14 Best Prank Apps For Android & iOS

14 Best Prank Apps For Android & iOS

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t appreciate good laughter! It seems like a joke has been around forever. No wonder they are digital! Now there are various kinds of joke applications, which can help you fool your friends without too much effort!

Some of them are based on traditional joke ideas. Others are made specifically for smartphone users, such as jokes that mimic the gap in the screen. You can choose the ones that you think are the funniest. Are you ready to explore the best joke application? Then let’s do it!

1. PrankDial – #1 Prank Call App


Currently, this is the most popular application in the joke application industry. Already have 200 million downloads and it seems people don’t want to stop working on each other. So why not try this application right away and make someone’s day more enjoyable?

All prank calls that you make here can be saved to your prank history. In addition, the application is constantly updated and new funny ideas for prank calls are added. Also, unlike most prank call applications, this one has a very nice interface that is fun to use.

You can try dozens of prank calls, including the classic “You Hit My Car,” and “Why You Call My Girlfriend”. You can make up to 3 prank calls a day. If you want to produce more, then you have to pay a fee. Making a call is very easy – synchronize the application with your contacts and choose what you want to call.

2. Fake-A-Call Free


Its name tells everything and that is that this application is for making fake calls! You can fool your friends easily with this one. No one expects to receive fake calls and that is what makes this kind of application the best for playing fun.

This special application allows making fake calls both to your friends and to yourself. It gives you 9 different votes to avoid recognition and 9 different scripts, just in case, you won’t make anything yourself.

Fake-A-Call comes in two versions. The paid ones include additional scripts and sounds and do not display advertisements. So a free one is enough. Download now and make your first fake call! You will love it!

3. Bee Swatter Prank Game


The Bee Swatter Prank game is only for the iPhone. Now imagine: You give someone your cellphone and show them your new super cool game. This game is about catching bees. The person starts playing, passes through several levels and then comes to the point when the game offers to hit the bee harder so the bee will disappear.

When ‘hitting harder’, your device is thought to stop functioning! There are cracks all over the screen and there is no reaction to tapping. How scared that person’s feelings!

The only way to improve this condition is by dragging your finger from the lower right side to the upper left side of the screen. But, of course, your victims won’t know! A perfect joke. Get it now and scare someone!

4. Crack Your Screen


This application is a screen cracker for Android devices. Unlike before, it doesn’t require playing games, so your jokes will look more natural!

There are three ways how it works. The first is cracks in vibrations – when shaken your cell phone will be cracked. The second is crack on touch – leads to the same effect after touching the screen.

And the last is a timer, which you can set right before your friends or colleagues use your device. Here’s how to use it.

The crack may not look very natural, but the fact that they are not expected to make a deal! A joke that is really simple and at the same time funny. Get this application and try someone now!

5. Fake GPS Location Spoofer Free


Now the application that makes it possible to find out where your family or friends are getting more and more popularity. If you don’t use it, see this article and join the geocaching community!

Already have one of these applications or websites? Great means you can easily fake your location with this application.

Fake GPS Location Spoofer lets you choose any place in the world and confuse your friends about it! Russian, English, Chinese, South African … The choices are endless! Get the app and make your friends a little worried!

6. iFart – Fart Sounds App


Yes, it sounds a bit mean, but hey, sometimes this situation is funny too. Apart from that, there are a number of different situations when you want to use the pranking application. So, if you want to work on your friends by pretending to be inappropriate then get this application and have fun.

In addition, the use of this application can be a great idea for parties. The interface is quite outdated, but that’s not why you’re here, right? In addition, this will take you directly to the voice options. Just choose what you want!

7. Voice changer with effects


Voice changers with effects can make you laugh really hard! This one is for Android. It offers more than 30 different effects that you can use to make your voice sound funny. Why is this a joke?

Well, the problem is you can share your recordings with friends, save them to your cellphone and enjoy it afterwards, turn it on anytime to the nearest and dearest and surprise them!

This application is free and amazing for fun. Pranksters will think of something to fool people. Others will just have fun with this application. Download now! You will not regret it.

8. Voice Changer App


Voice Changer application is the same as the above application, only for iPhone. It has many funny effects and allows users to share their notes with friends on social networks. For example, you can send a WhatsApp message to someone who uses this application. Quite easy!

Voice Changer application has a design that is easy to use, so you will have no trouble finding what you need. Try this application now and have fun misleading that you are chatting with!

9. Ghost Prank


Halloween is one of the most atmospheric holidays. It brings joy to children and sometimes also good fear! Ghost Prank is perfect for that! But, of course, it can be used anytime you want.

This application is designed to inhabit your photos with ghosts or can also be described as a simple photo editor (but this is too boring!). Select a picture and add a flying girl or other creature to it. Then show the results to someone who is more or less superstitious and enjoy the reaction!

This application allows adding one of 6 ghost sounds to an image. You can save a new version of your photo and do whatever you want!

This particular application is only for Android devices, but there are many alternatives available on Google Play and App Store. Get one of them now and give someone scared!

10. Prank Stun Gun Shocker App


Another fun idea is to fool your friends and laugh. Make everyone around think that you really have a disgusted gun and that it’s really dangerous! Hold your cellphone like you use a taser and unexpectedly touch someone with it – it will vibrate and make a sound – and for a split second, they will think you set it up.

This application is very simple but is the perfect choice for occasional use. How many times have you seen this scene in a movie when someone killed someone else using a disgusted weapon? Your application and even make funny wine! The only thing, it is not recommended to use this application on 40+ parents, because, you know, it might be dangerous for their health.

11. Lie Detector Simulator for Fun


Lie Detector Simulator For Fun is to have fun with your friends, ask each other questions and find out whether the answer is right or wrong.

It can also be used to work on children or someone you can trust, that your cell phone can actually detect lies. Just select the answers you need the application to show your victims in the right order and ask questions accordingly.

When answering these questions, the person must place a finger on the screen, after which the application will turn on the truth or the lie icon.

Get this app now and enjoy detecting liers! A fun and funny way to spend your free time with friends!

12. iTorturer


iTorturer – Prank Your Friends and Family with Hidden Sounds is an application for all troublemakers! This application is able to make high frequency sounds so that no one knows the location where it came from.

iTorturer has 3 free options to choose from: high frequency, tri-tone and white noise. There are also some that can be bought.

You can fool your friends by telling them that only they hear his voice. This application is perfect for use in large crowds, because it will require more time to detect prankster! Download this application now and cause distractions for people!

13. Optimum


If you check this application, you might be wondering why it’s included in this list. Seriously, this is a TV remote application, what? But wait, actually, using this application for jokes might be a good and unusual idea that no one else expected. If you have a TV with a DVR in your home then this will work 100%.

For example, your roommate is watching TV in another room. By using this application, you can make their cables go crazy. You can start, for example, by changing the TV volume. Even better if you fix a secret camera somewhere and then it will be very fun. But again, be careful not to hurt anyone’s feelings.

14. Epic Police Siren


“Whoop-whoop, that’s the voice of the police!” Well, the arrival of the police has become the object of endless jokes and theme songs, so why not use it once more for jokes. If you decide to download this application, you basically get a mini police station on your mobile.

It has all the attributes that we know are from the police for lights (the application will use your mobile’s flashlight), syrens, gun sounds, and even a copycat copycat. In addition, you will find more than 20 different siren sounds on the set.

Bright colors can also be adjusted, making it possible to adjust them according to the technical possibilities of your cellphone. What’s more, this application has a lie detector. In other words, you can really trick your friends with this police voice app and make funny scenes. Apart from that, kids will find this app really cool for games.

So these are 15 fun applications that can bring a little more happiness to our lives. If you have something to add to this list, please share with us.

Be careful pranksters! Choose your victim carefully and don’t let your joke be cruel to someone. The consequences are always unknown, so use this application with caution. Have fun and be smart at choosing apps!

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