15 Best Board Game Apps For Android & iOS

15 Best Board game apps for Android & iOS

If in the 20th century we played backgammon and chess, moving the statues on the board, today we only need to move one finger on the iPad or iPhone’s touch screen or other Android device. This is a beautiful reality in our day. We bring to your attention 15 Best Boardgame apps for Android & iOS.

1. Twilight Struggle


Twilight Struggle is the most famous board war game in the world. The theme of the game is Cold War. The leaders of the country, during the Cold War continually had to face non-standard and unusual situations, and based on the existing circumstances, make the right decisions.

This game will give you the opportunity to take on the role of head of state, and personally take a major part in governing the country, during the so-called arms race.

The world represented in the game and all the events that occur in it are based on real historical facts, this will undoubtedly provide more realism, and for the time being it will truly enable us to present ourselves as presidents of big nations. You will have the opportunity to rewrite the story in this game, and make many important decisions in your posts.

The Twilight Struggle covered all world politics of those years, and with the role you played in its formation, it was a very global strategy. The game cannot be called simple but after understanding the basic principles, you will get real pleasure and good food for the mind. For fans of this genre, this game is very interesting.

Twilight Struggle on a smartphone

Immediately it is worth mentioning that this game was developed by the Playdek company, which has not been seen in the hacks yet. The Twilight Struggle is no exception.

From a design point of view, everything is thought out practically to the smallest detail. All data is sent beautifully and informative. Important indicators are placed on one screen. More detailed information is opened and closed in one click.

We’ll provide a soundtrack. Occasionally, different audio recordings of those years in different languages ​​are heard. Even in Russian… For example, part of Stalin’s speech. Very cool and atmospheric. In settings, you can find map galleries and game rules. Every map on the Twilight Struggle is a historical event, and in the map gallery you can find a little help with this event.

You can play online and offline in single player mode against artificial intelligence. As such, there’s no level of complexity here, but you can prepare early or vice versa to take over the points if the AI ​​level doesn’t suit you.

Apart from the standard in-app games, two additional modes are in The Chinese Civil War and The Late War. The first is a game variant with a lot of nuances related to China (not even touched yet), the second is a chance to try to win for USA, starting the game with the 8th move under certain conditions.

Twilight Struggle will appeal to fans of sophisticated atmospheric strategy games. On smartphones – this is the easiest and most economical way to get fully acquainted and play simply in one of the best board games in the world.

2. Galaxy Trucker


Another iconic board game has taken its digital embodiment. Galaxy Trucker settled on Android, iPhone, and iPad, and users can now build spaceships, avoid meteorites and fight bad guys on their mobile devices.

Your main goal: to get as much money as possible, so you have to deal with the transportation of goods in outer space. Defend your enemies and defend yourself from asteroids, be a successful galactic truck driver.

The best part is that you have to assemble the ship yourself! And all the collections appear as a designer – piece by piece: you draw cards from the deck and from them – make yourself a ship to your taste. By collecting ships you will enter into the game itself: every turn will be pulled out of the map that governs conditions, for example, “There is a spaceship left behind, what to do?” and the players choose.

And such cards will be pulled out some parts, there will be dangerous ones – for example, asteroids, if your ship doesn’t have a shield or weapons, you can lose valuable cargo and finish it empty-handed! The winner is the person who receives the greatest benefit: all the resources taken are taken into account, as well as the damage received.

You can play a maximum of four Galaxy Trucker, either on one device or on the network. The step-by-step development system allows using asynchronous multiplayer as well. In addition, Galaxy Trucker has the ability to play against the clock, upgrading a space truck with all kinds of improvised materials.

If friends are not interested in games, then, in this case, it is possible to compete with artificial intelligence. To do this, Galaxy Trucker has a separate campaign mode. The development of nonlinear plots allows you to extend Galaxy Trucker’s journey for tens of hours.

Separately, it is worth noting the lack of paid content. This feature can not help but rejoice. In addition, Galaxy Trucker has more than 80 different achievements, and if you decide to play with artificial intelligence, then, in the game, there are already a dozen different types.

  1. The ability to upgrade your ship, insert new elements into it.
  2. Multiple levels.
  3. Amazing battle system with real opponents.
  4. The game process can be done in real-time or step by step.
  5. Interesting table with achievements and leaders.
  6. Become a true cosmic genius.

3. Puerto Rico HD


Puerto Rico is a classic board game that has just been sent to your smartphone screen. By the way, it’s important to note here that if you want a digital board game with more sophisticated graphics and more sophisticated animations then Puerto Rico is not your first choice.

On the other hand, for those who really want to reminisce and feel the authentic atmosphere of board games, this is the right choice to play.

The whole action of the game takes you back to the Spanish colonial period and the famous island governor of Puerto Rico. Try to be as rich as possible but be careful because so many thieves are watching your gold! Protect as much as possible while trying to get richer.

Players have to take on the roles of mayors, settlers, merchants, captains, and craftsmen to defeat their opponents. There is a Game Center which allows multiple players to connect to the game and play together. The best thing is that everyone can play using a different source – someone can play via a PC, someone – through their smartphone.

The game may seem a little complicated at the start of the process, but don’t worry there is a video tutorial on how to play Puerto Rico. The distribution of resources is automatic and the game itself is reminiscent of Monopoly in several ways. This board game application has won many awards and has a high rating in the App Store.

If you’re ready to dive into the classic board game scene – invite your friends and start playing!

4. Card Crawl


Everyone knows that the Brave Hero and Savior of the World after work settled in the nearby bars and other entertainment venues. But books and films zealously avoid portraying characters on this side of their lives.

But Card Crawl, by contrast, offers us to look at one of the bars and personally see how creatures in different clothes spend their free time. In our case, there will be a very interesting and interesting card duel between the regulars of this institution.

This is a very interesting card game that you definitely need to install on your mobile device. The problem is that the Crawl Card has a number of differences from analogs, which, in fact, provides it with popularity. Currently there are 4 levels of play, each of which lasts no more than 5 minutes. That way, you will always be busy, in line, or waiting for transportation.

The game’s plot is simple and intuitive. It will take you very little time to understand the rules. The author of the application invites you to a small tavern, whose residents spend their time.

The gamer’s mission is to clear the dungeon from terrible monsters with the help of a deck of unusual cards. As you understand, each card is endowed with unique abilities and can be used as weapons, tools for upgrades or currency for purchasing new cards.

The gameplay itself is very interesting due to the extraordinary art created by the talented Max Fiedler. And thanks to the incredible thematic music accompaniment, you seem to enter the world of magical cartoons with characters that are tracked carefully.

Card Crawl is loved by solitaire game lovers, even though the concept doesn’t fit in this direction. Of course, strategic skills will be needed. But basically, it all depends on your luck and persistence. The main thing is to treat the game as entertainment and understand that defeat is sure to win.

Of course, there are secrets in the game that you can understand after a while. For example, there are joker cards or card shields, which are smashed to pieces by enemies.

As practice shows, the more time you spend in the virtual tavern, the more often you win. The more rational you use your inventory, the more evil monsters you can kill with a deck of cards.

We can say that the new Card Crawl game is a great opportunity to have fun and escape from the real world. This application is designed for a wide variety of users and is available in a free version.

5. Raiders of the North Sea


Another super popular game for your gadget that combines elements of board games and strategy games. So, if you are looking for a board game with better graphics, you should definitely check this one out, because it not only makes you think about your strategic decisions, but also entertaining.

The game itself is an application version of the popular PC game. And if we go to the root of Raiders of the North Sea, it’s always been a popular board game, and then switches to digital format.

On the one hand, playing this version on PC is much more convenient as it is easier to click on icons and so on. But true fans will appreciate the chance to have Raiders of the North Sea on their smartphones too, so they can take this game anywhere.

The first thing you do when you start playing – you choose a game mode – you can select a mode from up to 4 players. Not much, compared to other board game apps on this list, so it’s a bit of a disadvantage.

The reason, once again, lies in the fact that it was originally developed for PCs so that it is not expected to have more than 4 players in it because of the gameplay aspects.

When you start playing, you can see a landscape map with all the important objects on it. At the bottom of the screen, you have a card set with all the characters available for you to play with. Choose one of them to decide who will take the next step.

Then apply this character action to any object on the map. For example, you see a fortress that you want to conquer. You choose a character and then click castle. The game starts the animation with the sound of the battle and after that you see the result with the bigger score you just earned.

It is important to note that other players can also influence their actions on the same object. For example, even if you have conquered the fortress, other players can take it from you or rob it – you will see how the player who was mugged loses money.

It’s important to gather resources here too – they’ll help you get to the end of the game. By the way, if you play in single mode, you can always discard several characters. To be honest, at some point in the game you have to do that.

So, if you’re ready to spend hours playing this game, don’t lose any more time!

6. Pandemic


Pandemic: Board Game – You have an excellent opportunity to take part in the creation of cures for several different diseases together with a group of scientists. There is only a little time because in the near future they can cover the entire world, after which it will be impossible to save them.

The task of the game is that you have to move around the world, find yourself in the focus of infection and try to prevent it. To achieve positive results, you not only have to try your best but also understand what works as a team.

Try not to waste time because every decision you make will depend on people’s lives. Downloading Pandemic: Board Game on your smartphone means taking great responsibility for the lives of all humanity.

This app is a game suitable for the whole family and all thanks to its simple rules and an interesting plot. The graphics are crafted at a high level and allow you to dive right into a post-calyptic world where everything is on the verge of where only one team of scientists can help solve a global problem.

The rules of the game are quite simple, at the beginning each participant gets a character with different abilities, with which he will make future moves together.

One movement is four actions, each of which is aimed at solving their problem. You only need to download Pandemic: The Board Game on Android and iOS to learn many things about this game.

The feature of this game is the variation of cards, each of which is significantly different from each other. You can play in single or multiplayer mode with your friends. There are three modes of complexity, which is why each player will find something interesting for himself. The customized music will let you feel the atmosphere going on.

Gather a brave team, find funding to make medicine, move around the planet, experience disease centers, and save the planet together on the brink of collapse!

7. Agricola


Agricola: All Creatures is a great board game where you get a chance to develop a farm, grow animals, sow fields and cultivate a farm to earn money from selling products.

What else is attractive to a true farmer? Fishing, hiking for mushrooms, baking kraft bread, taming animals… Or maybe you want to work as a lumberjack or priest? Your fate is in your hands!

Having a small hut at first and an undeveloped field, you will gradually develop your possessions and then exchange the crops with your neighbors. Agricola All Creatures – a game in which you will become a real villager and will cultivate the land and raise animals.

The secret to Agricola’s success is in the perfect combination of well-adapted Euro-game mechanics and the high subject-coverage of gameplay – almost everything in the game is like life!

Agricole has many components and ways to manage a farm but it is very easy to understand and remember the rules of the game because the actions of the players are sensible and intuitive. All the actions you can take are listed on the game board. You can only choose what you need!

The game is multiplayer, with several players able to play on one device, allowing you to take the lead in the competition.

Each Agricola is characterized by features such as:
  1. Cultivation of a variety of animals, the creation of a real herd of pets.
  2. Visiting the village market will allow you to change goods for livestock and move on.
  3. Gradually, farms will be built with various structures, then compete with neighbors.
  4. Participating in eight rounds, your three employees must go to the right place in the market and win.

Agricola – one of the most titled table games in the world. It is given in Spain, Canada, Russia, Poland, Portugal and many other countries. In 2008, Agricola became the best game of the year based on the version of BGG, the largest global portal of table games, and also received a prestigious award – Spiel des Jahres Complex Game. Agricola is now in the top 10 of the best BGG games.

8. Carcassonne: Official Board Game


Carcassonne: Official Board Game is a full-scale card strategy for Android with a turn-based system, simple but fast-changing rules and a whole collection of modes that let you compete against friends or computer opponents: the focus is on a few rulers who decide to learn and then conquer unfamiliar lands. untouched in central Europe.

The goals are set, the research group is set, the era of painful battles for a great future has begun, just understanding management and nuance.

Mechanics. This strategy is based entirely on the rules of the eponymous desktop puzzle. That’s why – all participants are divided into teams (real opponents and computers – it all depends on the mode chosen), and then they receive original card packs that allow them to move on an authentic global map.

The main objective is to properly display the available cards, and, depending on the current landscape and state of the world, to receive special points that bring victory. In this order, the whole party passes – the participants spread cards, the world grows more and more, there are more opportunities and unforeseen situations that could lead to an ambiguous and controversial final.

As for the fight and attack, by the way, – no way – the developer strategy of Asmodee Digital is peaceful and based solely on diplomacy, trade and research. In general, it is interesting to study a global map, and for several reasons at once.

First, the developer takes care of a randomized field creation system. In short, even the hundredth or thousandth party always develops uniquely and develops its own unique path. Second, you can start individual games with predefined conditions. Depending on the company chosen, the narrative will change, and even its complexity.

Mode. As an added value – the ability to determine the parameters of each match played. For example, you can invite two friends and have a match against three opposing computers.

Standard 1 on 1 duels and parties exclusively with people (in the main menu for free choosing a server or creating a new one) are allowed. The second stage is character selection.

Here the characters are unique and with their own abilities. In general, you can put everyone in their place, invite someone via social networks, find someone on the server, and then rush to war!

Decor. Visually, the strategy is good. Bright global maps, detailed maps, church places, houses, castles and markets are drawn in the most detailed way, an amazing interface that includes lots of statistical information, quick access buttons, and other interesting effects.

By the way, it’s impossible to assign even an ad to the cons – there are no banners or notifications, so you can safely concentrate on that part!

Carcassonne Strategy: The Official Board Game for Android, although not a standard for modern entertainment, but a perfect example of how a small studio is able to bring desktop puzzle ideas to life, don’t miss it!

9. Ticket to Ride


Ticket to Ride is an interesting board game for Android and iOS, connected by train, now and on your mobile device! We will take the role of the operator, who will need not only to instruct the driver but also to build a route for the movement of the train. Before us, there will be a list of certain cities.

And in every city, the train must stop. Therefore, we need to create such a route, according to which the train will pass through certain settlements.

Another goal is to travel as long as possible, so that the train cars can visit as many cities as possible. If you think that it will be enough to pull a finger from the original station to the last station for the construction of the route, then you are wrong.

And the difficulty lies not only in the path building but also with our rivals. Don’t be surprised, this is a multiplayer game. If our rivals are to assign trains faster than us to certain routes, then we will not be able to “drive” through the cities that the rival trains will pass. So try to lay down and take the route as quickly as possible.

If the train goes very far, then from this flight we will get more money than from the flight, where the car only needs to visit a few cities.

What else is so great about this game?
  1. The railroad tracks, which are shown to us on the map, actually exist. Our trains will travel to many countries in Europe, so we will visit the United States and Canada.
  2. A large number of variations of sounds, which of course do not give us any special advantages, but serve as a beautiful decoration, which will not bore us during the game process.
  3. If we suddenly encounter difficulties, or if we are unable to travel for any reason, we can ask for directions. Of course, the prompt doesn’t immediately reveal the complete route but only gives hints how to proceed further.
  4. Players can build routes without connecting to the Internet. But of course, it is much more interesting to play with real rivals, than with a computer.
  5. The thematic design of the game cannot but rejoice. You really do dive into the atmosphere of a unique train.
  6. The more points we earn for our train flights, the sooner we will come out to be leaders in the achievement table!

10. RISK: Global Domination


RISK: Global Domination is an excellent step-by-step strategy in the style of a board game, in which we will be able to fight against real AI and players! This is a historical strategy, dedicated to complex political relations between countries and the staging of unusual world battles: the adventure begins with a different training but some of it lasts a long time.

We must learn all the rules of attack, methods of troop distribution, and the general purpose of all actions. In general, to conquer a new country and turn into an invincible kingdom can be done in semi-automatic mode, including hints.

Plot and gameplay

To begin with, it is advisable to try your hand at the opponent’s computer. After the game starts, we see a multi-colored world map. The areas marked in red are under our control, purple and green – the colors of our opponents.

In the gameplay, there are three phases: Draft – at this time we are creating a new squad. Their number will depend on the territory we seize and on the bonus cards available in the reserve.

Attack is a phase where we will attack the enemy and conquer the land. Tap on the enemy ground and throw the game “bones”. If we had a larger number, then we would take up new territories with less troop losses. Or you can choose a glowing cube called Blitz and immediately win the battle by sacrificing some of your soldiers.

And in the Fortify phase, we can move our main troops to any area that we control.

RISK: Global Domination provides the possibility of playing multiple people on one tablet or with players from the World Wide Web. Winning against computer bots is not easy here.

The combat system in RISK: Global Domination is a gamble – when you take control of the desired area, you have to roll the dice: if a good number falls, then victory is imminent, yes, and if you are unlucky, you will suffer, paying with soldiers and resources other precious power.

In principle, on a gambling attack, the entire gameplay is being built – the same goal is to capture the whole world, where you can get away from it?

Graphics and sound

This strategy is executed in a minimalist design using bright colors. The animation is simple but spectacular. The “military” thematic soundtrack completes the big picture.

RISK: Global Domination – an exciting strategy, a must-play for all fans of the genre!

11. Le Havre: The Inland Port


Le Havre: The Inland Port – in this application you must dive into the world of very interesting board games where you can compete with your cellphone and with players from all over the world.

You will develop your own port, manage it and increase its throughput thus making more profit. The main task in this game is to get ahead of your opponent in development, the one who will be able to do it is the winner.

The players have 12 rounds, where they acquire and use buildings. The use of buildings brings in the resources needed to acquire more profitable and efficient buildings. At the end of the game, the player buildings are converted into winning points. The winner is the player who scores more points than his opponent.

During the round, players walk in turn, each performing one action. As an action, players can buy a new building (having exhausted the resources required for this), or use one that was previously acquired, and also sell one of their buildings for half the price.

You can use not only their buildings but also the opponent’s buildings, but in this case, the player thanks the opponent with coins.

The central element of the game is the player’s private field, divided into 6 sectors, and a pointer. The pointer scales a private field circle at the end of each round moves to 1 position (counterclockwise) and defines three things: which buildings will be opened for acquisition at the beginning of the next round, how many actions can the player take in the next round and who can first.

The bookmark performs a very important role because it changes the sector properties of the player’s private field. In the first (if it goes clockwise) from the sector index transferred player buildings are acquired and used. The use of the building, which is located in the second sector, allows you to apply its main properties twice.

If the building is in the third sector, its basic property is used three times, if in the fourth or fifth sector – four times (when using the fifth sector building, the player also receives 1 coin). All buildings that survive the sixth sector at the end of the round are sold for half price.

The graphics in Le Havre: The Inland Port are fun and not too bright, and the gameplay will take you for a long time and leave a lot of positive emotions.

12. San Juan


Does everyone think the island of Puerto Rico is in beautiful condition, but is it really? San Juan – this is a dazzling, role-playing card game. It will be very attractive to all gamblers. This game will give you a sense of strength, excitement and adrenaline, which many people don’t currently have.

You have to try out a role that is not one character at all. You have to be governor, builder, merchant, advisor and prove to everyone that this city is prestigious and rich. In addition, you must prove yourself smart, cunning, and creative enough to rebuild infrastructure and create an image of a city that is without blemish.

Nobody promised that the task would be easy. But don’t doubt that at the end of the game you won’t regret a minute spent in San Juan.

Don’t lose your guard and don’t relax for a moment because your competitors are always ready and looking to tarnish your reputation. Of course, every object, be it a house, castle, factory, has its advantages. And your main task is to present it in the most favorable light.

You have to do your best to preserve this beautiful city and give your best to your cunning and cunning rivals. The significant advantage of this application is a beautiful soundtrack and bright, beautiful graphics.

Make the old city a new, better, rich and prestigious dream city. Lift him up the ranking ladder, and set him an example to imitate.


13. Small World 2


Small World 2 – this is one of the most interesting board games on Android and iOS. After that it was replicated and sold in an amount of 500 thousand copies. Now entertainment is being moved to mobile platforms.

Immerse yourself in a fantasy world where mysterious characters live. Collect a deck of cards with their pictures and defeat the enemy. Don’t give your opponents the slightest chance because every piece of land must belong to you.

The main goal – to measure the territory, which will bring huge profits. The winner is the player, who therefore will have more coins until the end of the round. As in all desktop strategies, moves are performed in order of priority.

The special abilities, a variety of characters and lots of exciting adventures awaiting the success of the operation will depend on how well you know the characters and their characteristics. Therefore, don’t be lazy to learn all the details of Small World 2 and understand the nuances.

For example, combining several maps will increase the character’s abilities. But for this you need to combine strictly defined characters. Learn, develop and be the first to conquer new lands in Small World 2.

Here you need to arrange cards on cards, apply for special bonus cards, roll the dice, and do everything to grab all available land. The game has the ability to play against bots, as well as participate in online matches against real rivals.

And there is also a co-play mode on one device, where all the cards of each player are located face up to him and upside down to the opponent. In addition, there are special Small World 2 ratings, daily and weekly tournaments.

The game size is not small, so be prepared because your mobile device has to meet the necessary technical requirements. The game has caught the attention of thousands of fans of turn-based desktop strategy around the world and continues to receive more and more supporters.

The creators of Days of Wonder will definitely try to please us with the following features:

  1. Multiple game modes, including online for five participants.
  2. Lots of characters.
  3. Two dozen races and special abilities.
  4. There are many different regions.
  5. Educational video-manual.

14. Colt Express


Colt Express – an interesting application, based on the well-known board game, designed for the Android and iOS operating systems. This project was created by Asmodee Digital studio.

The developers in attendance have long been involved in the release of various applications for mobile phones. At the expense of a great experience they succeeded in making a game that is really high quality, which is liked by users.

Running the game “Colt Express”, the user is moved to the past. Action occurs during the Wild West when practically nothing is safe. Every day on the streets of the city there are murders, theft, robbery. Anyone can buy a gun.

Yes, in cities and even small settlements there are sheriffs who try to calm the situation, but it is not possible to do this for a long time. It is during these times that the main characters live. The developer added 6 characters. They have individual abilities, skills and proficiency.

Before starting the game process, you have to choose the main character. Pay attention not only to appearance but also to characteristics. They play a big role in the passing process.

After selecting a character, the user is transferred to a train which consists of 6 carriages. In each of the different heroes make their way and start stealing passengers. The winner is someone who, within a certain time, will be able to plunder more gold, silver, precious stones, money.

When performing tasks, the user is awarded a reward and a certain number of points. Apart from the main regime, there is “History”. Entering it, you can learn more about the main characters, learn their history and some facts.

All robberies, shootings occur at the expense of a special card, which the user uses at the necessary times. This battle format has become familiar and quite popular.

The games that are presented run because of the good two-dimensional graphics. It is necessary to pay attention to details, the image of the main character and the main object. Transferring popular desktop games to mobile platforms, the authors retain their distinctive style.

All game objects and characters are made of cardboard and paper, and the Wild West atmosphere is complemented by gunshots and pleasant background music.

15. Elder Sign: Omens


The world’s most mind-boggling puzzles created in the style of board games have hit the masses! Now you can also break some of the guts about the sharp edges of the unsolved riddles, which are widespread around the game Elder Sign: Omens.

It all starts with the fact that the provincial museum seizes evil forces. Monsters, devils and Satan himself burst into the world of humans and lusts. The walls of the old building could hardly withstand such pressure but were about to collapse.

To save the planet from the invasion of hell beings can only one being, sleep soundly for several thousand years. This being could appear in very different forms: in the form of the god Cthulhu, then in the form of Azathoth.

But how to wake him up? To do this, you need to assemble a team consisting of the most online, strong and dexterous characters (by the way, you can choose your own) and send this “gang” to the museum.

On the walls of the mansion full of artifacts, brave troops await a myriad of riddles and riddles, which they have to guess for 64 levels. Every time before entering this or that hall you have to consider the strength of the team and the strength of the opponent, suddenly someone is better off guard.

A powerful plot, atmospheric sound, tons of challenging tasks, incredible graphics, and stunning 3D animation make this classic puzzle game into an exciting adventure into the world of magic and magic.

Elder Sayne’s Features Omens:
  1. The game takes place in 64 beautiful levels.
  2. Ability to assemble a team of brave travelers to save their brothers.
  3. Chance to be one of the few saviors of our physical world from being destroyed or enslaved by evil.
  4. A lightly worked map.
  5. Ability to select the level of complexity of the game at any time.

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