16 Best Survival Games For Android & iOS

16 Best Survival Games For Android & iOS

Games in the genre of strategy, survival, and adventure have long been steady in the hearts of gamers. They provide what is very lacking in the real life of ordinary people – encouragement, emotions, adrenaline, and unexpected changes.

You will face accidents at nuclear power plants and their consequences, invasion of genetically modified plants or real war. We must admit that there is no desire to deal with this. Another thing is playing games!

In reality playing games, you are actually invulnerable: yes, if you die you have to start all over again, but you won’t get any real danger. At the same time, you will have all these emotions and feelings – adrenaline, the desire to kill and win … And if for computers there is a clear leader of these games, for smartphones like this it’s hard to find.

We have collected 16 of the best survival games for iOS and Android for our readers. All you have to do is choose something that will involve you for several days and hours, and maybe even for a longer period of time.

1. Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition


The famous game was also developed for mobile devices. Initially, there was only a computer version, but the developers made an effort and now the owners of smartphones can fully enjoy the gameplay.

In the story, you play the role of a strange scientist Wilson. The demon deception lured you into a world full of dangers and you received only one instruction – not to starve.

It would seem that the task is as simple as possible, but the whole world around you does not think so. Find a minimum source of light, a little food and wait for the night – your main tasks.

You have 3 main indicators – hunger, sanity and life. Each of them that you have to support, if not, fall can be fraught with the risk of your next game.

Each of your new games produces a new world, which will not repeat the previous one. You must gather the resources you need to meet your goals.

The main thing is to always keep the light source with you. At night it must be fire or torch, otherwise you will be swallowed by darkness. And what hides in this darkness – will kill you.

The controls mimic mouse movements, which cannot please computer game enthusiasts. But that’s not what Starve meant. The main thing is death.

The further a player develops, the more game experience he will get after his death. Only the altar will help you not to die – but it is a one-time item.

During the game, you can even make friends with locals, complete your base and after death to become a new character – with a new story. The game is almost endless, with different levels of complexity and characters.

The graphics are transferred well from the computer version of Don’t Starve. Characters, images, atmosphere and tools – all look great even on the small screen of a smartphone. If you are a fan of fantasy survival and Tim Burton’s style, Ill love Don’t Starve.



Do you like to play in the company, and not alone? The process of teamwork is amazing, and the time and coherence of action make your skin crawl run over? Try unskilled online shooters. Your troops will face the undead and other terrible creatures.

The game takes place in New York City. There has been a zombie epidemic outbreak, which has caused these monsters to appear everywhere.

Your goal is to find out the cause of the epidemic and eliminate it while working as a team. You can play for one of the 5 available characters, each of which is a member of a special secret unit.

Together with your group, you undergo more than 150 story missions, fighting not only with ordinary zombies, but also bosses from special categories – Butchers, Tricksters, and others.

You can choose from a variety of weapons – in total, more than 40 items. The armory is very impressive! In addition, you can build and maintain your base.

Experiments are available with a variety of weapons and items – to complete your own base will be a unique way. You can also attack enemy bases and take the idea of protection from them – as well as equipment from captured buildings.

Cool graphics will create a total immersion effect, and the gamepad can be easily adjusted just for you. Get the fun of Survival Skill Shooter!

3. Organ Trail: Director’s Cut


Organ Trail immediately attracts the attention of sophisticated players with its design and graphics. All games are made in pixel style, which is very similar to old games and consoles on the console. The 90s look alive on the screen of your smartphone – even all game instructions in a certain style!

Organ Trail is a survival game where you collect weapons, supplies, artifacts, move around locations and fight zombies. Be careful – your team members can get dysentery and pose a threat to your survival. Manage your savings to ensure your strength and immunity.

You can go out of town and play there. At this location it is possible to trade extra items that you have – for example, drugs, moving in a car and improving its characteristics, as well as to get a full job – to get money for purchases needed in the future.

Organ Trail fully mimics weather and time, so the game still has the dynamics of time. Fight against gangsters, destroy infected people, improve your performance and equipment – you have the chance to face zombies in an 8-bit world!

4. Ocean Nomad


It is possible to fight not only something that is not real – zombies or monsters but also its elements. Ocean Nomad is a game where you can survive on a raft in the open sea. And, you know, it can be harder than surviving a zombie apocalypse!

You enter the ocean and on the island. During post-apocalypse, you have to explore the waters on the boat, survive on the island itself, because it carries a lot of danger, gets food and equipment, and more.

As you know, there are dangerous predators in the sea – sharks. You can intercept their prey with the help of a hook – for you to eat, as well as hunting for shark monsters yourself!

On the trunk where sharks swim, you can find many valuable items, as well as the resources needed to improve and modify the raft. Be careful: sharks can start hunting you anytime! That’s why you need armor and weapons – with the right equipment to avoid death it will be much easier!

Staying on the island, you explore the post-apocalypse world, build houses, and rafting. Protect from shark attacks and fishing – your job in the open sea! Walking in the forest, you can find something new, interesting or dangerous – crashed planes, wild animals and more.

The world that remains after the apocalypse for you is only limited to the island, the surrounding ocean and the smell of ash. Find other victims and gather all the details of the disaster – find out what really happened.

At Ocean Nomad, try to survive as long as possible. Your notes will be recorded and you can share them online. What if your strategy is the most effective and you can teach someone to survive in this terrible world?

5. Last Day on Earth: Survival


Another game in the post-apocalypse world, but now you face life after an epidemic of unknown infections. In that story, humanity is destroyed by this terrible disease. A number of people who are measured in adequate conditions are forced to survive and fight dead bodies – zombies.

To save your life and mind, you will need a lot of effort. Gather resources and objects, cleverly, make your own weapons and build a fortress.

You can destroy zombies not only with weapons but also with traps. And as a weapon, anything is useful: sticks, old pieces, road signs … Whatever items you find can be useful for making weapons.

The cruelty of the Last Day on Earth is such that in order to find scarce and necessary resources, you can attack other victims. People are able to do anything in pursuit of survival!

Can you survive after Judgment? Then how much does it cost? Find out on the Last Day on Earth: Survive!



Learn your survival skills in the ALIE indie room. All scroll fans will be happy, and super-fast controls and responses will only add to the gaming experience.

Dynamic and full of events, it doesn’t allow you to be distracted even for a moment. Analog control is done by touch, whose sensitivity is limited only by the parameters of your smartphone.

All you need to do is control spaceship flights, avoid hundreds of rocks and comets, visit caves and the most hidden corners of starred space. You improve and test your piloting skills, collect game points and set your own notes.

You can play in three difficulty levels, each of which is a multi-hour scroller. Music will also help you to fully immerse yourself in the world of space.

Compete with your friends in survival skills. See each note right after you connect to Google Play. Turn space exploration into exciting competition.

7. Out There: Ω Edition


Surviving in space is harder than survival on Earth. Unusual conditions, oddities, lack of oxygen and dependence on spacecraft all create additional difficulties and obstacles. The space is aggressive and hostile to all guests: You can never predict what he can imagine the next time and what it contains.

Many dangers, mysteries, and puzzles hidden in this starred space. You are an astronaut who travels galaxies, but not as he pleases. After cryogenic sleep, you realize that you don’t even know where in the universe you are and now your goal is to survive with all your might and in any way.

You must eliminate all damage to the ship yourself with the help of improvised means and to increase oxygen reserves on the planets found – if you are lucky, of course.

Gloom Out There: Ω Edition gives a special atmosphere. Futurism from what happened to enjoy fans of fantasy genre.

Every new game is a new story and a new randomly generated galaxy angle. You expect more than 300 different story lines alongside the main plot. Even the main plot has 4 ends!

During the game, you will be in contact with other alien races, but there will be no battles with them. Your only enemy is space, and its main task is not to let you survive. Strive to be the best player and conquer the table. Show that space with all its difficulties is not an obstacle for you.



A classic zombie apocalypse horror shooter. DEAD TRIGGER will be appreciated by all fans of real standard games who enjoy the process of shooting and exploring the remaining area.

You need to find, assemble, or buy as many weapons as possible. Arm yourself with teeth – this is the only way you can fully resist hordes of zombies. There are several ways to kill a living dead with machine gun fire, explosives, grenades – your ingenuity is contrary to artificial intelligence ingenuity – it comes with ways to kill you, and you kill zombies.

The large armory will attack even the most sophisticated players. Realistic assault rifles, hand-held weapons such as saws and bats, smart gadgets, and radars will help you survive.

All game progress can be saved in the cloud – so you will never lose your achievements. Character improvements are also available – such as automatic healing, radar, and others.

During the game, you can save other victims, gather information, build shelters and gather supplies. Think about your survival strategy – battle, defense or cowardly escape!



2 parts of the zombie shooter, which are increasingly popular among users. The zombie attack is getting more intense and you can’t even avoid it – all you have to do is defend and defend.

Kill zombies, chase them out and lead your team to victory. The whole game is held in first person shooter mode, but behind you – a group of soldiers, ready to save you collect a large military arsenal of weapons because all of this is designed to destroy the living dead.

Besides the main storyline, there are many other missions in the game. In total, you can fight in 33 fields for battle and battle. At your disposal 50 types of real weapons – from assault rifles to grenades. 600 different scenarios have been developed especially for you – you determine the story line of your actions.

DEAD TRIGGER 2 also has a strategy element: to destroy zombies in unequal battles, you must think of battle tactics. In this way, you will also be able to familiarize yourself with various battle strategies that will lead you to victory in the future.

Participate in tournaments to show everything you learn. If you think that all zombies will fall prey easily – you are mistaken. Zombie brutal killers are ready to destroy you anytime, don’t lose your guard!

10. Another World or Out Of This World


This game has two names, so you can hear one of them. Out of This World is a legendary game, because it was released in 1991 and now has fans among people of various ages.

According to the plot you are a Lester Knight Chaykin scientist, who as a result of his research is in an alien world. During the experiment, light destroys your entire laboratory, pulling you back to humanoids. Now all of you must be vigilant at any time – dangers can arise anytime and from anywhere.

Your goal is to return to your world. Of course, in the new world you will find allies, but hostile civilizations will not be friendly to you. A merciless battle to death – that’s what they can give you!

There are several ways to control the game – on-screen buttons, presses and joysticks that are connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. You can play in three difficulty levels, which you can choose from settings.

Sounds and graphics are made so well that you get the full immersion effect in the reality of another world. Switch between two game modes – HD and standard by tapping the screen. Fight for your life and don’t let humanoids kill you – you must return home!


11. Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead


If you are fed up with a game that has been thought and defeated hundreds of times by millions of participants, you might be interested in Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead.

It just so happens that all fields of the game that are popular, well-known, and carefully thought into one entity, merge and repeat with each other. This game breathes fresh air.

Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead – a simulator of surviving open-source, which is not a strict story line. You are a survivor of doom, the whole world is cruel and unfriendly. Every time the world is generated randomly, but of course it has monsters and remains of civilization that are still alive.

In order not to die, you need to deal with what’s left of the old world – things, things, food. You need to escape from this city with giant insects, evil animals and monsters, but cars full of gasoline are rarely found.

During your training and development, you will improve your skills. All game progress is stored in public storage, and any shift in focus of the game – for example, changing screens, incoming calls or blocking screens causes automatic saving. In this way you will never lose the results achieved.

Yes, Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead is not ideal and has lots of bugs and simple graphics. But if you complete it, you will surely get a new impression and an unusual experience.

12. Survivors The Quest


The game is quite simple and standard in the survival genre, not damaged by shooting, violence, and terror. Suitable for relaxing at night after a hard day, spending time on the road or bringing children into interesting stories.

Survivors is a story of survival on a desert island when you don’t have the tools and basic materials. You have to explore the area from the beginning, so you will find traces of ancient people who lived on this island thousands of years ago.

Civilization has many secrets behind that you must solve. In many locations, you need to gather the resources you need to live and your team.

Finding food, planting seeds, cultivating land, and making inventory are your initial goals. This island contains a lot of treasures that you need to find – it can be tools, food, value.

There are also three rows of mini games. They help you carry out tasks and assignments, and improve your cooking skills. Find and develop unusual ingredients to prepare your team’s meals. Survivors is a simple game with a simple plot, but it can drag you out for hours afterward.

13. Day R Survival


Accidents at nuclear power plants during the Soviet era gave rise to many games, books and films. Day R Survival is no exception. All actions took place in the Soviet Union in the 80s. All actions occur online, you do quests and missions, study the area and try desperately to survive.

The whole country is a radioactive wasteland where radiation has killed all life or made mutants. There is chaos, disease, and destruction around you, and you don’t even know where your family is.

You have to find and save it, but it won’t be easy. You must cross a vast country full of dangerous mutants, without food, medicine, and constant shelter.

All weapons must be made by a crafting system. This means that you also need to collect the items needed. In total, there are more than 2.5 thousand locations on the map, each hiding danger. You can contact other players – this is an open world.

Monsters, hunger, sickness, constant thirst and ignorance – how can you overcome it? Do you have the courage to finish work, find allies and save your family? You will never know unless you try playing Day R Survival.

14. Sheltered


Shielded is a classic survival game, with good 2D graphics and a standard set of information. You must gather resources and defend your life with all your might – even if it goes against your principles and beliefs.

The game itself is presented as a 2D dungeon, which is a safe haven. It has several levels displayed on the map at the same time. The controls are touch screens, and you can also turn on the panel with tools and amplifiers. In normal mode, it appears as soon as you press it, if necessary.

In the story, you are more fortunate than other residents. Billions of people were edited during the nuclear holocaust, and all that remained were trying to gather as much useful resources as possible. You and your family must do the same – gather everything you can use on your way to the shelter.

Food and resources become scarce, and it is difficult to provide for 24 hours – you have to decide who will be sent to the desert. Make the right decisions strategically and justified – because that will affect the progress of the game.

Researching deserts gives you the resources you need to make the weapons you need to fight monsters and other survivors. Do you think violence is not the answer? Shielded proves the opposite because for every minute of your life, you and your loved ones must struggle.

15. 60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure


A funny game that presents you with apocalypse in the form of thrash and exciting adventure. You are a nice family man who lives quietly in the suburbs and the only problem … This is doomsday!

An atomic bomb fell in a small town in America, and to survive, you must make the most responsible decision in your life in 60 seconds – what you will bring to the shelter.

Every time you play a new game, the house is made randomly, so the difficulty of the game will remain the same for you over time. You have to decide what and who you can save and carry. But if you think that’s what you have to do, then you are very wrong.

Reaching shelters and gathering supplies is half the battle. The main thing is that you need to share food and water, and other items so that you have enough to survive.

At this point, you will realize that you cannot lose everything, and in 60 seconds you have to think of an entire survival strategy.
If you run out of resources, you have to go to the desert – but it is unknown if there is radiation and danger.

You can also wait in the bunker for danger: the invasion of dangerous and mutated creatures will not leave you with a choice. How will you overcome the consequences of doomsday? How long can you live and how rationally can you gather resources? You won’t know if you don’t try 60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure.

16. Utopia: Origin – Play in Your Way


Surviving in a beautiful fantasy world is unusual, right? That’s Utopia: Origin is presented, and that’s what has attracted many users. The magical and unusual world is totally different from the world of doom and violence, but here you must try to survive.

In the story, you find yourself in a new place totally different from your usual room. The Xiaxia Guide helps you, otherwise you won’t even be able to understand what’s going on.

To survive early, you need to build a house, because without shelter and fire at night you will be followed by demons and warrior skeletons. Sounds funny, but these creatures are dangerous for your life. For construction, you need to cut down trees and mine rocks, which you have never done in your life.

Well, if so, you should try it. Develop your skills and be able to do it faster and more professionally – as with other skills. It will be as if you will be helped by something magical – stones and trees will be folded into real homes, and the arrival of demons at night will not hurt you.

Explore the world around you, because to survive, you need to know what to expect. You can find animals – especially horses, and tame them.

Remember that all the items you find and treasure can hide the real danger – be on the lookout. Beautiful scenery, dragon riding, and pony riding can captivate you, but there are still dangers at every turn. Enchanting Utopia World: Origin will amaze you, but you can always play it your own way – the fantasy world has no limits.

Survival is a basic human instinct. Even in the most horrific and unexpected situations, people try to save their lives by all means – kill other people, commit acts of despair and more.

Try to go through critical moments in a different world, at different times and in different roles. At our peak, you can find both games with black humor and real post-apocalyptic thrillers. Choose the genre you like and start playing – a new world will take you away for a long time.

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