15 Best Barometric Pressure Estimation Apps For Android & iOS

15 Best Barometric Pressure Estimation Apps For Android & iOS

Many modern phones have built-in sensors such as a barometer. With it, you can measure atmospheric pressure. In addition, this useful feature will help you determine your geographical location.

Basically, barometers are popular because of their traditional goals. But, the presence of this sensor does not allow the use of all functions. In this case, on the Internet, you can find a large selection of barometer applications. How to choose the best program and why is it needed?

Many people are affected by changing weather conditions. This problem can be overcome or avoided. To do this, you can see an estimate of atmospheric pressure. So, you can make a plan for this data.

This list contains the best applications for measuring atmospheric pressure. Apart from that, they have many useful features.

1. Barometer Plus


Barometer Plus is an easy-to-use atmospheric pressure tracker and barometer.

Knowing the level of atmospheric pressure will help you improve your condition. This is very useful for people who suffer from persistent headaches. So, you can track the level of atmospheric pressure and how it affects your well-being and mood.

In addition, this application is useful for those who love fishing. Track changes in air pressure and get the best results.

The Barometer Plus application has a modern and unique design. It only shows current information about atmospheric pressure. To do this, it uses the sensor of your mobile device.

Units supported by the application:

  • millimeter of mercury
  • hectopascal
  • torr
  • millibar
  • mercury inches

The Barometer Plus application also has a tab where history is stored. You can see the level of atmospheric pressure during the past week.

Predictions are generated at predetermined locations twice a day. Hourly forecasts are generalized to “night, morning, afternoon, night” and “night, day”.

High forecast accuracy is achieved through the use of hybrid weather forecasting technology. This is based on continuous analysis of data flow and artificial intelligence.

Also with this application, you can measure height levels. The application automatically calibrates sensor data. To do this, use satellite GPS data.

You can also turn on notifications. So, the Barometer Plus application will let you know if the level of atmospheric pressure rises.

2. Barometer & Altimeter


The Barometer & Altimeter application will help you know the level of atmospheric pressure.

At the beginning of the work, the program will ask you to choose a geographical area. There are two ways to do this: mark it on the map and find it in the catalog.

After that, you can configure the forecast. Set the duration, steps, resolution, and choose what data you want to see.

This application also provides estimates of strength and wind direction. Rainfall and atmospheric pressure for the largest of the previous two days with a 6 hour step.

Weather data is provided in three formats. Overlays on a map, in the form of a graph or table.

On the map, wind is indicated by standard arrows, pressure – isobars. The level of rainfall is characterized by the darkness of various colors. One click on the map asking you if you forget what was shown.

The play icon at the bottom of the screen turns on animation. This shows how the weather changes during the estimated time period.

Meteogram displays a graph of changes for each weather parameter. This is convenient when you need to quickly get an idea of ​​any changes in atmospheric pressure.

In the settings, you can specify the approximate unit displayed. Knots, kilometers per hour, miles per hour or on the Beaufort scale for wind speed. In degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit for temperature. Pressure is displayed in millimeters or inches of mercury.

This application has excellent graphics and animations. This offers you a detailed estimate of atmospheric pressure. You can choose a specific location where you are. You can also see the estimated hours for the current day or week.

The Barometer & Altimeter application will display detailed information about atmospheric pressure levels. That is based on your location. You can also know the level of indicators such as temperature and weather conditions.

3. Weather Underground


The Weather Underground application has all the features that are useful for estimating atmospheric pressure.

It has a built-in widget that shows the current pressure and weather forecasts. You can set notifications. So when you change the level of atmospheric pressure, you will receive a notification.

At the top of the screen, you will see a current atmospheric pressure indicator. All data is displayed in the form of a scale, graph, indicator, altimeter, list or graph. You can choose the type of data display in the program settings.

Available atmospheric pressure units:

  • inHg (inches of mercury)
  • psi (pounds per square inch)
  • hPa (hectopascal)
  • ATM (physical atmosphere)
  • mmHg (millimeter of mercury)

At the bottom of the screen is a special indicator. Such as weather forecast changes and pressure fluctuations. Also in this section, you can find the settings panel.

You can configure each application function in a special tab. You can also set the data display period (in hours).

This program is broken down according to the time of day. It provides a complete picture of the weather situation. In addition, in the Weather Underground application you can find:

  • Animated Radar for Highlights
  • Indicator of confidence in weather forecasts
  • Sunny weather opportunities and rainfall
  • On average, the smallest and largest temperature
  • Temperature perception
  • Strength, wind direction, blowing strength
  • Snow limit
  • Zero degree limit
  • Fog

The Weather Underground program can also prepare weather forecasts for 10 days in landscape orientation.

Besides the main functions of the application, there are also great additions. You can choose the application’s interface color, indicator shape and widget type.

4. Barometer Reborn


Reborn Barometer application displays the estimated atmospheric pressure for 7 days. The utility can automatically track your location using GPS. There is also the ability to update the weather widget after a specified time interval.

When the application starts, a screen appears with the required information. The screen displays information about atmospheric pressure. You can also add additional indicators here. For example air temperature, humidity and wind speed.

Choosing a certain day can be done using swipe. To see the estimated hour, you need to select the Today Weather tab, which is located at the very bottom of the screen.

In the upper left corner, there is a clock that displays the current time and the name of the city chosen by default. In the upper right corner, there is a function key. They allow you to activate the weather widget.

At the top of the screen there are two function keys. They allow you to update data in the program and change the current city by default.

Among its functions, highlight the “Add Location” button. This allows you to change or add your location.

“Maps and Media” allows you to change the background of the screen.

The “Nearest Station” softkey allows you to see your location on the map.

“Refresh all” allows you to update the data in the program.

The “Advanced” softkey allows you to work with program settings and edit the location list.

The Barometer Reborn setup program is very easily divided into groups. This allows you to easily find the desired variable parameters.

5. Air Pressure Free


Air Pressure Free is one of the simplest applications.

This allows you to track atmospheric pressure levels and changes. You will also learn how this change affects your well-being. This is useful for those who experience headaches when weather conditions change.

Follow the development of the upcoming atmospheric pressure difference. So, you can prevent the negative effects of these factors on your body.

This program uses your GPS tracking data. Also with this application, you can find out data such as air temperature, altitude and wind speed.

The forecast is very accurate. On the main screen, you will find data such as atmospheric pressure and air temperature. In addition, the Air Pressure Free application will show you the probability of rainfall over the next 10 days.

People who are dependent on the weather will enjoy special features. This indicates the presence or absence of geomagnetic storms. This will help you build your plan for this data.

All relevant data is displayed in the form of diagrams or graphs. The type of data display can be set in the settings.

You can also determine what changes your body’s reaction weather negatively. Then, if available, you will receive a notification from the application. In addition, you will see a red indicator on the screen when the atmospheric pressure is bad.

Air Pressure Free has a beautiful design and user-friendly interface. There are several themes for designing this widget for you to choose.

6. Mu Barometer


Mu Barometer application is based on GRIB files. This downloads them from the GPS server and overwrites them on the map. The dataset is standard.

Wind strength and direction, wave height, air temperature, atmospheric pressure. This program shows estimates for the next 10 days.

There is only one data presentation format: the information layer is superimposed on the map. They can be selectively deactivated and their level of transparency changes.

Clicking on a specific point on the map brings up a window with the weather value at that location. In this application, you can also configure the unit.

The home screen of the Barometer Mu application shows a list of “selected” locations. It shows the current speed, wind direction and air temperature in these places.

You can add geographical points to your favorites in several ways. This application can automatically determine your current location with GPS. You can also manually enter the name of the nearest settlement or search for a list.

Clicking on one of the selected locations opens the forecast forecast for 7 days with an increase of 3 hours. This forecast includes data on atmospheric pressure, wind strength, and direction, air temperature.

The “Report” screen shows a graph of changes in atmospheric pressure over the past 12 hours. This allows you to quickly track the expected trend.

This is the most beautiful and minimalist estimate of atmospheric pressure. There is no button in the Mu Barometer application. Display mode (estimated for a day or several days) is replaced by a screen shift or double-tap. Sparkling colorful background with beautiful gradients.

7. WeatherX Forecast


The WeatherX Forecast application bases the estimated atmospheric pressure on the terrain. This is a great alternative to sending estimates in the form of hourly charts.

This program will give you an estimate of atmospheric pressure for 7 days every hour. At the same time, you can find out the weather only at three specific points. Information in the application is presented in the form of maps, tables and graphs.

The main screen contains two graphics. Detailed estimates for the next 48 hours are displayed at the top of the screen. The bottom section provides information about 7-day temperature changes.

The main information in the application is divided into several lines. The line provides information for three hours and contains data about atmospheric pressure.

The WeatherX Forecast application gets your current location or selects a location from the database. This program supports metric units.

This application has a GPS tracking and planning tool for routes. This takes into account the weather conditions. Thanks to some additional features, this application will be useful for those who like to travel. Get the fastest route and calculate the best departure date.

The latest version of the application is impressive with enhanced animations. There is also a 3D weather map with QuickView. This allows you to view estimates simultaneously in several cities. In addition, the feature set WeatherX Forecast application has support for push notifications.

8. Simple Barometer


The main function of the Simple Barometer application is to estimate atmospheric pressure.

However, it has a variety of other useful features. This application provides information about temperatures, pressures, magnetic storms, and even the possibility of earthquakes.

There is so much information that developers put it in three different “tabs”. Units, weather maps and weather clocks.

Here you can find all detailed weather information at the chosen location and time. The weather clock shows the weather forecast every hour on the button.

The Simple Barometer application provides the “Follow me” function. Every time you open the application, it itself determines your location. Then it provides the necessary weather forecast.

In addition, the application displays the air temperature directly on the application icon. If you are not interested in detailed forecasts at this time, you cannot even run the program. All necessary information is already on the screen of your mobile device.

This program is marked by the presentation of original information. Instead of a set of dry numbers, the application displays a clear graph. Also here you can find information about how atmospheric pressure can affect your mood.

The Simple Barometer application is able to make estimates for anywhere in the world. The application database contains more than one million places with weather data. You can see the weather in several places at once.

This program provides two widgets to track atmospheric pressure estimates. One shows the forecast for the day. The second shows today’s hourly trend and general forecast for the following day.

In the Simple Barometer application, you can configure push notifications about changing weather conditions. You can also share weather information with friends through social networks.

9. MyAltitude – GPS Altitude and Barometer


MyAltitude – GPS Altitude and Barometer is a powerful, detailed and accurate application. This will give you important information about atmospheric pressure.

Forecasts can be seen every hour. You will also receive data about wind speed and air temperature. Also, this application has the RealFeel function which is very convenient. This shows how the temperature actually feels on the road, based on other factors.

All data in this application is placed on one chart in the form of a clock dial (or barometer). Temperature is indicated in color, rainfall is described as blue dot.

To see the weather forecast for the next few hours or days, all you have to do is turn the arrow on the button.

The MyAltitude application – GPS Altitude and Barometer has 5 main tabs:

  • general estimate
  • estimated hour (for the next 15 hours)
  • map (satellite map with 5x zoom)
  • graph (information presented in column form, height depends on temperature, and color – on environment)
  • calendar (contains weather data for 15 days)

An interesting additional feature of this program is the estimated rainfall per minute. It uses ultra-precision localization based on address or GPS coordinates. You will receive information about the type and intensity of rainfall. You will also learn about their start and end times at your location points.

And one more bonus application is the “Lifestyle” section. The MyAltitude application – GPS Altitude and Barometer is a smart program where you can set preferences for the weather.

10. Barometer + pressure tracker


The Barometer + pressure tracking app will help you prevent the negative effects of atmospheric pressure.

When you first turn it on, you must select the city manually or automatically. Besides the main city, it is possible to introduce additional cities. So you can see the level of atmospheric pressure in ten cities simultaneously.

On the utility toolbar, there are a choice of six options:

  • forecast today
  • extended (9 days)
  • temperature graph
  • probability of rainfall
  • wind direction map
  • sunrise / sunset time

The first function “Today” shows the current level of atmospheric pressure. And three additional lower indicators to choose from. Opportunities for rainfall, humidity, wind speed or pressure.

An extended estimate will show you atmospheric pressure for nine days. This is especially convenient for those who are going on vacation or traveling on business.

The third function is to choose from a 36 hour forecast chart or weekly forecast. This can be used to track changes in temperature and humidity during the selected period.

There is an option to see the probability of rainfall for seven days. The lower the probability, the better the mood.

Basically, all data is displayed on a map. Here you can see the direction of the wind at different times of the day. Maybe this function is beneficial for someone.

The same informative function is called “Sun and Moon.” It informs about the time the sun rises and sets, and about the phases of the moon. This function will be more attractive to women. Learn lunar calendars for cosmetic procedures.

The Barometer + pressure tracker app can color the upcoming bad weather. Such as strong winds, storms, heavy snow, and other natural disasters.

Apart from the useful features, the main purpose of this application is to identify the estimated atmospheric pressure. The Barometer + pressure tracking application will be very useful for those who depend on geomagnetic changes.

11. Barometer


A barometer is a device for measuring atmospheric pressure. Observing changes in the indicator allows you to predict:

  • Changed the weather. A decrease in atmospheric pressure usually occurs before rain and snow falls. Rising occurs before setting a clear and sunny day.
  • Possible decrease in welfare in people who are sensitive to the weather.
  • Quick changes in wind direction (useful for tourists, amateurs to launch drones, paragliding, parachutists, surfers, etc.).
  • Changes in fish and animal behavior (useful for hunters and fishermen).
    The barometer feature on your mobile device is useful for:
  • Determine the exact position of the equipment in space. That makes it possible to know not only latitude and longitude but also altitude. This can be useful when taking photos and navigating. Create a route taking into account terrain).
  • Device option control depends on the pressure on the screen (for example, by changing the thickness of the stroke when drawing).
  • If desired, the barometer on the cellphone can find more applications. For example, determine with the help of height of objects.

This program displays values ​​in hecto-Pascal (hPa) and mercury inches (INhg). In addition, it shows temperature and humidity. In addition, the application saves the measurement history. It can be found in a separate tab.

The barometer shows the local and average atmospheric pressure (sea level). It receives information from both the telephone sensor and the weather station. Calibration calibrator support. Automatically record indicators at specified intervals.

12. Barometer pro – free


A pro-free barometer will help you get an estimate of atmospheric pressure. But, it also provides access to indicators such as altitude.

For this application to work, your phone must have a built-in pressure sensor. Almost all modern mobile devices have this feature. Sensor applications are quite sensitive. It can record the most minimal indicators and their changes.

This tool is used by most professionals and travel enthusiasts. It will also be a useful helper for people who are dependent on the weather. An additional function of the application is height measurement. That’s relative to changes in atmospheric pressure.

The Barometer pro-free program has a convenient and useful interface. On the main screen, there is an altimeter and an indicator of atmospheric pressure.

All indicators for the last month are stored in the application history. You can see these statistics in a separate tab in graphical form. You can see statistics every hour or every day.

In a separate window, you can see the exact value of the current level of atmospheric pressure.

This tool supports the most widely used units of measurement (inches, millibars, etc.). Calibration of data received occurs automatically. See the current level of atmospheric pressure for the next few hours or today.

A good advantage of this application is the ability to change designs. Various theme colors are presented according to your choice. You can also adjust the transparency and shape of the widget.

The Barometer pro application is completely free. There are no native ads.

13. Barometer


A barometer is a tool that allows you to see the estimated atmospheric pressure for the next 24 hours and 5 days.

The utility also immediately provides an estimate for where you are. To find out the weather in another corner of the planet, just ask questions to the application. It uses a sophisticated voice recognition and voice search system.

When the application starts, the main program menu appears. All information displayed by the utility is displayed here.

In addition to information about atmospheric pressure, the Barometer displays additional information programs. As:

  • height above sea level
  • humidity
  • cloud cover
  • visibility
  • time zone
  • sunrise / sunset time.

At the bottom of the screen there are four function keys. They allow you to quickly search for locations, add locations to your favorites and go to the menu. It contains information about the current program version. Location search can be done using the on-screen keyboard and voice input.

Also, the Barometer application has special function keys to optimize work processes.

The “Refresh” softkey allows you to start updating the database program.

“Share Weather” allows you to share weather information with others. This can be done using popular messenger.

“Add Location” allows you to change locations. With this weather forecast information is collected.

The “Settings” softkey allows you to work with the main program settings. For ease of use, they are divided into groups.

“About & Help” allows you to switch to seeing help information about the program.

The free Barometer application is a great tool. This allows you to not only see the weather forecast but also other related information.

14. SyPressure (Barometer)


SyPressure (Barometer) has all the functions that are useful for determining atmospheric pressure estimates. It has a special default widget. This shows the current atmospheric pressure and weather forecasts.

You can enable notifications in the application settings. So, you will receive notifications about important weather changes for you.

At the top of the screen is an indicator of the current level of atmospheric pressure. This data is displayed in the form of charts, scales or graphs. This parameter can also be selected in the settings. All data is displayed in the most popular units.

At the bottom of the screen are changes in atmospheric pressure and estimates. In the same area, you can open the settings panel.

You can adjust each indicator according to your preferences. State your location to more accurately determine the level of atmospheric pressure.

Based on the data obtained, you can get estimates about changes in weather conditions. It’s also useful for people who are sensitive to the weather.

SyPressure application (Barometer) features:

  • Unit pressure: mbar, mmHg, d.h., atphosphere
  • Unit height: meters, feet
  • Pressure graph: shows changes in pressure over the past 48 hours
  • High indicator
  • Widget with four themes
  • Barometer reading in the status bar

The height value is determined by the current pressure. To switch between pressure and high indicators, just click the indicator icon.

You can measure relative height. Just click on the indicator. This will indicate the height relative to the current point.

With the SyPressure application (Barometer), you can find out in advance what classes should be planned for the coming days. For example, at high atmospheric pressure, you are advised to reduce physical activity. With reduced atmospheric pressure, it’s best to take a walk in the fresh air.

This is a free application that is equipped with many useful features.

15. Altimeter & Barometer


The Altimeter & Barometer application allows you to get an estimate of atmospheric pressure for 7 days.

This application is available for almost all cities in the world. Weather updates every 6 hours.

You can choose from three modes to display estimates. Current forecasts for today, forecasts for two days in advance and forecasts for 7 days in advance.

When you first start the program, a window appears asking you to select a city. Weather forecasts will be attached to it. Data is entered using the on-screen keyboard.

The main menu interface of the program is presented in the form of a screen where the main controls are located. They are needed to optimize work with utilities.

Switching between various program modes is done by using the function key. They are at the bottom of the program. So, with their help, you can see information about changes in atmospheric pressure.

Seven-day data is displayed at the current level of atmospheric pressure. The city list contains more than 58 thousand settlements. If necessary, the desired city can be entered manually. To search for a city and add it to the list at the bottom of the window there is a soft button.

In the “Settings” menu you can configure:

  • automatic update
  • the unit
  • Interface language
  • screen today

Automatic updates allow you to choose when to update the weather. Disable, at intervals and at certain times. Also in the Altimeter & Barometer program, a unit for displaying atmospheric pressure is selected. Many different language choices are presented here.

The “Today” screen allows you to choose the approximate number and size of icons. They will be displayed on the screen.

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