15 Best Zombie Game Apps For Android & iOS

15 Best Zombie Game Apps For Android & iOS

Especially for dead gun fans, we chose the most interesting and memorable games from various genres, where there are zombies – both as opponents and as main characters. These 25 games are the best representatives of their genre and all thanks to the rich gameplay that lets you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a zombie apocalypse.

1. Zombies, Run!


Everyone decides to exercise and jog, but there is always a lack of motivation to make decisions come true. Now, this motivation is Zombies, Run !.

This game is very different from other stories with zombies. According to the scenario, the world is under attack by zombies, and your goal is to save the city, that is, people who have not been reached by zombies, providing them with necessary products, medicine and other things.

However, to start playing the game, you need to run – jogging in the morning, training on the treadmill and so on. Nowadays, using headphones, the app starts creating sound effects that make you feel that zombies are actually near you, and the need to run starts to increase.

In Zombies, Run! the people from the base will call you, tell a story, warn about the dangers, and send voice messages.

When you listen to an interesting story, the app records jogging information: kilometers, time, speed, etc. After jogging, you will be able to distribute the collected products and goods to your city, which need help. Each time the game will give you various missions that you can complete immediately after jogging.

If you run in the morning, or really want to get started, you should download Zombies, Run! Run with pleasure!

2. Zombie Frontier 3


Zombie Frontier 3 game is an interesting sequel to the previous sensational version. Plot Zombie Frontier 3 is a shooter where you have to fight zombies.

According to the story, you enter a world infected with a virus that turns people into zombies – bloodthirsty monsters who destroy all life on their way. You need not only to stay alive but also to find the cure as fast as possible to clear the world of blood style monsters.

In Zombie Frontier 3, there are very high quality graphics. From the first minute, you really immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a megalopolis infected with a virus, full of zombies. You need to shoot back from monsters, using a variety of weapons, from pistols to assault rifles.

Megapolis is divided into four zones. In each of these zones, you have to complete special missions to get bonus items and points. Using it, you can upgrade your character and get access to new weapons.

In total, this game has 40 unique achievements, and the ability to defeat four dangerous bosses. The game is distributed free of charge and is characterized by simple controls, which are specially adapted for mobile devices.

3. Zombie Tsunami


Achtung! The zombies are coming! But your role in this game is not the same as the laws of this genre. This time you won’t be one of the survivors escaping from a crowd of angry undead. You will be on the other side of the barricade. Your job is to take your place in the army of the dead.

The player path starts with normal hungry zombies hunting people on the streets. Just remember: the more people you bite, the longer the Zombie Tsunami will rule the planet.

Contrary to all common sense, the brain is not the only object to be the object of the hunt. Collect bonuses and various upgrades. There are ten of them in the game. This will help you activate the zombie shooting giant with the laser cannon attached to his eye, or clone your zombie friend because we remember the main objective of the game – to fill the whole world with zombies.

In the game, you are waiting for more than three hundred different missions across eleven levels. It is the perfect entertainment for the whole family.

4. Dead Trigger 2


Get ready for the upcoming zombie apocalypse with the amazing game DEAD TRIGGER 2. After winning the huge success of the first part – the shooter returns to your smartphone and tablet.

Now the game is a more saturated story, new control methods, new weapons and stunning dynamic graphics. Players will hunt zombies in various locations – having to explore the scary city streets, African desert and abandoned mines.

Players must join the Global Resistance community. This community consists of real players, and each of them has influence over the development of the plot. Thanks to the community, players will be aware of all the events taking place by tuning in to radio waves.

DEAD TRIGGER 2 is a first-person shooter. In order to start a battle, you will need a weapon, the necessary equipment and a way to restore health. In the game, there are tons of interesting locations: open cities, underground mines and slums. The battles against zombie bosses are spectacular. Be careful: zombies can be anywhere.


  1. You need an internet connection for the game.
  2. There are different types of tasks.
  3. There are zombies who don’t die from multiple shots.

If you want to become a member of the Global Resistance, and if you have the courage to kill zombies, you need to download DEAD TRIGGER 2!

5. UNKILLED PvP Zombie Shooter 3D


Storyline. The Z-destroying virus appeared in New York, not by accident – the research work of scientists at risk, a shortage of vaccines and protective clothing, and a complete withholding of information about the basics of the epidemic from the local population.

The free-spilling virus instantly enslaves the minds of innocent people – the inhabitants go mad and, trying to bite each other, get lost in the veil of chaos and despair. Only players who decide to download UNKILLED can free the streets from madness and restore hope to the living.

Duties and rules. UNKILLED is a first-person action game, divided into episodes with changing tasks and complex rules. Amidst the attention, Joe, a member of the military unit. He aims to help people and clear the streets of dirt.

The tasks vary at different levels – collect resources, refill ammunition or clear the zone from enemies using improvised items. By the way, there are enough weapons.

Graphics and effects. UNKILLED action is like a breath of fresh air in the world of mobile entertainment – high-resolution textures, realistic motion physics and believable ballistics, multiple locations and colorful effects of explosions, cuts and adrenaline madness. Do you dream that you are in the middle of this blockbuster?

6. Zombie Catchers


Do you want to feel like a great zombie hunter? Welcome to this world full of bloodthirsty creatures. It’s time to destroy and take advantage of the undead invasion.

Zombie Catchers is a new top action strategy, where your main task is to save the world from the zombie apocalypse. This planet is suffering from the undead. Who will release him? Bud and AJ are ready to fulfill this mission. They decide to open their business on Earth, but for their own safety, they need to catch all the zombies.

And for this, there are a lot of traps, devices and weapons in their arsenal. But the main thing wasn’t just killing the undead. Even more important is to immediately capture zombies and squeeze as much profit as possible in the depths of the secret laboratory.

Addictive gameplay, dynamic graphics, a large selection of different devices to capture enemies. All of this makes Zombie Catchers interesting and interesting. Find new locations and get access to new discoveries. Improve your business on Earth and expand secret laboratories.

7. Zombie Gunship


Zombie Gunship Survival is an amazing action game. The user will become a virtual shooter. Get ready to fight with zombie creatures, shooting them from the air.

Users will see ships that have come ashore. It did not respond to requests sent, and we had to resort to the help of a special detachment. He found that on the ship there were dead people walking.

Of course, it was urgent to take action, but even with the help of a missile strike it was impossible to sink the ship. The user is given a special base, which is the last chance for all humanity.

Use different weapons provided, use ground force to achieve the goal. The planes themselves, available at your convenience, need to be updated regularly. Get involved in defending your own staff.

Defend yourself as best you can, otherwise you will not win over the evil spirits! Unusual graphic design, somewhat cinematic. Good sound effects, they won’t interfere. Realistic sound is used. If you like action games, give Zombie Gunship a try! It should be noted that this application is distributed free of charge.

8. The Day: Zombie City


The Day: Zombie City is a dynamic pixel shooter, where you have to move around the city streets, fighting against the walking crowds of the dead. This free game will be a lot of fun with a huge number of the most diverse weapons so zombies destruction will be a fun affair. The game has many interesting levels and locations.

The main tasks of the action are the mass extermination of zombies, moving through the city streets, and hunting the brains of the living. To solve this problem, the main character uses all available methods from knives to grenade launchers.

The bosses in this game are quite complex, and their destruction requires certain skills. Get points for every one who dies and rises in the table of the best undead fighters.

In general, the game is dynamic and exciting. On the way, you will meet all kinds of monsters, each of which has its own characteristics, speed and strength. Become a defense for the survivors, get the main objective and destroy it. Get a bonus and don’t pause.

In-game graphics are made in pixel style. Nice animations and special effects make the gameplay more dynamic and exciting. The musical accompaniment creates the necessary atmosphere for the battle with zombies.


  • Qualitative graphics
  • Dynamic Gameplay
  • Simple operation
  • User friendly interface
  • An interesting story

9. Stupid Zombies


Stupid Zombies is an excellent game that will plunge you into a zombie apocalypse. The game has elements not only of shooters but also puzzles, which make it even more interesting and interesting.

In fact, just like in other games related to the zombie apocalypse, you have to kill all the infected people. Better to kill the walking dead from the first shot. It seems that this is not an easy task.

Pay close attention to where zombies are hiding and what surrounds them. You have to shoot so that bullets hit the dead walking. Correctly calculate the trajectory before the shot, as if there was a flop – you could get killed.

The game is simply an inconceivable number of levels – as many as 300! Each one was more complicated than the previous one, the number of those who died increased, their strength also increased.

Therefore, do not forget about bonuses, paving the way for improved weapons and new protections. Apart from that, we would like to note that the game is easy to manage, the interface is thoughtful and simple. Be careful, shoot more accurately, clear our zombie planet, and let luck accompany you!

10. Zombie Castaways


If you are one of the millions of classic zombie farming fans, then Zombie Castaways has prepared a new job for you. Build your next zombie farm and at the same time search for a lost place, called Zombium. The old zombie said that in this place every living dead person can become a real human.

As it should be according to the laws of the genre, the game is full of classic zombie characters. Each of them has its own characteristics, appearance, habits, interests and other characteristics.

Apart from that, the environment was filled with bright colors, lots of greenery and flowers, as well as other vegetation. The vegetables you are going to plant are so beautiful that they just want to be served at the table!

But now you don’t have time for this. First you have to find pirate treasure, which means you have an additional chance of earning money. Second, the treasure will bring your dream closer to reality, which is to find the coveted Zombium, become a human and return to a city inhabited by ordinary humans.

11. SAS: Zombie Assault 4


After you download SAS: Zombie Assault 4 to your mobile device, you will be able to transfer to cyberspace and reach 3014 years away. And here an unpleasant surprise awaits you: a special infection spreads across the planet, which can eliminate everyone from existence.

People infected with the virus have started turning into zombies, and every day the numbers are growing. But, fortunately, there is a reliable tool against the virus – the special forces of the super-SAS army.

Your job is to be part of this squad. You can choose one of the characters, and transform into a true super warrior with almost unlimited possibilities. To fight zombies, you need special armor and weapons. Collect game points, and get bonuses, you can restock equipment and weapons.

You have to go through seven challenging and exciting levels. Hordes of zombies and dangerous adventures await you in each one. You not only need to kill the walking dead but also to stay alive to continue your mission and truly cleanse the evil planet.

The game has colorful, high-quality and detailed graphics, and because SAS: Zombie Assault 4 is made especially for mobile devices, it is very easy to manage characters from tablets and phones.

12. Minigore 2: Zombies


Once upon a time, there was a magician who had made those who had been dead for a long time to rise. Not only humans but also animals became undead. Nightmares will befall humanity, and we need to decide what to do next.

The main hero of the Minigore 2 game is John. Armed he went to kill the dead. Are you ready to start completing over three hundred tasks? According to the developer, you will be fighting with a hundred people dead at the same time.

And if you think you can’t do it alone, then invite your friends to help you. Together, you can easily defeat the enemy by organizing a glorious zombie slaughter.

Arsenal weapons include more than ten different types. Updates are also provided. If you earn enough money, you will be able to buy something better and stronger for yourself.

13. Plants vs. Zombies 2


Plants vs. Zombies 2 is a continuation of the popular strategy, which has been appreciated by millions of fans around the world. Download the new version on your mobile and join the battle with the hordes of zombies who are hunting for their favorite delicacy – the human brain.

The game plot has not changed. A daring plant to protect its owner from fierce zombies. Each plant has its own unique characteristics and can be of particular use to you in defense.

The difference between the second part of this game which is the tower defense genre is that you enter into a different epoch of time. Battles with zombies take place in the backdrop of the Wild West and the pyramids of Ancient Egypt, as well as other historical landscapes. Solve puzzles, mysteries, enjoy exciting bonuses and exciting battles.

Amazing graphics and sound effects create a unique atmosphere, and the attractive choices make the traveling process even more interesting. Gather your terrifying army of plants, give them extra power, and defeat zombies around the world.

14. Left to Survive: Zombie Games


This game is a classic zombie shooter where you go to survive in a world full of monsters and you have to fight on the edge of your ability to stay alive. Survive against zombies using shotguns, grenades, shotguns, and anything else in your arsenal to secure a safe haven and save victims.

As you progress through the game, you get more and more possibilities to build your armor against zombies. Get a helicopter and dump it on enemy bases to steal their resources. Build, customize and defend your camp from zombies and opposing factions. Find survivors, booty and band together to overcome the post-apocalyptic world.

Plus, Left to Survive is available in multiplayer mode, which means you can team up with other players and get together in a team to defeat zombies or you can go solo if you want. In general, age has a good and classic shooter gameplay – you can see how much power you have left, you can see the weapons you have and the map.

The zombie concentration zones are marked on the map so you are always ready to fight against clans of monsters. It’s amazing to note that the graphics are excellent and all the locations are detailed, so you can dive into the atmosphere of the zombie world.

15. Clash of Zombies: Heroes Game


The story of this game starts with the fact that there is only one human kingdom left in the world and this is humanity’s last chance to survive. Fortunately, this world has fearless heroes who unleash their power to protect humanity from bloody zombies.

Use your character’s full strengths, join the battle and win! It’s actually a strategy game, with an element of action. You have to make a reliable plan to protect the city from zombies who want to destroy the fortress. Don’t forget that you are under constant attack so you need to be quick and wise at the same time.

As you pass the levels in this game you can reach them with crazy zombie mutant bosses. Become clan mates with like-minded friends, challenge multiplayer stages and protect the imperial palace together. Gameplay here is fast and convenient – you can quickly switch from strategy mode to battle mode.

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