14 Free Pool Table Games For Android & iOS 2020

14 Free Pool Table Games For Android & iOS 2020

If you don’t have the chance to attend a billiard club but you really want to try this game, the most convenient and easy way out is to download billiards on Android and iOS devices and play anytime. Modern mobile games with 3D graphics provide pleasure no less than real processes.

In this review, you will get acquainted with the best application of a series of pool table games on Android and iOS.

1. 8 Ball Pool


The 8 Ball Pool game for Android and iOS has become a real hit in its genre, as evidenced by the many downloads and positive feedback.

Has 8 Ball Pool :

  1. Maximum realism, thanks to that you can easily imagine that you are playing real billiards.
  2. Several options for the game, which allow you to choose the mode that works best for you.
  3. The ability to challenge your friends and show who the “king” billiards really are.
  4. Comfortable, the interface is not overloaded, so that each user can overcome 8 Ball Pool.
  5. The ability to find rivals in the network or improve their skills in one game, where your opponents are Android and iOS OS.
  6. The opportunity to get new items, where you can improve your skills and skills.

This application is completely free, does not require system resources. In addition, this application can give you the opportunity to fight with real legends of billiards, but for this, you have to sweat fairly and win a few dozen tournaments, which will allow you to accumulate the required number of coins needed to open a new game. hall.
If you are a billiard fan, want to be able to enjoy it anywhere and anytime, 8 Ball Pool is your choice.

2. World Championship Billiards


World Billiards Championship is a smart billiard simulator, where users will be able to participate in various competitions to get the title of the best player in billiards. This free application has realistic details and many nuances that must be faced by real participants. Compete against real players from all over the world or practice against artificial intelligence. Gain universal acceptance by other users, actively moving forward on the leaderboards.

Plot and essence
The task of the simulator user is to actively participate in all types of competitions, proving their superiority in this sport. Every opponent is unique and unpredictable, so all must work hard to achieve your goals. Also, don’t forget to practice, improve punch accuracy and develop special skills, get the chance to get out of any situation, even without hope.


Interaction with signals and balls is done with the help of simple movements that allow you to determine the impact trajectory and angle yourself. To do this, you must select the collision point on the ball in the lower left corner and direct the signal in the desired direction. A special pointer will allow you to perfect everything to attack, after that you have to move the gesture in a sliding motion, give it strength and release it. After this manipulation, the white ball touches another, and, perhaps, sends it to the pocket. This game is designed for users who know how to calculate many factors, achieve desired results in an organized and clear manner.


World Billiards Championships are a great way to spend your free time doing something you like. Challenge more experienced gamers to hone their skills and gather new knowledge. You can also compete with friends using the default multiplayer. This application applies 5 game modes, which will diversify the gameplay at any time, performing different tasks. Become a master in any genre, get the best performance every day.

Graphics and sound

The application is a special place where the pool table is located. That looks quite realistic, allowing you to feel at this event. Mechanics and gameplay are also well developed, so even beginners can start playing immediately, gradually gathering the necessary experience. The accompaniment of music in the background will give the game an atmosphere of saturation, a sense of presence in grandiose events.

Feature :
  • Several game modes.
  • Elegant design.
  • Realistic management.
  • Many opponents.
  • Global Leaderboard.

World Championship Billiards is a smart billiard game simulator, where only professionals can defeat any opponent, using accumulated experience, skills, and cunning.

3. Pool Break 3D


Many billiard fans can rejoice because Billiard Snooker’s Pool Break 3D game is able to fulfill all their requirements. Only in this game variations of billiards, snooker, and other popular table games are available. This application is suitable for all Android and iOS devices.

High-quality, full-screen 3D graphics, realistic physics, vividly drawn details, and an interface that is pleasing to the eye. Management in this game is intuitive, the music is calm. From one hundred games, you can choose the one that suits you. You can play against the computer or choose a player in online mode. The results of your game can be shared by friends on pages on social networks.

You can also invite your friends to the game. Tournament tables are available in the game, where you can see the results. Play and occupy the most advanced positions, prove to all your friends that you are the best in the billiard game. This game is very dynamic. With it, you will not be bored, but do not think long, because for this you will lose points. If you are really a fan of billiards, it will be fun to spend a few hours playing with Pool Break 3D Billiard Snooker.

  1. Support for various languages.
  2. Cross-platform game via the Internet for several players.
  3. Two dozen games in only one application.
  4. Online chat.
  5. 4 different levels of difficulty when playing with a computer.
  6. Intuitive user interface.

4. 8 Ball Mania


Game 8 Ball Mania is a fairly simple pool simulator, which is not ready to offer something fundamentally new, but we still recommend looking at what actually exists and whether something stands out and deserves separate attention.

Gameplay immediately makes it clear that “somewhere we have seen it,” without explicit copying, but nothing new can be found here either. One way or another, we will only have two options – to play with friends from Facebook, who will need an account or level there, each of which is not a full round of computer opponents, but the execution of some ordinary tasks, rather boring, but great for practicing your skills in this game.

The game’s design is simple and fun, which at the same time doesn’t catch your attention because of some flaws and doesn’t load your device, which many people will surely appreciate. Plus, the gameplay itself is fun and peaceful.

  • by logging in through Facebook you can play with your friends;
  • good ball physics;
  • relaxing background music and good voiceover;
  • easy operation.

5. Kings of Pool


Kings of Pool – Online 8 Ball – in this application, you must dive into the world of professional billiards. Play against the best players from all over the world, bet and get money in their matches. Participate in various tournaments, improve your player rank and respect your playing skills. Become the best and fight to get the title of the best player in billiards with the same fans of this game from all over the world. Also, if you want you can start your own club with your friends and promote it higher and higher.

Graphics and Gameplay

The graphical environment in this application is qualitative and fun. All the items on the pool table look natural, the camera is located from above, which will provide an opportunity to appreciate the game situation well. The controls are quite simple and convenient, first you have to choose the direction of the attack, and then its strength.

  1. Nice graphics.
  2. Opportunity to create your own club.
  3. Real opponents and more.

6. Pocket Pool


Pocket Pool offers you great opportunities to play mobile versions of famous games like billiards.

The rules have changed a little, but only in what ways do you no longer have to choose where to attack. This game is very funny and unusual so it will make you penetrate the process for a long time. You also need to start thinking more flexibly, which will carefully examine the playing field from different sides. The game’s condition is that you only need to score one ball in the hole, only that it will be much harder than it looks, but first, you have to download Pocket Pool to your smartphone.

For every successful attempt, points earned are a kind of currency in this game and will allow you to unlock prizes during the game, as well as many other interesting things. This includes new cues, and even new covers for boards, which will help make your game even more interesting. Each round is different not only at the location of the ball but also in the complexity of the parts, so don’t be relaxed if at first the game seems simple. Downloading Pocket Pool means always having a game that is simple and interesting, familiar to everyone.

The game is done in quite beautiful graphics but at the same time minimalist, which allows you to focus only on something specific and not be distracted by others. The ranking system will show a predetermined record, which you cannot just beat, but also prove to other participants from all over the world that you are the best player among the others. Management that is quite simple and affordable will enjoy the game of anyone who is interested without question and doubt.

7. Snooker Stars


The Snooker Stars game is specifically made for mobile devices, and its simple but addictive gameplay will appeal to both novice and professional users. Thanks to the distinctive features of this application, during the game you will have an extraordinary presence effect.

This application is characterized by simple controls. All actions are carried out with the usual touch to the screen of a mobile device, but at the same time, all the real game sensations in snooker are saved. Of course, the game here is very interesting so you can throw it in your head, forgetting all the problems. Successfully score the ball and have fun with gameplay.

Realistic physics is another added value of Snooker Stars. Thanks to the realistic movements of the ball and the cues, you immerse yourself in the world of this exciting virtual game. In addition, this application has a special career mode, with which you can develop your character, turning it from a beginner into a true professional. Performing tasks with diverse complexities, you will not only receive experience but also subjects that are useful for improving your own skills.

As for the enemy’s artificial intelligence, it can hardly be called weak. Because this is what does not expect that it will be possible to win victories quickly and easily. Acting gamers must be wise, because only this way you can achieve the desired results. Surprise not only your opponents but yourself! With the amazing Star Snooker simulator, every user can do it! Pay attention to snooker rules, because they have differences from ordinary billiards. There are several modes. You can participate in trophy battles, and you can play with someone from the players.

Additional advantage: this game supports online mode, so you can show all your skills, compete with real users from all over the world. Downloading this application is completely free, but the opportunity for games without limits opens only after downloading paid content.

Very happy that in this simulator, the developers do not forget the training mode. Hone your skills, to win victories.

8. Pro Snooker


The Snooker Pro game from the first minute will immerse you in the exciting world of snooker – the original version of billiards. In the game, you will need all your skills and accuracy to become the best player in the virtual world.

Pro Snooker is considered one of the best simulators, because it not only has high-quality graphics and realistic physics but also an interesting and almost endless game. In addition, this application has very easy controls. All actions with gestures are made with a simple touch to the screen of your phone or tablet.

Also in the game, multiplayer mode is available. By connecting to the Internet, you can participate in competitions with other players from all over the world. And to be one of the best, you can use single mode. When completing a task, you will receive game points and useful prizes that will help maximize the pumping of your character. The game function also allows you to randomly select tables and other game parameters.

This application is downloaded for free for all types of phones and tablets that work on the Android and iOS platforms. But to get access to all game features without exception, you need to download additional paid content, which can be purchased for only real money.

9. Pool Live Pro


Pool Live Pro: 8-ball and 9-ball – excellent pool play simulator for your Android and iOS devices, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy several game modes and compete with other players via the Internet. You will also have the opportunity to buy new cues, further enhancing some of the characteristics of your players. In this game, you can feel like a true professional billiard player. As soon as you reach a certain level, you can bravely compete with friends first, and then take part in one of the tournaments.

The plot and essence of the game

The essence of this game is very simple, you have to play billiards and get pleasure from it. You also have the option to choose the game mode and the game’s rules. These games are available in eight and nine balls, which will allow you to diversify your gameplay and try yourself in all the types of billiards available. In general, everything is quite interesting, especially games with life rivals. This will allow you to play with interest and resolve non-linearity because people are unpredictable.


This game is quite easy and has convenient controls, you have to choose the track you want to attack and the power of the kick. Nothing complicated, but you have to accurately calculate the strength and direction, so that the ball hits the pocket, and doesn’t throb from the side. In this complicated problem, the guide will help, which reflects the direction of flight from the white ball to another color ball, as well as the canceling ball track with a length of one beam. All other ricochets directly depend on the physics that is embedded in the game.


The dynamics in the game depend more on the activities of the players and their actions, but in most cases you don’t need to be left behind. What you want is a large selection of cues with different characteristics, which will pick up cues for your style of play, to defeat your opponents comfortably. Choose all equipment for yourself and hone your skills, then to compete with other players for first place in the ranking.

Graphics and sound

The graphics in the game are at a height, everything is well-designed and detailed. The playing field is displayed as a top view, which simplifies the process of aiming the ball and generally creates a real billiard game atmosphere. The game has many instructions with different designs that will help users choose their visual style.

  1. Simple and convenient gesture management.
  2. Image and sound quality.
  3. User friendly interface.
  1. Amazing graphics.
  2. Realistic physics.
  3. Several game modes.
  4. The ability to compete with other players.
  5. Different types of cues.

Pool Live Pro: 8-ball and 9-ball – a large pool for your device, where you can choose several game modes, choose the style and signal characteristics according to your needs, making it comfortable to play. In addition, you can compete with real players from all over the world, which will add gameplay with more competition and the desire to win.

10. Snooker Live Pro


Start your way as a participant in a large snooker tournament, and who knows, you might be able to become one of the best players in the world. But don’t be too confident, because you don’t have to play against the computer, but against the original players, and they have the same goals as you. To win, you just need to be the best at everything, and without victory, you will not succeed. You can not doubt, you will find a large number of interesting and diverse parties. If you are just starting to get acquainted with this game, there is a training mode that will help to quickly understand and master the basic aspects of the game. When you feel that you are ready, go to the tournament, and get there as a ranking as a snooker player.

Game Snooker Live Pro has very simple management, realistic, beautiful graphics. There is everything needed for a long party against their real rivals. Improve your skills with each game, and make sure success and fame are not so far away.

11. Micro Pool


Micro Pool – the legendary board game now available for your Android and iOS devices. You can replay the bot or try your strength in dealing with rivals who are more experienced in many players. In the application, there are many types of billiards (9-ball, 8-ball, killer, speed), as well as various settings for the complexity of the competition from beginner to professional. You don’t need to travel anywhere to “throw a ball” with friends. Just get your cellphone and have fun. Become the best billiard player in the world.

Graphics and gameplay

You will enjoy beautiful graphics with extraordinary physics. Players have to deal with rules and management because it’s not too simple. For this, the developers have tried to simplify the gameplay of their toys as much as possible. When you choose the level of opponent you want to play, try to defeat it and get great fame in this exciting sport.

  1. Choice of opponent’s strength.
  2. Realistic physics.
  3. Nice graphics.
  4. Several types of billiards.

12. Russian Billiard Pool


Do you like Russian billiards? Now you have the unique opportunity at any time to do your favorite hobby.

The legendary Russian Billiard Pool Simulator has also been released in a version that allows you to install it on all phones and tablets that work on the Android and iOS platforms. Thanks to this, all game fans get unlimited access to their abilities and can improve their skills in virtual billiards.

Despite the fact that this game is designed for mobile devices, it has high-quality graphics and a realistic design. Every minute spent in the application will give you lots of emotions and pleasant impressions. In addition, this game has many opportunities to develop professionalism. Here you can perform various tasks, skip quests, and get extra points and valuable prizes that will help you become a true Russian billiard legend.

The advantages are ease of operation and an intuitive interface. All game actions are performed with a few clicks on the screen of the mobile device. In addition, this game is provided free of charge, is fast loaded and doesn’t take up much space in memory. Added bonus: in the application, there are no native ads or additional content.

13. Pool Billiards Pro


Pool Billiards Pro is a billiard game for Android. Beautiful graphics, incredible physics, and instant responsiveness to every touch make the game as realistic as possible, which creates the impression that you are playing at a real pool table!

To play a billiard game, you don’t need to go far and pay more, because the complete collection – Pool Billiards Pro for Android will fit freely in your pocket and to play it, you don’t need to pay a penny! Also, the game is available in several different billiard modes and styles, which will suit the taste of even the most demanding players.

Gameplay in Pool Billiards Pro

What is billiards and how to play it, almost everyone knows. But with this or that rule the regime helps to understand background information and training that is built into the game. In the main menu, you can choose and test each mode, compete with artificial intelligence, play in proud solitude, or with friends. The management is very simple and easy. To do a punch, you only need to choose the ball and move the gesture lightly with your finger, and adjust the tube that shows the strength of the punch, release the gesture. It’s so simple that even a beginner who has never played pool will be able to find out.

Pool Billiards Pro Features:
  1. Realistic 3D graphics accurately transmit the entire atmosphere of each element.
  2. Comfortable gesture control is fully adjusted for touch display.
  3. 8 and 9 ball pool modes allow you to fully feel the beauty of the game.
  4. Some modes allow you to unlock all your potential and abilities to full strength.
  5. Pool Billiards Pro game is made together with famous billiards.

But, despite all the advantages and features, the developers bet on physics and the interaction of cues with the ball, and the ball with the playing field. That’s why the game is subject to all laws. Depending on the angle and collision force, the ball flies on the right track, because it will be in a real game. That’s why Pool Billiards Pro for Android is very popular among players. Millions of people around the world have experienced all the benefits of the game, rewarding it with high ratings and good comments, which every day improve its status and make it unaffordable for competitors.

14. 3D pool ball


3D Pool Ball for Android is an excellent billiard toy where each player can enjoy many levels and game modes, which are more than 18. Participate in championships and improve your skills, earn money and buy new items. Throw challenges to the best players from all over the world and try your hand, maybe you are the new world champion.

Graphics and Gameplay

The graphic shell of this application is of high quality, all elements are drawn qualitatively, the color design also does not fail and will bring a lot of good colors to your eyes. The process of the game is quite simple, you have to choose the strength and direction of the attack.

  1. Nice graphics.
  2. More than 18 modes.
  3. Real opponent.
  4. And much more.

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