15 of the best apps for learning Spanish for Android & iOS

15 of the best apps for learning Spanish for Android & iOS

Many people have difficulty learning their own foreign language. Often, we don’t have the concentration and perseverance to study the material effectively. In this case, the mobile application for language learning is very helpful.

In this review, we have compiled the best applications that will easily enable mastering material from different complexities, from the alphabet to grammar. The choices include the best application for learning not only Spanish but also English, French, German and many other languages.

The main advantage of learning languages ​​with the help of a smartphone is that the application makes the process fast, intuitive, and interactive, involving training.

You can learn foreign words, for example, on the subway on your way to work or at any time when additional minutes are available. And no matter what level of knowledge you have or what program you use to practice. Mobile software can definitely broaden your horizons significantly.

1. Rosetta Stone


This is a tutorial for your device, which is divided into new methods for learning foreign languages.

The feasibility of using this virtual tutor is explained by the fact that it not only introduces the basics of vocabulary and grammar but also helps to use the skills learned in conversation.

Read the benefits of learning 24 languages ​​through specialized course material that will be available anytime, anywhere. English, Spanish, German, Korean, Persian, Italian, Dutch, Greek, Japanese – all these languages ​​can be learned through methods that are proven to not require much time and effort.

Customized language classes will be accompanied by visual images and pleasant sounds that allow you to use phrases and words to the ear. In addition, advanced speech recognition technology uses an internal microphone to enable you to pronounce properly learned content.

Learn Languages: Rosetta Stone is distributed free but only includes one lesson in 24 languages. All other classes are purchased for a fee.

The user interface has a good design. When you first start the program, you need to register and choose one of the 3 standard votes for the sound policy. After that, choose the language that interests us, and start learning. The main menu shows the main categories of classes, which are divided into levels. At the top of the screen, there are additional settings blocks.

Learn Languages: Rosetta Stone – is a powerful virtual tutor for your device, which will help in learning about foreign languages.

2. Duolingo


This is an online service for language learning through the masses as a web application, and with the help of mobile clients. The learning process in this system is similar to the LinguaLeo principle.

The main difference between Duolingo and its competitors is the opportunity to learn languages ​​from scratch, even when the simplest words cause problems. All tasks on the site are grouped according to difficulty level, the process starts with photo identification, and translation of simple words, and ends with long sentences.

This system allows correcting students if there are grammatical errors in the presence or translation errors occur. Users can rate each other and vote for the most competent and useful translations, so the results here have a very flexible structure.

Duolingo helps learn English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and other languages.

Reading, listening, speaking skills – these lessons include assignments to practice speaking, listening, translating, as well as from various tests for a comprehensive set of skills. Lesson Check is an instant tracking of tasks that are executed correctly and learning from mistakes.

If the task will fail, the service is needed to return you there and show the problem. Counting time is aids in scheduling, monitoring the time you have spent learning a particular language. The heart is some credibility of service to your level of proficiency. If they run out, then ask Duolingo to pass.

3. Lingo Games – Learn Spanish


This is a unique mobile application that helps you learn Spanish quickly in a fun way. Flashcards, which are used in an application, allow to learn new words, and a fun game will consolidate the learned vocabulary. The program has a function to set its own schedule, and at the right time, it will remind you of the desired word.


  • learn 11,500 words (150 of which are available free);
  • 6 arcade games;
  • about 50 different categories on the topic;
  • 4 difficulty levels.

Game type:

  1. Invaders – the aim of the game is to shoot down the invaders with the correct word.
  2. Snake – here you need to absorb the desired letters in the right order to make the right words. You are given 3 lives to pass the game.
  3. Quiz – before you have a puzzle. To express it, you must choose the correct translation of words.

Learn Spanish quickly and fun!

4. Learn Spanish by Bravolol


Learn Spanish is an application that will help you learn Spanish in the simplest and most effective way.


  • key phrases in Spanish with instant search;
  • sample proposal;
  • real pronunciation;
  • pronunciation variants;
  • very fast search;
  • flexible search;
  • search in journals;
  • Share your progress in learning through social networks.

5. Memrise


This is one of the educational services. Compared to other applications, this instrument does not apply the game approach to language learning courses. On Memrise, users need to remember one word and phrase.

Memrise supports the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish, etc.

To increase motivation, in Memrise applies the ranking and comparison of results with the achievements of other users. In this service, participants can quickly share progress with friends.

The main advantage of working with this application – of course, it’s free. In addition, the Memrise developers include a large number of available courses. The user only needs to choose the most useful and complete course and immediately start the learning process. However, according to some users, the system does not have enough word scores. Emphasis in Memrise is placed on the vocabulary.

Memrise Offer:

  1. Easy access to courses to learn languages ​​anytime.
  2. Offline mode for learning.
  3. Full integration with your Memrise account with a mobile device.
  4. Free function of language learning.

6. ConjuGato


For those who have started to learn Spanish and have knowledge and who want to get a deeper understanding of it, it is better to get some special applications in various aspects. For example, one for vocabulary, one for grammar, one for speaking, and so on.

This is exactly the application like this. Everyone who learns Spanish knows that the grammar of this language is not the easiest to conquer and the verb can be a nightmare.

Although they are usually the most important part of the vocabulary, it allows you to use phrases and sentences. This application will help you to memorize more than 1000 verbs – and memorize the conjugations.

7. Busuu


Busuu is a service with examples of opportunities for the development of a set of basic knowledge in any language – English, German, French, Spanish, etc. It must be emphasized that all data in the service class is quite structured which greatly facilitates the process of material assimilation.

As in most of these services, assignments are broken down into lessons at various levels of complexity. Each user will be able to test themselves in themed searches. At the same time, while parts of a word block are used. This approach, in the mind of the developer, is intended to increase the effectiveness of the training.

Busuu – is a collection of communities that connects people who are ready to learn a new language. For wishes, users have the opportunity to communicate with native speakers of the language.

What can be achieved with the help of Busuu?

  1. More than 3 million words and expressions, separated by 150 subjects for daily communication.
  2. High quality courses based on the European General Reference Framework for the CEFR Language.
  3. Options of various practice tests with native language.
  4. The ability to test foreign language comprehension, listening, reading, and to acquire various skills.
  5. Basic knowledge of 11 languages.

8. LingQ


This application is a set of tools for learning various languages, such as English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese, etc. Hebrew has recently joined the list, and the addition of new languages continues.

The learning process is built as follows:

Each lesson consists of recording certain text and audio. By learning the lesson, you mark the words learned, and they are stored in your training statistics.

During training, you can also get points, which can then be spent on help to teachers – to check written work, direct communication, and courses. Points can also be bought to earn money or to earn, do the tasks of a teacher or add library lessons.

9. Byki Mobile


Byki is a software for learning foreign languages. There are packages for learning a large number of languages ​​(currently 74) so ​​this application is suitable for anyone who wants to learn a foreign language.

This program is easy to use, everything is intuitive. This program is for memorizing words, it works based on word card principles. Byki will teach you the most important foreign words and phrases on your mobile.

Enjoy a 3-step process that is easy, interesting, and fast. Securing knowledge in an entertaining way allows you to improve your pronunciation in a moderate voice, passing the knowledge test. In the “test” we can examine how to memorize words passed.

This program is universal and allows you to learn words in a combination of more than 70 languages, to add pictures or videos to a card, to a sound card with a microphone. A list of additional words can be downloaded from the developer’s site. The list can be made by yourself.

Learn quickly:

  1. Remember the spelling and pronunciation of foreign words and phrases.
  2. Study privately to accelerate your progress.
  3. Image and sound by the operator.
  4. A list of the most commonly used phrases.
  5. The ability to slow down pronunciation.

Always remember:

  1. Defend your knowledge with an Intelligent Repetition System.
  2. Evaluate your progress by testing.
  3. Improve your pronunciation with speech recognition technology.
  4. Secure your knowledge through games and exercises.

Use everywhere:

  1. Learn thousands of additional words and phrases online.
  2. Create your own word list and share with other users.

10. MindSnacks


Application with a very interesting appearance and character to learn Spanish on the iOS platform. Despite the fact that it focuses mainly on students, with its help it is very easy to add to the vocabulary stock of all ages quickly.

Applications are becoming popular thanks to interesting approaches such as game-oriented. It helps to learn and memorize words quickly.

This application allows learning unknown words with the help of 9 games. In the application, lexical material is divided into several thematic groups (eating, working, etc.), and for each series of words, you can use all types of games to guess and memorize words.

For example, in one of the games, a word flashes on the screen and you have to find the picture. To get the most points in each round, you must do the maximum number of tasks correctly.

In other games, Spanish and English words are written on balloons, and your job is to find as many pairs as possible. It seems like the task is quite traditional and familiar, but with good graphics and smooth gameplay you really forget that this is an educational application.

You will get more than 50 sets of vocabulary words, with the help you can learn, just play, most of the main vocabulary, lay a strong vocabulary foundation in a short amount of time.

11. FluentU


The FluentU program is one of the best resources for learning Spanish on the market today. This will teach you Spanish through immersion in the language. To achieve this effect, the author makes a video with subtitles that are tailored for users of any skill level.

Videos range from the latest motivational news, films and lectures to footage and film footage. You can change the level of video complexity from “beginner” to “intermediate”. Recently FluentU developed an application for smartphones.

Another advantage of FluentU is the interactive subtitles under the video. If you find an unfamiliar word, just hover over it and you will see its meaning.

In this application, there are many additional features that will help to understand and remember the material, including interactive video boxes, grammar notes, vocabulary lists, and intensive “training modes”.

In the “learning mode”, you can make a lot of practice choices and translations, which are accompanied by sample videos, tailored to your level of proficiency.

Try it yourself and make sure that the video provides an endless dialogue context and can be a powerful tool to help you learn Spanish grammar faster.

All videos on FluentU are adapted for various levels of Spanish language learners, so it doesn’t matter if you are at an early stage or approach to the level of native speakers.
Especially this application will be enjoyed for those who like examples, context, and cultural recognition when learning languages.

12. LingoDeer


LingoDeer is an application with a pleasant and easy interface for those who don’t want to get extra tension when learning Spanish. This application is for studying foreign languages recently but has gained popularity among users. This will be perfect for those who will be traveling to Spain and want to learn some common expressions.

Overall, this application has more than 2000 of the most widely used Spanish words and you can learn them all by switching to the vocabulary section. Plus, if you are traveling or in a place without an internet connection, you can still use LingoDeer because it works both offline and online.

You will also practice the correct pronunciation of words and words. Overall, this application allows you to learn Spanish only on the surface – to travel to only if you want to show off with a few Spanish words in front of your friends.

13. Babbel


It is suitable for learning the basics of foreign languages, vocabulary on certain topics, grammar rules. You get access to a large number of courses, each of which is divided into two dozen lessons.

Newcomers will approach the baseline exercise, where, as in first grade, you will be taught simple words and rules, as well as applications, will help familiarize yourself with the sounds of foreign languages.

Initially, there is a clear and accessible explanation of the basic rules of grammar, the meaning of words. Then, immediately many exercises began. At first, everything is simple: enter the word, select the desired image as a title, and so on.

Soon the task becomes complicated, and the user begins to say certain words into the microphone, spell and write the desired phrase and write complex applications, making listening. Babbel offers a well-secured course, but the application is rather weak on the part of the theory.

The advantage of Babbel is the large number of exercises that are ideal for learning the basics of a foreign language, as well as a reliable test system. At present, there are courses in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Polish and many other languages.

14. Gritty Spanish


Gritty Spanish is developed by people who really love Spanish. They analyzed all the applications available to learn Spanish on the market and gathered all the best features into their application. They are just a startup company and you can support them by downloading their software.

Gritty Spanish is an older classic way to learn languages. Here as in school, you will pass chapters, and each chapter will be dedicated to a different topic and the level of difficulty will increase. Although this method is considered obsolete, this method has proven to be very effective compared to many other methods.

You will study all topics thoroughly and will gain a deeper understanding of language, its grammatical structure, and will memorize more vocabulary. Overall, this is a great application for those who want to learn Spanish in the long run.

15. Spanish with Nemo


Spanish with Nemo is a free application for smartphones and tablets, with help that users can use in a short amount of time to learn the minimum set of words and phrases needed in Spanish.

You can learn the basics of language using phrases, which are the most popular phrases, words, and questions that are used by every traveler or traveler associated with an unknown language environment.

In addition, you can learn Spanish with the help of cards with which you can learn how to say certain words or expressions, and develop the language skills needed.

In addition, you can improve your own pronunciation, where you need to record spoken phrases using the integrated “recording studio” tool and native speaker pronunciation results.

It is possible to switch cards from English to Finnish and vice versa, which allows you to get acquainted with new vocabulary, to test your memory and pronunciation. There is also a “Favorites” section, where you can place any card, “Playback” mode, default search, index, and more.

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