15 Best Disney Apps For Android & iOS

15 Best Disney Apps For Android & iOS

What’s up, my princes and princesses? I don’t know a human who has never seen or disliked cartoons, produced by Walt Disney Studio, seriously.

We spent our childhood or adolescence, watching nice old animated cartoons. Remember how we walked in the woods with Bambi, danced at a dance party with Cinderella, flew over the city at midnight with Peter Pan and swam in the big water with little mermaid Ariel, fought with evil together with Chip and Dale, and more.

Twenty years ago we could not imagine that we would be able to watch movies on tablets and smartphones, download and use various applications that make life much easier and bring lots of entertainment and happiness into our lives.

Today’s abilities enable us to be with our passionate childhood friends. It’s time to show you or your child the beautiful and curious world of Disney.

We have prepared a collection of 15 of the Best Disney Applications for Android & iOS. Stay with us, there will be lots of fun!

1. Maleficent Free Fall


I hope everyone sees “Maleficent” – an adventure fantasy film directed by Robert Stromberg. It was as perfect as Jolie’s that Angelina played. For those who don’t read Sleeping Beauty or watch it. Maleficent is an evil witch, who makes Aurora sleep forever. But let’s get back to the app review.

Maleficent Free Fall is an interactive game where you need to replace and shift enchanted gemstone boards to make matches of 3 or more as you trigger combat combos and conquer original objectives.

Cast Maleficent’s green magic to instantly remove the same color gemstones, summon Diaval to swoop down and rearrange the board, or throw thorn tendrils to clean all rows and columns.

The game starts with you when you are a young Maleficent and a great journey is just waiting for you! Step by step you will be able to explore innumerable stories and more. Diaval – your loyal crow and servant will help you to the end.

2. Frozen: Disney’s Deluxe Storybook


Frozen is one of my newest favorite cartoons produced by Disney. In “Frozen,” optimistic and fearless Anna joins a mountain man named Kristoff and his loyal deer Sven on an epic journey, pushing conditions like Everest, mystical trolls and a funny snowman named Olaf in a race to find Anna’s sister, Elsa, who the cold power has trapped Arendelle’s kingdom in eternal winter.

Developers try to make applications that can be useful and educational as interactive. Oh, I see! Frozen: Disney’s Deluxe Storybook. It costs $ 6.99 but you will get a lot of buying it. The main feature is that this Story Book, as another high-value application, is never lacking in ideas.

As for the other features, of course, this is the ability to read on your own and even to record sound and see both sides of the Frozen story. While reading you face a variety of games, interesting tasks, and puzzles. Also, create and build frozen landscapes and crystal castles with your “ice craft” tool.

Another feature is that some pages are frozen and to read them, you have to put them together. Ice puzzles are a bit more challenging than ordinary picture puzzles, because a single piece of ice can only be put on the side if it has the right shape and shape. The picture was then slowly revealed one by one.

This small clip from the film will definitely satisfy you! Unfortunately, this is designed only for the iPhone and iPad. But for Android Frozen prepare a beautiful puzzle, need to check!

3. Inside Out Thought Bubbles


Inside out is a very funny movie so I can watch it repeatedly. The main idea of ​​this film is the big role of our emotions and memories. I really know that Disney developers will make something based on films. And here it is! Disney Interactive gives you the only bubble shooter.

In this game, you will join Riley’s Emotions on a journey to match, sort, and solve memory bubbles, as you travel through unique locations inspired by films – Family Island, Dream Productions, Boy Band Island, Imagination Land, Train Yard. There are more than 500 levels, so you will be busy for quite a long time.

As for its features, you will be able to unlock various characters from the film in order and shoot and match memories, of course. Make a sunburst with Joy, let the rain fall with Sadness, light a fiery path with Anger, reject memories that match Disgust, and scatter orb balls in fun excitement with Fear.

Many adventures, obstacles, such as Brain Freezes, and gifts from Facebook are waiting for you. To receive gifts in the form of free levels, just connect Facebook. In addition, you can stack up against your friends!

4. Disney Channel – Watch Full Episodes, Movies & TV


All films are in one place – on Disney Channel. Sometimes we don’t have time to watch movies at home with children, or they don’t fit our schedule.

But they are good friends in matters of entertainment! So if you are at the SPA or are too busy at work, you only need to download this application, where your child will be able to watch full episodes, movies and TV, including his favorite cartoons. Believe me, he will be busy for a very long time by watching TV.

Here are some features and this list is not complete! -FULL EPISODE: Missing the episode Where Perry or Girls meet the World? Catch up wherever, whenever, or watch live TV if you are away from home right in the application.

There is only one requirement – Internet access. Apart from watching movies, there are games and trivial things that you can play. Bonuses are music clips, videos and breaks for breaks.

5. Star Wars™: Jedi Challenges


Star Wars is one of the most popular films of all time and the series has millions of fans around the world. They will be happy to know that there is a new game based on the Star Wars plot: Jedi Challenges. This will take you to an unforgettable cross-galaxy adventure, with participation in exciting battles.

So the fight is the main thing in this game. You have to fight the dark side in a different location. Find unique challenges in various plans – Naboo, Garel, Lothal, Hoth, and Takodana.

Perfect your lightsaber skills by picking up some of the scariest villains the dark side has to offer, skillfully avoiding, blocking, and attacking enemies. Also, to win several battles you need not only physical strength but also good strategic skills.

6. Toy Story Drop!


Toy Story cartoons were not originally created by Disney. It was made by Pixar’s studio and became the first 3D animated cartoon in 1999.

This was quite successful, so there were lots of sequels, merchandise, and, of course, games. Having Walt Disney Studio acquired Pixar Toy Story can be considered a Disney product – and it’s cool because it’s now on our list!

Toy Story Drop is a game that will be better suited for children aged 4-8. In this game, you must complete the puzzle and help the character to pass the mission. There are lots of interesting and funny challenges, like, for example, solving puzzles to collect Playset pieces for Sheriff Woody, Space Ranger Buzz, Cowgirl Jessie, and many more.

All missions will play in the iconic location of the Toy Story cartoon. As you progress in the game, you witness the development of a story, which is also a bonus (levels are not allocated in a chaotic way, but are arranged into logical stories).

All challenges are relatively easy – that’s why this application will be better suited for young children.

7. Disney Sorcerer’s Arena


In this application, you must take part in many battles and make strategies to win. You will play for Disney characters according to your choice. Apart from that, this isn’t just an ordinary “fighting game” – here you really need to think about going a few steps further and creating a useful alliance if you really want to pass a level.

As you might have guessed, this is an RPG game. The more levels you pass, the more characters you open. By the way, here, unlike other similar applications, Disney Heroes, which you will find below, this one has worse graphics and a narrower range of characters.

However, the main advantage of Disney Sorcerer’s Arena in front of the application is the fact that it is a strategy, not just a fighting game. This means you will get more or less the evolution of the plot and the logical sequence of battles. You will get points, allowing you to improve your character’s abilities. Find and have fun games.

8. My Disney Experience


Here we have applications that are more meaningful for parents than for children. However, every adult who will visit the Disney parks might find it helpful. Even those who have never been there, know that this park is large and easy enough to get lost and not get to the right tourist attraction you want to visit.

This application was created to help you with all the problems that can occur during your visit. First of all, here you will find detailed maps with all objects in the region. The map is increasingly updated in real-time mode. This app also shows park time hours and upcoming events.

You can check the schedule of each attraction in the park so you can arrive on time without being late or too early. Another nice feature is that all the pictures taken by the photographer in this particular park will also be published in the application – maybe you will find yourself there?

Another feature of My Disney Experience is that in the application you can see a variety of stores located in the park area and check the prices of each item so you can plan your budget better.

You can also check the opening hours of all the restaurants out there. Plus, you don’t have to stay on track to get a ticket – you can buy it at My Disney Experience including Fast Pass.

9. Disney Coloring World


Returning to the topic of the Disney application for younger children, here we have another cool game for toddlers – Disney Coloring World. Let your kids enjoy their favorite Disney characters and give them new changes. In addition, coloring games help develop children’s imaginary skills.

Children will never be bored because there are more than 100 characters. After the character has been colored and decorated, it turns into a sticker which can then be placed and played in a magical 3D sticker book. There are several sets of tools that include brushes, crayons, markers, and many other interesting things.

Sticker books present iconic places from Disney films where children will find hidden interactive surprises, adding magic sprinkles to their creative play. Thus, it is possible not only to color the characters but also to create stories and play imaginary games.

10. Disney Heroes: Battle Mode


For those who don’t want to play the sweet-sticky kingdom building with princesses, there is a cool app with more action. In this game, all you have to do is fight. You can choose the Disney characters you want – starting from Simba, ending with Elsa and trying their strength in epic battles.

All characters will fight with each other. That’s why this game is not really recommended for young children aged 8-9 years. You can work together with other characters or play alone.

As you win more battles, you get more chances to increase the strength of your character. All that remains a little Mortal Kombat but in the Disney version. Interesting game you must try!

11. Disney Frozen Free Fall Game


Among the recent Disney cartoons that are as successful as their masterpieces in the 90s, we can certainly name “Frozen”.

We are all moved by these insignificant and moving stories, by interesting songs and bright characters. “Frozen” became one of the best-selling cartoons in the 2010s and here we have another game based on this story.

This is a puzzle game with more than 100 levels. However, unlike most Disney games, this one is rather difficult so it is not recommended for children under 8. The more levels you pass, the more levels you open. Additionally, by winning more points, you can unlock new characters, for example, Anna or Olaf.

Use Anna’s torch to burn the whole range of crystals, or increase the Elsa glacier to make all crystals of the same color magically disappear. Try Hans’s sword to cut through crystals, and explore more cool power-ups.

Another cool part of this game is where you can customize your own area in Arendelle with shops, fountains, carts and more in exchange for coins that you win during the game. Apart from that, it must be said that the graphics of this game are really good and almost repeat the original.

12. Disney Princess Majestic Quest


Do you like Disney princesses? Actually there are very few people who don’t. Even boys in childhood have a crush on them even though they now deny it wholeheartedly. But no one can deny, the Disney process is another aspect of modern culture that is phenomenal and, of course, creates tons of merchandise as a result.

This game is another story about princesses. This is a search where you first enter the world with one character, for example, Mulan or Jasmine. You need to help them to solve difficult puzzles and riddles on each level to complete the whole story.

Most of the time in this game you will solve puzzles. Swipe, swap, and match gems of the same color to destroy them. You also need to restore and improve the kingdom of each process. In general, this isn’t the most exciting game, but fans of Disney princesses will definitely appreciate it.

13. Disney Magic Kingdoms


Have you ever been to Disneyland? You can find it in various parts of the world and each brings something special. This is a truly magical experience, interesting for children and adults. If you are a real fan of Disney Magic Kingdom, then you will find this game interesting.

Here you need to create your own Magic Kingdom. Finally, more than 90 of your favorite characters from the most popular Disney cartoons are gathered together in one application. Now you can create your own special world and unite them the way you want, create your own authentic story.

You can build your section using more than 170 attractions from the application range. After you create your garden, it becomes a real Magic Kindom that you must protect and protect from criminals, such as Ursula or Scars!

Another really cool feature here is that the game never stops evolving – new characters and updates are added regularly.

14. Castle of Illusion


This game is made in the best tradition of a good old adventure game for kids. However, this one is intended for older children, around the age of 8-13. This is a charming type of game that will attract your attention with interesting challenges, unexpected adventures, adventure adventure plots at various levels of the game.

The main character of Castle of Illusion is our famous Mickey Mouse. Of course, during the game, you will play not only for him but also for his friends. All levels will be different and what makes this game so interesting – you don’t get bored by repeating challenges and stories because every new level you have something new.

The graphics are also good. It would be strange to expect animation as reality in this game because it is for children, but even for this genre, it is made quite well. This looks like a good Disney cartoon, but this time it’s a videogame.

A nice bonus here is that you can collect points during the game and then unlock cool costumes for Mickey later. Oh, and don’t forget, your main goal in this adventure is to save Minnie. Gather your courage and cross the magical forests, bring a pack of rebellious toys and explore a maze of living books.


15. Disney Story Realms


This application was developed for children from a younger age, around 3-6 years. This is a collection of paintings that allows children to not only color a picture, but also create their own unique story, complete the magical world of one of Disney’s famous cartoons and create a compelling new storyline.

All favorite characters from Disney’s favorite cartoons of all time are presented here. Three are more than 80 activities and story books to enjoy.

Children will be fascinated by the full and interactive picture book story adventure that awaits them as they join their beloved characters on their journey, helping to complete various activities from word puzzles to movement challenges. A very useful bonus here is that in this way children will also practice their reading skills.

This application will also improve moving and thinking skills with activities in the application, while children will interact with their favorite characters from Disney Tales. For example, there are assignments where they can make their own costumes for Extraordinary Mister and Elastigirl. Or, they need to make ice sculptures in the Frozen world.

In general, this is a very cool and useful application for toddlers and children under 7 years, but older kids might not find this interesting.

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