17 Best Nutrition And Diet Apps For Android & iOS

17 Best Nutrition And Diet Apps For Android & iOS

What can be more important than our health? Everyone is well aware that a properly chosen diet and positive food habits can maintain good health. Staying fit also depends on active lifestyle and ongoing exercise. Fortunately there are many different nutrition and diet applications that can help to be healthy.

Such applications will calculate nutrition, plan a diet that helps you lose or gain weight, suggest various recipes and track your exercise. There are many other features supported by the application. This article will introduce you to the most popular Android and iOS applications in nutrition management.

1. Nutrifix


Nutrifix is a unique smart application that does not offer ordinary features. When you stick to your diet and try to do your best to follow it eating out or ordering home delivery can be a difficult job. Nutrifix will study your meal plan and give you the right places in your city that offer food that fits your diet plan.

Main feature:

  • This application needs to enter your age, weight, height, and aims to assess each food in the menu and suggest what better fits your parameters.
  • Calorie Calculator. Find out how many calories you take every day with different foods.
  • Expert reviews on various diets, with nutritional information.
  • Complete nutritional facts about each dish in various restaurants in the famous chain.

This application is only available for iOS devices for free.

2. Noom: Health & Weight


Noom is an application created to change your food habits, learn how to deal with triggers and urges, and lose weight. Most users lose 16 pounds on average in 4 months. This application operates on a psychological approach looking for your hidden thoughts to build healthy habits.

Main feature:

  • Weight, nutrition, exercise blood pressure and sugar are tracked.
  • Various articles and other information related to a healthy lifestyle, weight loss and weight control.
  • Support Trainers with personal food packages.
  • Built-in pedometer to calculate your daily distance.

This application has free purchases and subscriptions.

3. DietBet


This application is a kind of gambling game. There is even a word “bet” in his name. The scenario is simple. Participate in games to lose weight and win money. There are two challenging scenarios: 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks and 10% in 6 months. When you join a bet you put $ 25-30. Then if you reach the goal you get money back plus about $ 5 for those who lose the challenge and don’t reach the goal. The rules are simple and fun. Money might motivate some players. Nobody likes to lose money.

This application also has a large community where users communicate with each other by posting some ideas, recipes, or supporting phrases.

4. HealthWatch 360


HealthWatch is more than a diet planner and calorie tracker. This can help you achieve very different goals. It supports weight loss, blood pressure, heart protection, pregnancy diet support, diabetes support and Alzheimer’s prevention. According to your goals and health conditions, the application will produce a personalized nutrition plan and follow daily progress.

In addition, this will monitor your blood pressure, sleep quality and stress levels. On that basis, it will make specific reports about your health and the steps you need to take. In addition, there are more than 30 different symptoms that can be monitored for applications including complicated blood glucose levels, allergies, and rashes, migraines or hair loss. Statistics will be displayed in different reports which will reveal your health status.

5. Food Intolerances


Food intolerance is prominent among nutritional applications because it has slightly different features. It will not count and track your calories but has other important features. There are many allergies among us, but not all of them know the source of their allergies. In addition, few people know what foods can cause allergies and are considered allergens. Some foods can contain sorbitol fructose and other nutrients that can cause intolerance.

For example, many people can have fructose intolerance and eating large amounts of food with it will cause the release of histamine. Studies show that small amounts of such products may not be a reason for allergic reactions. Though excessive consumption will cause allergic reactions.

In view of the above, this application is a great solution because it contains a large database with food nutrition including intolerance and the consequences of eating it. Some are sorted in different colors to be distinguished by the reaction of organisms from certain products.

6. Calorie Counter


Perhaps the Calorie Counter by MyFitnessPal is the most popular and trusted diet application for weight loss. It has been downloaded more than 50 million times worldwide only on the Android Market. It remains highly rated closer to 5 stars. Of course, this is available for iOS and Android devices.

Described below are just a few of the application’s features:

  • Large database with thousands of food products with nutritional facts including carbohydrates, protein, fat, and calories as well.
  • Bar code scanners are very useful tools for recognizing nutrition.
  • Calorie Counter Tool will track your calories every day taking data from the food that you enter the application. This way you can record breakfast, dinner, lunch, and snacks. All macros will be detected and tracked from food, you enter.
  • Goal system – choose a weight loss target. Get insight into a healthy lifestyle and weight loss plan.

In addition, there is a large community where you can invite your friends to stay in touch with them to share ideas and achievements.

7. MyPlate Calorie Tracker


Apps that have been downloaded millions of times and are highly ranked can grab your attention and meet your needs as easily as helping you lose weight. Set goals, choose a plan, and follow recommendations. Thousands of people have lost enough weight with it.

Features offered by My Plate Calorie Tracker:

  • Bar code scanners and large food databases will show the number of calories and macros for each particular product. This simplifies the process of tracking nutrients.
  • Water intake, calories, and daily macro tracker.
  • Reminder for each meal and water intake.
  • The giant community of application users is targeted to lose weight and discuss various problems and complications.

In addition, you can record your training and track your progress in sports. This application is available for Android and iOS as a free and paid version.4.99 $ per month will offer all application features.

8. MyNetDiary


If you are looking for an application that will track your calories and macro but gives you healthy recipes, MyNetDiary is the perfect choice. This is considered one of the most convenient applications and has been downloaded millions of times. This application performs all the main and necessary features. In addition, he has more than 600 thousand different foods in the database.

The process of losing weight is very easy with this application. First, set a goal by adding a target date. After that, you will receive a calculated calorie field. Follow the application recommendations. Check how many calories you take every day. This application will also make a weight diagram with alarming statistics that can motivate you even more. Finally, reach your target by following the daily rules and calorie limits to become one of the happier users with fewer kilograms and a much happier life.

9. Nutrients – Nutrition Facts


If you like to exercise, want to lose weight or are forced to follow a strict diet, the Nutrients app is right for you. This will simplify the process of calculating food nutrition every time you prepare it. This application is a step by step process of choosing food, portion sizes or individual products. Eventually, you will have a detailed report on each food including all nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

With this application, you can find out more about your own products and ordinary foods. You can have a summary of your daily nutritional intake and adjust it if it doesn’t suit your goals. This application has a very large database and can be very cognitive. Did you ever know how much vitamin A you received with your morning omelette? Or how many apples do you need to eat at once to get the daily amount of iron? This application is only available for iOS and costs $ 4.99.

10. Lose It



Losing it is another popular and highly ranked application that compiles calorie counters, large food databases supported by barcode scanners and of course important statistics. This can be more profitable by subscribing to premiums and in integration with well-known software such as MyFitnessPal, Google Fit, FitBit, and RunKeeper. This can give you more sophisticated statistics and graphs imported from the mentioned applications.

Application features:

  • Barcode scanner + large food database;
  • Food photos will be added to the list automatically;
  • Nutrition tracker (calories, carbohydrates, fat, protein, sugar);
  • Synchronize with a fitness application;
  • Food planning and recipes;

This application will provide good support for maintaining health and establishing new food habits. Available for Android and iOS.

11. Nutrition Facts


Nutrition Facts is a simple application with a large product database with detailed nutritional value. There are more than 8000 different food items with full descriptions including macros, minerals and vitamins. If you want to calculate your daily nutritional intake, this application is a good choice. It’s free to download. Very pleasant interface with lots of bright colors.

In addition, all foods are categorized into groups such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds. Meat products are also divided into types: pork, beef. etc. This application is really very informative and will be useful for those who care about their intake. It’s also good for curious people who are just wondering about how many calories, fat, and carbohydrates they consume.

12. Keto


Keto is a very inspiring application because it shows true stories about people who managed to lose weight. It helps to track almost all types of important nutrients including all macros and calories. In addition, this application has features for diabetes. This application also represents a large community of people who want to lose weight.

In the application you will find:

  • A personal food diary that’s right for you;
  • Carbohydrates, calories, and other macros that are calculated automatically;
  • Features goal setting and tracking of your progress with real time statistics;
  • Water intake trackers are no less important;
  • Weight tracker as one of the most important features.

And all of the above mentioned users can record and track their training and any sporting activities.

13. Calorie, Carb & Fat Counter


Calorie Counter, Carbohydrates & fats by Virtuagym is a nutritionist and true nutritionist. These are real experts and helpers to lose weight and gain weight. This application only needs to record the goals and health conditions. According to your data, it will produce a personalized nutrition plan. Of course, this will help you build new habits related to food.

Main feature:

  • Large database with food and food with the option to add your own products. Barcode scanner will simplify the process.
  • Calorie counter. Keeping track of what you eat will help count calories. As well as carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.
  • Advanced graphs and metrics to track progress in your weight moderation goals.

The great and different feature of this application is that it helps to achieve totally different or opposite goals. Lose weight, gain weight or build muscle for fan exercise. This application was created with the help of nutrition experts and coaches from sports clubs and gymnasiums.

14. Lifesum


Lifesum is one of the most popular applications among mobile software that is nutritious and healthy. It has many functions and millions of people have tried it. It has free and paid versions. Subscriptions are quite expensive but worth it.

Main feature:

  • Diet planning – regulate your intake to maintain health or lose weight;
  • Different types of diets: keto, vegan, etc .;
  • Calories, carbohydrates, fat trackers;
  • Barcode scanner for easier nutrition recognition;
  • Various recipes for various diets.

Those are just a few of the main features of the application offering. At the round that our current lifestyle is far from perfect with all these bad food pollution problems, we must pay more attention to what and how we eat.

15. HealthifyMe


HealthifyMe is another well-known and highly rated weight-loss application. Comfortable interface and design. Nutrition calculator and food tracker in one application. A complex approach to losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle. This application counts calories, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins accurately. There is a default fitness tracker in the application.

This application is a useful tool for managing your diet, monitoring nutritious intake. You can get professional advice about food habits.

At the same time, a diet will be tailor made for each person according to different parameters and data. Those suffering from diabetes, cholesterol, and hypertension will have their own diet and diet plans that can simplify the disease.

16. My Diet Coach


My Diet Coach is a digital nutritionist who not only provides you with eating scenarios, but will also support you with phrases that increase self-esteem and self-esteem. Challenge yourself to lose weight and get a healthy body. This application will track how much water you drink to avoid dehydration every day. You can set notifications to remind you about the next cup of water.

This application, in general, is oriented to the control of your intake. So, if you have a big appetite for certain types of food, this application will help you control your desires. In addition to water control, the application suggests parking the car a little further to walk more. It also reminds you to serve food in such a way that half of the plate is occupied by fresh vegetables.

In conclusion, you can set goals, track them, get reminders, track your nutrition and weight. All of these are baby steps and challenges for a healthier lifestyle.

17. Detox diet plan


The Detox Diet Plan is a free fast weight loss application with a body mass index calculator with a detoxification recipe. This application is somehow a healthy diet advisor. This will give a detoxification cleansing recipe. He claims that you will spend only 7 days challenging to lose weight. This application is a kind of education with lots of tips and examples of foods that burn fat with a careful explanation.

Low-fat recipes, detox drinks, juices, and smoothies. All of this is important for a fat burning diet. This application supports the natural way of reducing the number of kilograms. Such a meal plan will also benefit both the organism and the condition of your organs.

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