15 Best Studio Recording Apps in 2020 Android & iOS

15 Best Studio Recording Apps in 2020 Android & iOS

Creativity and music are an integral part of our lives. Listening to music, some people start singing, tapping their palms on the beat, or just playing their own song motif. This is how novice musicians are born – they only have talent, but often don’t have money for a professional recording studio.

For such people, many applications have been developed that can help you put your own songs together, process sounds and even arrange them in a real recording studio at home.

Some of them are specifically designed for sound processing and enhancement, while others include full functionality. We have selected the top 15 applications for you that will function as a true recording studio on your smartphone.

1. GarageBand


GarageBand is not just an application to change your music or change the tone of your song. This allows you to interact with the sound, change volume and settings, and take real music lessons.

So how can you do it? Just click on the plus sign in the corner of the screen and you can start learning right away.

When you create a new track, you need to choose the musical instrument that you want to play. That can be a guitar, electric guitar, piano, and more. The song you are playing will be downloaded from the cloud catalog or from your device’s memory.

The keyboard and drum function as a standard, while the rest are more advanced levels. Even with such a small selection, you will be amazed at the variety – Piano Mode itself offers 8 different keyboards.

Within each instrument, there are separate options that you can adjust before starting to record. To record your results, you must start the recording process before you can start playing the instrument.

Then you can listen and edit it immediately. All editing features are in your hands – you can even make notes that will help you improve your skills later.

2. HumOn


Even the simplest and simplest melody can be beautiful music that will please the listener. HumOn allows Android users to feel truly creative, fully dedicated to the process of making or editing songs.

Most importantly, you don’t have to be a professional – at some point, you just need to choose an option and HumOn will do it for you.

This application is very smart, turning everything you want to reveal into notes. Just sing the melody that sounds in your head! You can choose genres and musical instruments in options, and song styles.

HumOn does not require you to record an instrument or even a drum set – all you need is your device and sound. All your music can be played here!

HumOn helps you compose music and change existing songs. In Pro format you can do unlimited amounts and export songs immediately when you create or modify them. In the free version all video releases will still be watermarked, and the number of works will be limited.

3. Music Studio


Many people start their creative careers with the simplest instruments, amateur equipment and bad song editing. Now you can get through this period and immediately give your music a chance to become high quality – Music Studio will help.

This application has the opportunity to improve sound quality so that many people will not even be able to distinguish between melodies recorded on expensive audio equipment or on a microphone from headphones.

Music Studio has more than one hundred musical instruments, the sound quality of which is not inferior to studio options. You can easily edit each note by hand, echo, or even apply sound effects.

But not all instruments are available for free: you get around 100 without paying, and 60 unique sound instruments are only available after you buy the full version.

All are categorized by sound and music genres – for example, in Music Studio you can find drum sets, symphonic instruments or even electronic guitars. All settings are made individually for each instrument you use.

The application makes it easy to learn the new interface. All instruments (especially the keyboard) are displayed perfectly on your smartphone screen. You will even feel like a true musician in a recording studio – all with just your cellphone.

4. Pitched Tuner


You must be able to adjust the instrument and it is not always possible for a musician to understand whether his voice is clear enough.

Of course, there are talents that can easily tune the guitar and piano, but ordinary people need help. The Pitched Tuner is specifically designed for beginner musicians and people who need to tune the instruments to their ideal conditions.

Pitched Tuner was developed by real musicians who know more than anyone what is really needed for beginners. This application works very well with many instruments, from wind instruments to bass strings, which you can adjust too.

The process itself can even be done via handsfree – so you don’t even have to keep touching the screen and pressing buttons.

The main screen shows the tuner needle, plus text that shows the current frequency and your error. With a dial, you can easily track even the smallest changes in tone, and the microphone indicator tells you if your Pitched Tuner can hear clearly.

Customize the application even for harsh environments and you can adjust the sound of your instruments even in noisy environments.

5. MultiTrack DAW


A true professional recording studio right in your pocket. If you are creative and want to rediscover your abilities, then MultiTrack DAW can help.

Here you get the opportunity to record several times until the results are truly satisfying. Trimming is also professionally organized – you can cut any moment that doesn’t seem to work for you.

Almost all popular audio formats are available for playback and further modification in MultiTrack DAW. You can also get audio from third-party sources, such as your library or smartphone memory.

The results can also be shared there in third party services, the main thing – to deliver sound perfectly. Mix, cut, and re-record songs until you are satisfied with the results.

To record sound, MultiTrack DAW allows you to connect different devices such as different USB interfaces and microphones. Typically, a headset can improve recording quality, thereby reducing the amount of error and sound correction.

If you don’t have time to complete the project, just save it to MultiTrack DAW and you can continue even with other devices.

6. AmpliTube for iPad


There isn’t enough money for equipment and you can’t afford something new? Then we bring AmpliTube to you, which can replace the entire audio studio.

In the application you get a whole collection of virtual instruments that can be used for training and practice, and to create new songs or test new tones too.

On AmpliTube, you collect your own guitar or even a bass guitar that suits your needs. And of course, in the application you can watch what you are playing at the moment. Just connect your instrument to the device and you will see all your flaws at once.

AmpliTube includes many reinforcement effects, microphones, speakers, and automatic recording of several audio tracks.

AmpliTube will be with you even when you go on stage: You can watch all your performance in real-time on your iPad. This application is also useful because you can include additional loops for drums or for loops of certain audio sections.

For full editing, you must make an in-app purchase, but after that, you will be able to use studio mode to edit. AmpliTube will be your real-time editor, which can correct you on time.

7. The Metronome by Soundbrenner


A metronome is a device that helps musicians maintain their rhythm during concerts or even sound recordings.

Soundbrenner decided that the existing metronome was not good enough for professional and self-developed, which would allow musicians to play with high accuracy at crucial moments.

However, you don’t need to be a professional – The Metronome by Soundbrenner will be suitable for beginners.

The most important thing is this application is available for users who are absolutely free. You can set your own rhythm and speed.

This is done in the following way: start the “tapping” mode, continue playing your own rhythm by tapping and your steps will be set.

Metronome by Soundbrenner will run automatically and your tempo will be displayed with high accuracy. The more you practice playing songs and musical instruments, the higher your chances of success.

Even if you practice with the whole band, you can synchronize your device through The Metronome and achieve the ideal for everyone together. By obeying the same rhythm together, you can be the best and bring your music to perfection.

8. StudioMini XL


Have you heard about the Gorillaz band? Then we present an application that helps the band to record one of their albums.

Don’t you think that world class musicians will choose something that is bad or of poor quality? StudioMini XL is designed to be used on iOS devices and allows you to get professional sound quality at a minimum cost!

Because many tracks are recorded in multi-track mode, you can use up to 8 tracks when recording songs. Sound after recording is almost clear and hassle free – unless, of course, you created the noise yourself.

Whatever you are trying to record, you can listen to it immediately with a minimum delay. This is very useful if you work as a team.

You can save the resulting file in several formats, including WAV. Right on StudioMini XL you can make certain adjustments in tone of voice and purity, and cut off extra seconds if necessary.
The final result is easily sent via Wi-Fi or cloud storage, so you can get your song even on other devices.

9. BandLab – Social Music Maker and Recording Studio


BandLab is a platform for constant interaction between musicians and their audience. In addition to recording songs or practicing ideas, BandLab is also an easy way to get audience opinions about your new creations. This application brings together musicians and listeners from all over the world.

BandLab is very useful for working in bands or as a group. This application is well configured to share so you can work together on new songs and ideas.

The version control system allows you to work simultaneously without obstacles, even if you make the same changes.

All your results, tracks, songs and ideas are synchronized with your personal cloud storage. Even if a team member makes changes to the same track, you will save all the versions produced. So you can compare them and choose the best, or consult with your fans directly on BandLab.

10. StudioTrack


If you are looking for a quality recording application, then we can recommend StudioTrack for you. This can be used as a multi-track tape recorder for your band or record personal songs.

StudioTrack is synchronized with the device’s internal microphone or third-party microphone (for example, a headphone microphone). It should be noted that this application is very special and specifically designed to record songs and melodies.

You can upload the results in DAW format to any editing application. You can do this through synchronizing and sharing iTunes files. Then you can start editing the audio track on another device.

On each track, you will see synchronized delays, a bright equalizer and 8 tracks to record. All this you can set manually and precisely control the entire recording process.

By the way, StudioTrack has a built-in metronome to help you maintain the same rhythm for a long time, so you don’t get confused with rhythm and melody.

With StudioTrack, you can even track your vocalist’s voice and adjust your storage so you don’t lose track of your audio tracks.

11. BACKTRACKIT: Musicians’ Player


Do you want to grow as a musician, become more professional? Then at BACKTRACKIT you will find many features to help you grow as a musician, and help you raise music to a higher level.

Here you can not only listen to the song and cut it, but even shift the button or tempo literally with a few tones, and the overall sound becomes very different.

For a better understanding of how your song sounds, you can use an advanced equalizer. It displays all the changes you made to the file and also helps you save special presets.
From playing songs to reinforcing backing vocals, you can easily make all these changes to what you have recorded.

Besides the fact that you can strengthen certain tracks, you can also make it quieter or add new tracks. For example, you can easily make a vocalist voice query or even add piano notes to a prepared melody.

After you shift the height of the melody or sound, the back scale will immediately edit the sound quality and let you get amazing results.
By the way, even if you change the height, BACKTRACKIT will not speed up or slow down your song – thanks to a smart stretch of time, the tempo will not change.

12. G-Stomper Studio DEMO


G-Stomper Studio is an application designed specifically to ensure that live electronic performances are not inferior to the sound quality of real studio recordings.

Wherever you are, with G-Stomper Studio you will be able to make your own new music when the idea comes to mind.

You can find virtual synthesizers, melody samplers, mixers and even imitation real drum sets in the application. Thanks to various instruments like that, G-Stomper Studio can be used by beginners and original music professionals.

The intuitive and lightweight interface allows you to immediately understand how to control sound, and the ability to use VA-Beast as a handheld synthesizer allows you to make the sound you want many times faster.

Because it’s a demo version, you don’t get all the functions here – there are 12 sampler tracks available and even fewer synthesizer tracks. Also, this version has restrictions for saving and exporting files.

Of course, you need to buy the full version to get full functionality, but to try yourself as a musician, G-Stomper Studio DEMO will suffice.

13. RecForge Lite – Audio Recorder


If you need a high-quality sound recording application, RecForge Lite is exactly what you are looking for. This gives users the ability to record and edit tracks, sound recordings, notes or any sound that you have recorded.

You can use this application for your own practice or even study music – for example, listen to recordings of your singing and make conclusions whether you sing clean enough.

Because this is the RecForge Lite version, there is no way to record mp3s every 3 minutes. This is done so that you can try out all the features of the application before buying it.

You can send the results to Google Drive or Dropbox. You can convert your recording for further editing or listen to different audio formats. For results as beautiful as possible, you can use file edit mode.

The full version of RecForge has more features, abilities, and languages ​​to work with. But in RecForge Lite you will be able to try most of the functions and include – whether the application is suitable for you for permanent use or not.

14. Songtree – Music Make


Songtree is an application that has been developed to make music and musical creativity in general. Here you can start your professional music collaboration while recording music at no additional cost.

Good sound is achieved not only by recording your song on a good microphone, but also by applying additional audio effects that help improve the quality of the melody. As a microphone, Songtree uses the default headset on your iPhone or iPad.

Here you can not only create your own tracks, but also find your own audience. Other users can listen to your work and even leave you comments – happy or critical.
In fact, you can engage in creative collaboration by interacting with other musicians and giving each other advice about songs.

As we said, you can add some audio effects. This includes tube amplifiers, echo effects or even compression and acceleration.

All tracks can be edited directly in the audio track – you can cut it, play it, or just work on certain parts. Use Songtree with other musicians and develop ‘music trees’ by attracting new talent.

15. WaveEditor for Android™ Audio Recorder & Editor


WaveEditor can be considered a professional tool for editing sounds. Here you can not only cut the soundtrack but also master the sound or even re-record the desired moment in a song.
You can record your tracks in whatever format you like – WaveEditor supports almost all possible files.

Perhaps one of the best things for musicians is that the Wave Editor works well with a USB microphone. If you already have the original file in the cloud storage or just want to download it from the Internet, the application supports an internal browser.

Sound tracks can be edited according to a specific template or you can manually change each sound. If you are accustomed to working with stereo visualization, there is a very good bright equalizer for it. You can adjust it to color to better understand what is happening on the audio track.

Making a home studio can make you lose money, even if it’s very basic. And you will spend less if you do it yourself, doing every detail of the sound with your own hands.

There are lots of great apps that can help you do that. If you want to be a DJ, famous singer or you already have a band, we recommend you to try at least one of the applications presented.
We can guarantee you – in the future you don’t even want to give money to professional studios.

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