14 Best Bass Booster Apps For Android & iOS

14 Best Bass Booster Apps For Android & iOS

Even though music is an inseparable part of our current entertainment life, its quality remains questionable. Not everyone can listen to music using streaming services or iTunes, so they don’t always get high-quality sound. And, conversely, those who download their songs from official stores hope they have more colors and expressions. Especially if you have a party, you need a tool that will make bass pop.

Here we have 15 of the best bass amplifier apps that will relax you as soon as you listen to songs with them.

1. Bass Booster


This is a multi-task bass amplifier that will create any type of sound you want. If you feel your music is not what you want, then you should try it. When you will start using it, you will be surprised how powerful it is, and it is suitable for all music lovers out there. It has a 5-level equalizer, including 20 previous sets.

You can choose the settings according to your wishes, this application also has a widget, a plugin for the task, virtualizer. This can be applied to every genre of music, such as pop, rock, country, techno, EDC, Latina, jazz and others. At the same time, you will find a number of useful functions, which will give you the opportunity to raise the sound to the next level.

You can adjust the frequency of sounds, deep sounds, even separate instruments. This application also has 4 theme styles.

2. Bass Booster – Volume Power Amp and mp3 Music Play


Bass Booster will maximize your bass to the maximum and give you better sound quality wherever you are! With this application, you can take tracks from your iTunes library and play them with all the settings and benefits that this application brings to your music.

If you want to adjust the bass level, you can click on the speaker icon. You will see the difference as soon as you do it and you will get a higher quality, deeper and more volume sound.

With this application you can listen to updated music through headphones or speakers – there is no big difference. Add some additional effects if you want. Wear headphones and enjoy the best quality music – that’s why this application is recommended by many users. You can also change the frequency of your music. The Dooper effect allows speeding up or slowing down music. The interface is intuitive and made to achieve the best sound quality in any case.

3. Equalizer & Bass Booster


This equalizer can increase the frequency of your music player and decrease bass to achieve 3D sound effects. You will hear that now your device sounds very perfect. However, sound effects are better when you wear headphones. This works even for video files, not only for music. All you have to do is open the video and tap “to adjust the volume” and let your player work in the inner interface.

The equalizer has 5 frequency levels and has 10 functions for the settings. Plus here you will find 4 fantastic frequency spectra. This application has 4 different widgets on the main screen.

4. Equalizer Fx: Bass Booster App


Are you tired of hearing low quality music? Does your cell phone have a weak sensor for playing high-quality music? Well, this is the solution. Apply preset equalizers based on music genre, or quickly create your own custom presets with the 5 band equalizer controller.

This application includes features such as repetition and random. It is possible to play music in the background (on modern devices this is a required function). In addition, you can control playback even from the lock screen. You can create and manage your own playlists. Add bass boost effects or virtualizer effects and you will experience a new world of tracks.

This application includes the following types of settings: Acoustic, Bass Booster, Bass Reducer, Flat, Classic, Hip Hop, Rock, Latin, Pop, and many others. A stylish and bright interface will enhance your impression of this application and its operation. Here you can listen to music from various sources, including iCloud and iTunes.

5. Equalizer+ Bass booster


Equalizer + is an all-in-one music player – equalizer – bass amplifier that offers brilliant sound quality, optimized automatically depending on the headphones used. Now you can play music from anywhere – iTunes, Google Drive and Dropbox, even when you don’t have Internet! The main purpose of this application is to help you get the best sound from your device.

With this application you can be creative and achieve the most power of your music, you can mix, edit and adjust the sound of your tracks to ensure an optimal music listening experience. We all know the situation when a song has low-quality bass or other frequencies that don’t sound like they should.

You can add deeper to your tracks, compile playlists like DJs, watch the pulse of your voice with the music. With this application, you will truly feel like you have full control over the sound! All tracks that you have on your iTunes will automatically be synchronized with Equalizer +. This application has a 7-band equalizer to adjust your song according to your taste. Also, there are 10 preset equalizers that are based on music genres and work according to them. After editing a track, you can save changes to your library.

6. jetAudio HD Music Player


This is one of the most popular applications that allows you to enhance music and enhance bass. It can read all types of files, such as .wav, .mp3, .ogg, .flac, .m4a .mpc, .tta, .wv, .ape, .mod, .spx, .opus, .wma *, .mid, which is very useful for the Android platform. What’s more, jetAudio has high-quality sound and offers special effects, such as stereo base extension, echo, and low frequency increase. In addition, the application suggests 32 modes for equalizer, which will help users to achieve all kinds of sounds they want.

For those who want to make something very specific, there are 10 and 20-level graphic equalizers and also additional options such as speed controllers or gradient transistors. This program has AM3D Audio Enhancers, pitch shifter, 14 widgets, last.FM link, additional memory for notifications and MIDI support.

7. Equalizer + Bass Booster and Audio Visualizer


This application is claimed to be a new generation of drivers that will significantly improve the sound of your music. All you have to do is choose a track from your iTunes library, SoundCloud, or Spotify account and you can update and enjoy the sound.

In this application, you will find options such as bass boosters, vocal boosters, treble boosters, bass dampers, small speakers, oral world, tools for acoustic, classical, dance, deep, electronic, Hip-Hop, jazz, Latin, loudness, lounge , piano, pop, R&B, and rock music genres. This application also has a very nice interface that is only worthy of your attention.

You can also find out the most popular tracks at this time as a bonus in this application. It is also possible to optimize tracks automatically because the application can recognize the type of music and its shortcomings and fix it in its smart function.

8. Subwoofer Bass Booster


This is a cool application that will allow you to control the power of the bass on your device. All you have to do is tap the screen, adjust the volume and enjoy deeper and better bass. To get a more impressive effect, plug it into the speaker or headphones.

However, keep in mind that before using the Bass Booster Subwoofer you must turn off all the equalizer applications that work on your device. Otherwise this application will not work. In general, this application will be a perfect match for those who want a simple application that only enhances bass and nothing extra.

9. n7player Music Player


n7player is the ultimate music player with an innovative user interface and powerful audio processing. In addition to the main sound settings and song corrections, it will sort your music according to tags, album covers or other information they contain. This application has the function of quick access to the current music playback, so you always have full control over this music player. Dynamic equalizer significantly enhances the sound experience.

This application will be a perfect match for all types of users – from beginners with simple and convenient choices, to professionals, with their cool and amazing effects and possibilities for enhancing music.

It can play all types of formats so you can forget the times when you had to match songs with your phone. It has a 10-band Equalizer with Preamp, many built-in presets and the ability to add unlimited amounts of custom. Bass and treble controls will give you the chance to pump the bass crazy and hear the full power of the track. You can also create playlists in the application. The interface can also be controlled by movement.

10. Bass Booster


Another application for Android that will give you the opportunity to raise your bass to the highest level! Just tap the power button, set the Bass level slider and enjoy clearer and stronger Bass. As always, if you want to get better sound, you have to plug in the speakers or turn on the headphones.

What this application does is increase the low frequency of your Android equalizer. However, keep in mind that if another music application works at the same time as this, the application will not function. You must reject everything before launching.

In general, this application is not for those who want to turn their gadget into a Dj improvisation studio – it’s especially simple, but it weighs less and is made specifically for cases when all you need to do is just increase bass.

11. Boom: Music Player & Equalizer


For people who are still looking for the perfect bass amplifier and counterweight, this application might be the last solution. Don’t be greedy and let your ears enjoy all the 3D sound effects using Boom. It’s no secret at this time that most young people (and not really) like music and listen to it every day, everywhere. And this process is now unimaginable without a proper music player that can play all sounds correctly. Many users of this application answer that it really unleashes all the depth and power of the track and literally transfers you to another world, the perfect music world.

This allows any subtle tone of your favorite track to express itself clearly and gives you a realistic feel – just like you hear it at a concert. Apart from that, you fully control your equalizer and music library. There should be no end to your music and hence we allow you to access your music not only from the mobile library but also from Dropbox and Google Drive. You can even download tracks to save on your mobile and enjoy as you like.

12. KaiserTone Audio Player +HiRes


For those of you who like to enjoy crystal clear sound, you should look more closely at the KaiserTone application. The developers promise you the best sound quality, which is obtained with the help of AQS-XI Sound Engine.

One of its main characteristics is the creation of surround sound, noise reduction, crossfader, and comfortable dynamic equalizer. Now your favorite music will only be heard in the highest quality.

A total of 5 types of EQ are supported. You can choose one of them – which will be the most comfortable and clear. KaiserTone has a melody spectrum analyzer, so you can adjust the stability and decomposition of the stereo tracks. Each type of equalizer is designed for a particular user level, and there are also settings that are automatically set.

Songs and music are played from your personal iTunes library. You can choose a genre, artist, or make your own playlists or queue up songs for your enjoyment.

Customize the look of the application for yourself. Choose a theme and color palette, which will also affect the appearance of the equalizer and histogram. KaiserTone will make your favorite tracks sound better and take them to the next level.

13. Denon Audio


Designed to enhance the listening experience with the new line of Music Mania Denon headphones, the Denon Audio app is designed for audiophiles on the go. This is a premium audio player that will give luxurious sound to your ears. You can listen to your favorite songs from your library or listen to the radio. You will also find a graphic equalizer that will be synced to your iTunes library. It’s possible to choose from 1000 possible discrete bands and explore 10 default EQ Presets.

Unlike other players, this reduces spatial distortion so you can have clear sound. You can always see how the application interacts with frequency because there is a real-time spectrum analyzer. The Denon Audio application has an adjustable graphic equalizer that allows you to create your own voice by directly manipulating more than 1000 separate leveling bands without adding spatial distortion or reducing sound quality. Run the bass, return the highest, and start jamming!

14. Dub music player


If you are bored with the music player and want something that is multi-functional, yet simple, with crystal music and beautiful graphics and effects then you need this application. This is a new generation of players, packed with options and strong possibilities. The equalizer allows you to enjoy your favorite sounds and songs anywhere at any time.

This allows you to adjust the volume with the 5 level equalizer. it supports types of music such as MP3, WAV, AAC, FLAC, 3GP, OGG, MIDI, and others. There is audio decoding technology, which will make the bass improve and the whole sound brighter. In general, you will get complete 3D sound effects with this application.

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