14 Best Diabetes Management Apps For Android & iOS

14 Best Diabetes Management Apps For Android & iOS

Those with diabetes must always track their readings, medications and exercises. That can be done on paper as we always did before. Or it can be automated, collected in one application, with reminders and graphs showing whether we are improving or more efforts must be made to beat diabetes.

Different applications have different functions. Some of them will play the role of notebooks, while others will track all activities and food. There is a list of 15 best diabetes management apps carefully selected among the many applications for diabetes.

1. MySugr


My Sugr is the most popular application for diabetes which is rated as the top mobile software by Healthline. It plays the role of a diabetes data logbook for Type 1, Type 2 and gestational diabetes. Users can add blood glucose and insulin levels, carbohydrate intake, food, diet and drugs for better health monitoring which implies normal routine diabetes therapy. Some users even mention that their blood glucose levels have decreased in 3 months.

This application includes:

  • A dashboard containing all necessary data (diet, medicines, carbohydrates, insulin, etc.)
  • Blood sugar level graph with clear statistics showing health conditions.
  • Medical analysis that can be sent to your doctor.
  • Includes backup function. Therefore to lose the most important statistics on your health.

In addition, the application estimates that HbA1c is also one of the most important indicators for diabetes. In turn, glycated hemoglobin levels indicate excessive sugar that appears in the blood. Needless to say about the importance of this application in the lives of every patient who tries to cure diabetes. Although this application is free, this suggests additional purchases.

2. BG Monitor Diabetes


BG Diabetes Monitor is a less popular but no less functional application for diabetes control. It also intends to become a logger of key indicators to improve care in general.

There is a great opportunity for everyone to forget to write important data. This application can be very useful in that regard. First, the user can set a reminder to notify himself to measure and enter blood glucose or insulin levels. Second, the application has a backup function which is also an important tool.

On the basis of the data recorded, this application creates statistics and charts that provide great analysis of trends and progress. In addition, easily send reports through the application. In this way all data and statistics can be sent to the doctor directly on the device to help avoid paperwork.

The most interesting fact that this application was also ranked by Healthline in 2018 as the best diabetes application. This application is relatively new and therefore there may not be an iOS version created yet. And the BG Monitor app was previously free with in-app purchases, starring around $ 2.

3. Glucose Buddy


Bright and Glucose Buddy applications are interesting to download for those who haven’t tried them. It has been downloaded thousands of times and is rated with almost 5 stars.

Main feature:

  • Notebooks for blood glucose, drugs, insulin, food, etc .;
  • Food planners and barcode scanners to choose healthy foods for diabetes. An extensive food database is included;
  • Step and walk counter to other sports tracking activities;
  • Supports both glucose units (mg / dL and mmol / L);

Statistics are formed in the database that is recorded and displays the most important indicator trends. This is only needed to fill data constantly. The application then generates a graph with before meals and blood sugar levels after meals showing an average every week as a result.

This application supports type 1 and 2 diabetes. Many users claim that this application changes their lives because they successfully control their readings and improve their general condition. This application is free for iPhone devices but the free additional version will require a premium subscription that is not cheap.

4. Diabetes Connect


Diabetes Connect was created to help people to control diabetes which includes various actions such as writing down key indicators. Thus all control processes can be done through the application. Diabetes Connect will open a dashboard for you that can be opened via an application or browser.

Main feature:

  • Enter all important data related to diabetes treatment: weight, sugar level, insulin, drugs, sports activities, etc.
  • An increase above the normal level of the main indicator will be highlighted in yellow and red to attract the user’s attention. While the green color gives advice not to worry.
  • Charts and charts will show how data fluctuates over a certain period of time.

Entering the main data is a key step but it produces complete statistics which in turn can be sent to the doctor before any appointments. This application can help a lot for those who don’t give up in the face of diabetes.

5. Diabetes:M


Diabetes: This is a free application with a multifunctional service. It also collects data related to diabetes such as glucose, carbohydrates, drugs. There is a built-in calculator that estimates insulin according to the data you recorded.

This application has a great database with food and nutrition that simplifies the calculation process. Each meal will be done with the amount of carbohydrates, calories, fat, and protein. Because it’s easier to regulate your diet. You will not forget to track your intake with the help of reminder application.

One of the benefits of the application is that it supports integration with other tracking applications (glucometer, fitness tracker). This is also synchronized with smartwatches. You can also buy a premium version that provides many benefits such as no ads, a second profile for your family members, synchronization of different applications, etc.)

6. Diabetic Diet


Diabetics more than anyone else should be aware of eating their food and what impact it has on general health conditions. Diabetic Diet application is a practical guide for diabetics and prediabetes that provides all information related to food, healthy eating or weight control. It also suggests a diet plan and weight loss program because it is one of the important aspects of diabetes care. This type of diabetes does not matter.

Losing weight will significantly reduce blood glucose levels. Everyone with diabetes must be aware of this and the importance of a healthy diet. This application can play a good role and be an additional aid for treating diabetes.

7. Beat Diabetes


Beat Diabetes has a catalog of outstanding tips, ways to improve life and other articles related to diabetes. This application will help for patients who have just been diagnosed or those who still have gaps in knowledge about what to eat to improve reading. Diet plays an important role in the treatment of diabetes especially for those who are overweight.

Here are a few articles as examples:

  • Top foods to avoid for diabetes.
  • Ayurvedic medicine to control diabetes.
  • How to increase your physical activity
  • Tests, exercises, recipes.

This application does not offer notebook or chart function with different diabetes readings. Though it gives a lot of other information that will definitely help defeat diabetes.

8. Health2Sync – Diabetes Care


Health2Sync is an application that combines tracking all major indicators related to diabetes. It has never been so easy to monitor your main readings on time and save them in one application.

This application includes:

  • Recording blood sugar levels with the ability to add notes, medicines and even to attach photos.
  • Log blood pressure includes systolic and diastolic blood pressure.
  • Weight and food tracking
  • Dashboard with statistics showing the main trends and dynamics of glucose levels.

All results can be exported as PDF or Excel files and sent via email to the doctor. This application was announced as the best diabetes application in 2019 by Healthline. Free with in-app purchases. Also available for iOS and Android platforms.

9. Diabetes & Diet Tracker


Diabetes & Diet Tracker is made by MyNet Diary and includes all types of trackers that you may need to control over diabetes. The following are blood glucose, insulin, medicines, sports activities, water intake, etc. Blood glucose level will be displayed on a graph that displays statistics, progress or setbacks. In addition, you can set a plan and move towards your goals. For example in a personal weight loss program.

This application has a large database with a barcode scanner to record nutrition after meals. This way you will know the amount of carbohydrates, fat, calories you have today and how much you need to burn. The results show that the majority of people who use this application also experience weight loss and HbA1c levels. This application requires a monthly subscription at a cost of around $ 10 at the time.

10. Center Health


Center Health Is another application with a logbook ad dashboard feature. Collect all your data in one application that is easily synchronized with other popular health and sports related software such as Google fit or Dexcom (food, sleep time, exercise will be transferred). According to the reading that was recorded, the application will estimate Hbc1a as well.

Fill in all information every day after or before meals. You need to add blood glucose levels, the food itself, insulin. Then check the statistics and play the average number. All of this data will be important in diabetes care. This application is free and available for Android and iOS.

11. Glucose tracker & Diabetic diary


Glucose tracker is another application for gestational diabetes and types 1 and 2. Diabetes acts as a diabetes diary because all data must be recorded to get a good health report.

Main application features:

  • Logs that include blood glucose levels are checked regularly, hemoglobin, insulin (estimated), medications, pressure, weight.
  • Statistics. This application reads and estimates trends and changing dynamics.
  • The tag system allows summarizing certain indicators in one graph. In this way, for example, the dynamics of actions before eating and after eating can be traced more easily.

Remind notifications. Useful tools will not let you forget to make the next step.This application is sophisticated and complex for those who want to monitor everything in one application. Those who only need to control blood glucose levels will find this application complicated.

12. Diabetes PA


Diabetes PA is a sophisticated application for managing diabetes. All types of diabetes can be easily tracked through the application. First, there is a dashboard with all the main indicators for daily checking and recording. For example, blood glucose levels, calories burned during exercise, ketones, drugs, and blood pressure. Glycated hemoglobin will also be monitored with the growth or reduction shown in percent.

Checking glucose levels throughout the day for weeks or months will open options to check statistical charts. In this way people working on reducing blood glucose levels and improving overall health conditions can see results and progress. A reminder setting will help to avoid missing the next inspection moment.

13. Blood Glucose Tracker


Blood Glucose Tracker is an application among not many that offer tracking of blood glucose levels only. Nothing can be done other than tracking the main indicators. But all the important features are built-in:

  • Logging glucose level;
  • Tag to mark each log with a different type;
  • Before or after eating or sleeping;
  • Reminder;
  • Statistical report;
  • Both units are supported (mg / dL or mmol / L).

Apart from the above, there is an option to add the Hbc1a level. In addition, there is a backup function to store all data constantly.

14. Glucose


Glucose is a free application for diabetes and prediabetes with all the features that are essential for such an application. It is a producer of notebooks and statistics. Track blood glucose, insulin, carbohydrate, weight, blood pressure levels. This application will also estimate glycated hemoglobin (note that as in all Hbc1a applications it is only calculated approximately and cannot be considered an actual number).

Because measuring time is important, you can set reminders before eating or after, and before you go to sleep or afterwards. This application is only available for iOS devices and can be synchronized between them. Results can also be synchronized with Healthkit.

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