be the first to listen to a new song because the application will tell you about it.

Let the music play and your life becomes fun and more interesting. You only need a few seconds to download the song. Enjoy the application with your friends!

4. Deezer Music Player: Songs, Radio & Podcasts


Every life has its own song. You can find it in Deezer Music Player. This application consists of a ton of different music. The design of this application is very easy and intuitive. You will not be confused by using it. There are all global hits. This application will find the music you like. It can remember the song you listen to and make specific recommendations for you.

Create playlists for each mood. Tragic music for a sad and funny mood for a good one. Select the playlist created and listen offline. All you need is to download the entire playlist or separate songs. You can share your personal playlists with friends of family members.

Listening to music is unlimited. You can listen to music anytime and anywhere even without internet. Download the app and enjoy timeless music!

5. Audiomack: Download Mixtapes


There is a lot of free music to listen to. You can find any type of music. Do you like country or classical music? The application has it all. You can download songs to listen to them offline. The design of this application is amazing. You will always have your favorite music.

Save your most interesting songs and albums. You can listen to music with the application even in the countryside and without an internet connection. This application will show you the most popular songs and make recommendations for you to try something new.

Music makes our lives happier and brighter. Let’s Download the application with music anywhere! There are many different songs.

6. Offline Music Player


You don’t need WiFi or an Internet connection to listen to music. This application can play songs from your smartphone. You can change the color of the application theme. It can be pink, gray, blue-gray and purple. Choose the color depending on your mood. All songs have high quality sound.

Create playlists with songs. The navigation system is easy to understand. You can search by artist, song and album. Sort your songs into different groups. This application will allow you to listen to music even if there is no Internet.

Enjoy the sound of music and be happy. This application is a giant offline music player. You can control all your music like a king or queen. This application will help you do it!

7. SoundCloud – Music & Audio


This is a great music platform. Every day new music is uploaded. It will not be boring for you to use this application. This application displays new songs and artists. There are also top songs. Catalog of songs not counted. You can listen to music without internet!

This application has been downloaded more than 100 million times! Make your life more beautiful with the sound of music. You can create many playlists for any event. Choose a song for a meeting party. You can connect with your favorite artists directly!

SoundCloud can realize your music dreams. Enjoy thousands of songs and get a good mood every day. No matter your vibration.

8. TREBEL Music – Download Songs


This application is licensed for free music listening. You can download concrete songs or entire albums. Then, you can listen to music offline anywhere even in dense forests or under water. Unlimited music downloads. You can have every song you like.

There is also a list of top songs. You can find something new and extraordinary for you. You can connect the application with iTunes to have all your songs and listen to them offline. You don’t need Wi-Fi or an internet connection to enjoy your music. Enough to have a charged and good mood phone.

Download millions of music and listen alone or with your friends. The design of this application is amazing. You can sort songs by genre, artist and year. This is very useful in searching.

9. Musicsense – Music Streaming


This application helps you enjoy music anytime and anywhere. You can like or like songs to change their popularity in the application. Each user takes part at the top of the list. It also helps the application to improve and make better recommendations for you.

You can create your own playlist or let the application do it. Just select a song and the application creates a playlist with similar songs. That can produce your individual playlists. This application is like social media. You can follow and unfollow people and invite friends to be part of this giant community. There are no ads on the application. This application interface is easy and beautiful.

Personalize your music and discover a sea of new songs. You can listen to all your favorite songs and albums offline. There is a special ‘star’ button in the application. It can add songs to favorites. Easy and fast to find songs in the favorites list.

10. Whooshi – Offline Music Player & Sound Effects


This is the perfect offline music player for your smartphone. You can try 10 sound effects. Change the melody of your favorite song. This application adopts musical sounds to your ears. You will hear every tone and sound. If you want to have the best sound effects, use headphones. There are many music filters to change the rhythm and depth of music.

You can use pre-made filters or make your own. Don’t be afraid of experimentation. Select a song and download. This application will save every song you like on your smartphone. You can also create personal playlists and modify them. Exceptional interface. The sound quality is good.

Pass the hearing test and the application will adjust to your hearing level. This is a smart application. Create your personal music profile. Whooshi is a unique offline music player that can help you dive into the world of music.

11. Music Player Offline MP3 Songs with Free Equalizer


This application has all the music features you want. Listen to music on the train, in the shop, in the bathroom and even deep in the mountains. Just find the song you like and download it. The application stores it on your smartphone and you will listen to it offline. Browse songs by album, artist, genre and year, There are millions of songs.

This application supports all audio formats. Don’t be afraid that song won’t be played. You can sort songs by alphabet or other settings. You can create individual playlists. At any time you can edit it and add more songs or delete it. There are many filters and music effects in the application. Experiment with different sounds from the same song.

It’s easy to find your favorite song and then listen to it offline. This application will show you the way to the world of music. This application has an amazing equalizer for changing songs. Try it and your favorite song will sound different.

12. Evermusic: offline music + mp3


This application is a perfect audio downloader. You can download songs, podcasts and audio books. You can listen to music anywhere and anytime. Don’t worry about internet connection. This application works offline. You only need to download the song first. You can adjust the sound effects to hear the full voice.

Connect the application with other music platforms so that all your songs are in one place. Your music library will be in the storage of your smartphone. There are many songs in the app. Search list is easy to use. You can find whatever you want. You can listen to audio books because this application has several useful features. This is a marker, speed control and sleep timer. You can download your favorite audio books with the Internet and then listen to them offline.

Listen to songs offline with this application. This application will allow you to continue to enjoy your favorite tracks. You can stream music to Apple TV and other platforms. Try the application and you will always be with music.

13. CloudBeats – offline & cloud music player


You can listen to music offline anywhere. This application uses the cloud to play music. You can free up your smartphone space with this application. Connect with other music platforms. Download concrete songs or entire album! This application allows you to create countless playlists. You can add new songs and delete them. Easy to manage playlists.

It doesn’t matter where you go. You can have access to music at any time. This application works without an internet connection. Easy and intuitive interface. This application works well on any device. This application has been installed more than 100 thousand times.

There are many music applications for listening to music offline but this one is the best. Try it and the music will always be heard in your heart. This application will do everything you want!

14. Offline MP3 Player – Free Music Player, Music App


This music player allows you to change any song on your mobile. Rename, delete, edit. You can share the results with your friends. You can use many audio filters. You can record your voice and then change it. Don’t be afraid to experiment. You can listen to music offline anywhere and anytime. Create your own playlists for every mood and work.

You can use the application as a background to do other things faster and better. Any deal with music is better. This application is used by 10 thousand people. This helps them to live with music. The design of the application is good. You can play all music formats. You can make your own ringtone. Don’t worry about internet connection. This application works offline.

You can manage playlists. Add new songs or delete songs you don’t like. The application is becoming more popular because it is very useful. Music will open for you a new world full of wonders.

15. Pandora: Music & Podcasts


This application can understand and remember your musical tastes to make perfect recommendations. You can create a private playlist. But the main feature of this application is the creation of music stations. You can choose the artist or song to be played for you. Discover a giant world of different podcasts. This application does not require Internet. This can also work offline.

You can download the songs you want to listen to later without an Internet connection. You can listen to music without restrictions and advertisements. The audio quality is perfect. Don’t worry about unnecessary noise or poor quality. You can find podcasts in this application. Do you like cooking or gardening? You can listen to podcasts offline and master that skill.

Find your favorite songs and build your own music station. You can share it with your friends and they can always be with you on the sound wave. This application is number 3 in the top music application. Let music warm your heart with Pandora.

16. TIDAL Music – Streaming


This application has many songs that you can listen to offline and free. This is a giant and friendly community. The music quality is perfect. You can hear pure sound and all bass. This application allows you to listen to music anywhere and anytime. All you need is a phone that has already been filled.

Application content is very large. There are songs, podcasts and videos. This application will notify you about songs and new trends. The design of this application is comfortable and intuitive. Create your personal playlists for every mood and share with your friends. You can see complete information about the song.

This application will suggest you new songs and tracks. You can definitely find something new for you. This application doesn’t take much memory, but the music will always be with you.

17. Zvuk: Music Offline


This application helps you find the right music for any emotional state. If you are sad, the application offers sad songs. If you are happy, you get happy songs. This application gives you personal recommendations. The application’s interface is beautiful and intuitive. You don’t need to have an internet connection. This application works offline.

Make a good playlist and send to your friends. They will surely be amazed. Don’t worry about advertising. The application does not have it. Download whatever music you like. Listen to music while doing homework, cleaning the house, taking the dog for a walk and even swimming in the pool.

This application has been installed more than 5 million times. Many people around the world use it and enjoy the music. This application is very useful. This will make your way to beautiful country music.

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