12 Best Pill Reminder Apps For Android & iOS

12 Best Pill Reminder Apps For Android & iOS

As we age, our bodily functions need a boost to kill unwanted and harmful bacteria that can cause serious problems. We take medicine to keep bad things away and prevent problems from reaching us and prevent our bodies from becoming infected. Taking medication is always a ‘hard pill to swallow,’ but frustrating when we forget to take daily courses and pass the time.

Thankfully, smartphones now have apps that remind you to take your pills at the right time, so you don’t miss any time and they don’t affect your health. This app is useful and full of interesting features that give you annoying reminders but are ultimately necessary to take your medication.

This app offers amazing features that include functions such as, notifying medication usage, calling emergency services when you are constantly missing to check apps, tracking your health activities, saving your medical history. Some apps give you points to put on gift cards, and more.

Here is a list of the best apps that will help you find the best one that suits your habits and tackles your routine. It works on cross-platform devices and provides easy usability.

1. Google Assistant


Google Assistant is a genius virtual help software introduced by Google. The purpose of this application is to provide you with a virtual assistant and guidance whenever you need it. Working with this software, please like talking to real people, review every step.

This tool is available for Android and iOS devices, and the app does its best at helping you remind you to take a pill every day. Google Assistant automatically gives you a checkbox that you check when you have made a medicine.

If you do not repair the box application, automatically notify your doctor and call emergency services. The interface is easy to navigate and consists of a series of themes with an intuitive design. Google Assistant is free and doesn’t offer any advertising.

2. Google Calendar


Google Calendar is also one of the best apps designed by Google which runs on Android and iOS devices and systems and has interesting features. The shape is a calendar-faced tool that includes a pill reminder element. It just needs to sync with your health app, save data, create calendar events, and set them to repeat.

The best part about this app is that it includes a feature that will remind you to take a pill. It’s a smart program that supports an unlimited number of reminders for unlimited medications, so you don’t compromise on your health.

The Google Calendar interface is easy to use, and offers a navigation module. The GUI has a simple design, is free, and contains no ads or a paid version.

3. Lady Pill Reminder


Lady Pill Reminder is a smart application dedicated to providing medication reminder facilities. The entire app interface is built around a system that reminds you of your medication. The app includes a reminder that automatically turns off on days when you don’t need to take your medication.

Lady Pill Reminder allows you to choose a notification sound, the notification LED flashes, reminds you to buy a new pill, provides a widget on your home screen, one of which is a pill reminder calendar, and the other displays your current cycle day.

Easy to customize and sync with third-party applications. Lady Pill Reminder’s interface is easy to use and offers a user-friendly module. The GUI structure has a smart design, and the themes are attractive. It is free to use but provides ads.

4. Just Reminder


Just Reminder is an essential reminder app that lets you take your pills on time. It is smart and available on Android and iOS devices. The vital features of this app include reminding you of many things, including medication, other important tasks, like completing your work by making appointments, running errands, and much more.

Google Drive’s automatic sync tool creates a backup on your SD card when you change phones, and all your data will move to the next one. The program interface is easy to interact with and consists of user-friendly modules.

Just Reminder is navigating offering a smart GUI structure and a beautiful layout. This app is used to access more features and provides a purchase mode for about $ 5.

5. MedPlan


MedPlan is a beautiful and smart pill reminder app available on Android and iOS devices. The best part about this app is that it supports multiple languages. It only requires that you enter your medical details, and when you should take your medication.

It sets the repeat times, runs on its own, and doesn’t disappoint you in any way. Core aspects of the program include treatment experience, tracking medical history, getting medication reminders, scheduling doctor appointments, storing your vital health information and securing it on a server, getting access to detailed drug information, and much more.

MedPlan has a simple design that is easy for users to understand and navigate. It also has an ad-supported and user-friendly experience and is free to use.

6. MyTherapy


MyTherapy is a free application that reminds you about taking your pills and medication. It works on cross-platform devices and consists of many interesting features. Its main purpose is to provide you with a function that reminds you to take a pill, and if you don’t receive the medicine and tick the box, the app will call emergency services.

It tracks your routine, keeps your medical history, and keeps the doctor’s apartment; it collects data from you and your medical history. The main features of this program include keeping a diary, sharing details with your family, providing a simple overview, and much more. MyTherapy is free, but consists of advertisements.

7. Life Reminders


Life Reminder is a smart standalone navigation application consisting of features that remind you to take medication. This tool is available on Android and iOS devices. It consists of a simple reminder function which creates a recurring time and notifies you of a specific period or event.

It syncs with third-party applications and sets multiple reminders for multiple drugs or doses you need. It is available in various language recording features to include a unique task that makes calls when you don’t need to check the app.

Life Reminder calls emergency services when you don’t respond to apps. It provides immediate assistance for the emergency call doctor at home. The user interface of this tool consists of various features and a simple but beautiful design. Easy to use and contains no ads which is a purchased module.

8. Pill Reminder by Medisafe


Pill Reminder by Medisafe is a different type of pill reminder program that runs on Android and iOS devices. The core features consist of many functions as reminders with alarms, checking drug interactions, contacting families in an emergency, and providing them and services by calling the hospital, or other sources, and much more.

Pill Reminder makes doctor’s appointments for you, checks and follows meetings up to the specified date and keeps the data provided by the doctor. It offers features such as tracking more than 20 health measurements for various medical conditions such as cancer, anxiety, depression, HIV, hernias, and many more.

The interface is smart and easy to use and provides a great user experience. Pill Reminder is free, contains ads and offers you a purchase module to unlock additional features.

9. Simple Calendar Pro


Simple Calendar Pro is a smart yet straightforward pill reminder app available on Android and iOS devices. It has a constructive design and consists of attractive features, especially the theme which has a black and orange design that is more attractive to its users.

The core functionality of the app consists of multiple language support, restore backup function, support for CalDAV calendar synchronization, and push notifications along with email reminders, the app also customizes events, and much more.

It has many great reviews and consists of unique features which allow you to know what is coming in your life and when. Simple Calendar Pro’s interface is simple to use and user-friendly design and modules comprising a smart GUI structure.

10. TickTick


TickTick is a simple reminder app that consists of a pill reminder feature that helps you remember when and what medication to take. It is available on Android and iOS systems and consists of various interesting features. TickTick consists of features like simple UI, recurring tasks, reminders and more.

With the help of this application, you cannot miss your pills or vitamins. It focuses more on providing you with a healthy life and tracking your daily movements. The core functions of the program offer a smart interface, crossover devices create tasks and keep track of appointments, come with handy widgets, and much more.

It is full of features and consists of attractive themes, and the structure of the GUI has a constructive design and modules that provide a user-friendly experience. TickTick is designed to load a smart GUI structure, easy to use, but consists of an in-app purchase module.

11. Mango Health


Mango Health is a simple pill reminder app consisting of many new modules which will help you improve your health. It is available on cross-platform devices and offers several features such as remembering you are on a doctor’s appointment calling emergency services, notifying you of new updates, and more.

This application consists of a function that tracks your health activities and reminds you to take medication or vitamins. The core features of Mango Health consist of routine medication reminders, good habits reminders, drug interaction alerts, points and rewards, a daily health diary, and much more.

It has an attractive design and easy-to-use interface with attractive themes. Mango Health is free to use but consists of an in-app purchase module.

12. ID My Pill


My Pill ID is a simple medication application consisting of a pill reminder module. This app only runs on iOS devices and offers a lot of tools. It automatically saves your medical history and gives you the best online permissions needed to diagnose your health.

My Pill ID offers great features such as setting up a doctor’s appointment, reminding you to take a pill, notifying you of alerts, emergency and family contacts, and much more. The app has a small, easy-to-interact company and provides a user-friendly guiding module.

It stores your medical identity history, color pill form, and stores history in database. The unique feature of this app allows you to identify different types of medication, especially since most websites make you type the pill text, shape and color. My Pill ID is free to use but includes in-app purchases and support ads.



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