12 Best Daw Apps (for music PRO) For Android & iOS

12 Best Daw Apps (for music PRO) For Android & iOS

Do you like listening to music? You might do it. But what about making your own unique music? This is a great way to express yourself and relax. Or become a famous musician, who knows?

If you are a skilled music maker, then we have something that might be useful for you. This is a list of applications made only for professionals. Of course, if you are a beginner, you can also try it, but it might be a bit complicated.

The applications mentioned here are available on the App Store or Google Play. Some of them are free.

1. n-Track Studio DAW


You don’t like the restrictions imposed on you, so you should try n-Track. There are a large number of (almost unlimited) functions.

There are more than 200 different samples for you to use, and this is only the basic version. If you make an in-app purchase, you will get more: loops, effects, beats and special samples.

This is the most reliable application on the list. It is rated 4.4 on the App Store and 4.4 on Google Play. There are no bugs or serious damage, there are no problems with downloading (in the previous version there were some problems of this type).

n-Track Studio DAW is available on Google Play, as well as on the App Store. The basic version is free, the pro version costs around 6 dollars.

2. TouchDWA


This application has a good daw controller, which allows you to create beautiful music. This application is easy to use, supports tablet and phone versions.

Typical interface for DAW applications. It has no special features or differences, so it’s quite simple if you know how a digital audio repair shop application works.

However, you must remember that the application itself does not play sound and audio. It does not record them, because it is a MIDI controller.

This application is not free, but the cost is relatively low – only 5 dollars. This application is available on Google Play.

3. Audacity


This application is also the perfect way to make your own music. It has a package of traditional functions, from basic recording, editing and cutting to the most sophisticated.

This application has a pretty difficult interface, because it was originally made for professional use. If you are not skilled enough, you might have to use a special application, called the Audacity Tutorial, or use another application.

There are a number of good keyboard shortcuts. This will help you optimize your work processes and save you time.

You can download Audacity for free from Google Play.

4. Bandpass


In this application, you can make music, but that is not the only function. Another nice thing is there is a social music network, where you can share tracks and listen to other people.

This is a great opportunity to get inspired, find new ideas and learn.

There are many original functions too. For example, you can re-create a real orchestra sound. You can change it if necessary.

There are 30000 various samples, which can be used to make music. Mix them to get something new.

In Bandpass you can make various wave forms and their combinations. Use effects and filters to get what you originally planned.

This digital audio work station allows you to use music from your device. The only thing you need to do is press “upload”.

There are more than 50 different effects, filters and special opportunities. Make sure you try everything.

This application is available on Google Play for free.

5. Band-Lab – Music Making Studio


If you have been looking for a good application that is packed with functions, it’s here. You can import tracks from the Internet and work with it. For example, to make a new remix.

Or you can make a song from scratch, compare the sound carefully and make beats. Everything is up to you.

Band-Lab also has a music network, where musicians like you can share their work. You can also ask for advice or help or just get motivation from other people’s work.

Use all functions offered by the application. Vocals, beats, samples, and everything available.

If you don’t think you can make good tracks yourself, you can use the music network and find friends to collaborate with.

Band-Lab is available on Google Play for free.

6. Reason Compact


Create your melody from the start! Then add some effects, loops, sounds and this is a new hit this year.

Although Reason Compact is made for PRO, it has an easy-to-use interface, which is clear for everyone, even for unskilled users.

This is a full-featured digital audio studio, which has all the functions needed to make high-level music. The depth of the bass line will impress you.

Another good feature is that you can connect Reason Compact to other music-making applications if necessary. Import sounds and tracks from one application to another.

Free Reason Compact. You can download it from the App Store.

7. Soundtrap


This application is a combination of the best music making features. It has high quality loops, effects, samples. The only thing you have to do is choose what you need and use it.

The application itself is free, but there are many in-app purchases. Even though all the basic features are free, you must make at least a few purchases if you want to make music professionally.

There is an opportunity to record a song and then edit it. It’s very easy and fast at the same time.

In this application you can find other people who love to make music. You should need help, don’t hesitate to ask them. Maybe this conversation will lead to further collaboration?

Don’t forget to share the results of your work and analyze the feedback. This will help you become a better music maker.

After you create a new track, you can download it on your device or share it directly from the application through social networks.

This application can be downloaded from the App Store.

8. audiobridge


Audiobridge is one of the best DAW applications on the App Store. It has a multi-track recording function, which will allow you to do several tasks at once.

Another good feature is mixing tracks. Use trim and fade to make your tracks original and unique. There is a sophisticated volume control system, which will help you make tracks fun to listen to and avoid unbalanced sounds.

You can export new tracks very easily. No need to go through the process of downloading and converting long and complicated files into mp3. Just press “download”.

If you want to share tracks in the application or through social networks, it’s also very easy.

Use the chat room under each song to get instant feedback or manage collaboration.

Audiobridge is available on the App Store for free.

9. Multitrack DAW


This application is very easy to use, although it has all the functions needed for professional music making.

It’s very close to a real audio recording studio in terms of function and design. If you need every instrument in Multitrack DAW to have its own tracks – no problem, this is possible.

The sound quality is also impressive. You can hardly understand whether the song was made in the studio or through using the application.

If you need all file types (mp3, wav, aac, ogg, aif, m4a), you can easily import them.

When you complete the process of making music, you have 8 ways to extract audio from the application, from sending it traditionally to email to downloading it through iTunes File Sharing.

This application is worth 9.99 dollars. It is available on the App Store.

10. TIZE


This application is famous for its easy to use interface. Although the application is simple, it is suitable for making professional music.

TIZE allows you to choose more than 500 votes. And this is only the basic version. If you use in-app purchases, you can get more.

In this application there are no restrictions, you make all types of music: Pop, Dubstep, EDM, Hip-Hop and Rave.

There are classic drum pads that might be of use to you.

This application is very reliable. This ensures that all music will be safe and will not be lost. There are no bugs or technical problems.

You can get TIZE for free on the App Store.

11. FL Studio Mobile


Do you want a real professional DAW application? If so, then you definitely need to have FL Studio Mobile!

This application allows you to make complicated multi-track music. This is the perfect platform for creating projects and albums.

All the necessary functions are here for you:

  • Stirrer
  • Export and import MIDI files
  • 600+ samples
  • high quality sound
  • piano-keyboard
  • drum kit
  • percussion programming
  • wedge-loop slice

and many other features that you will like.

This application is not free. The price is 13.99 dollars. However, there is an opportunity to try it for free for several days and decide whether you need it or not. You can get it now from Google Play or App Store.

12. Medly


Looking for a new approach to music? Medly has it. This application is unique, because it is equally perfect for makers of unskilled musicians, as well as for PRO.

Medly is packed with in-app purchases, but the number of free functions is enough to make high-quality music. There are 16 instruments. You can find around 100 loops in the basic version.

What’s more, new sounds are constantly being added to the application, so even if you start with the basic version, you can still find something new every 30 days.

When you finish a song or track, don’t forget to share it and upload it to SoundCloud.

You can download it for free from the App Store.

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