11 Best Treatment Tracker Apps For Android & iOS

11 Best Treatment Tracker Apps For Android & iOS

Modern medicine is developing every day for the better. We have a variety of medicines and vitamins that help us improve our health. However, their presence is not the only success factor.

Regular use of these drugs is also important. Because the body is accustomed to food at certain times, it must also be accustomed to drugs. Otherwise you might not see the effect.

But how not to miss the right time to take the right medicine? To do this, at the pharmacy you can find various trackers that have a sign based on day or time. Are they comfortable? Exercise shows that it isn’t.

But we can also argue that the telephone is by far the best assistant for modern people. Then why not use all the possibilities? All modern smartphones have a reminder feature.

So enthusiastic people decide to combine business with pleasure and create a medical tracker. Thus, you can get treatment right that will give results.

1. MyTherapy: Medication Reminder


Of course everyone is faced with the need for regular use of medicines, taking pills. And with confidence, we can say that almost everyone forgets to do it on time.

Naturally, an alarm clock installed on a cell phone can help you forget. But why is it needed if there is a MyTherapy: a convenient Medication Reminder application?

There are special reminders and tablet trackers here. Melody can be selected from the list proposed. So, you will be reminded that he needs to take important medicine.

You can enter personal data about weight, height, pressure and blood sugar in your profile. There is also an opportunity to schedule treatment. If necessary, print and discuss with a specialist.

MyTherapy: Medication Reminder will make taking medication much easier. Simply enter the name and notification of acceptance. Take medication and diagnose your health. The application will record all this data.

You can see your weekly story. You can also add a doctor to the application. This allows you to make a report so you can send it via email.

In addition, the MyTherapy application: Medication Reminder will remind you of the medical procedures needed. This might be taking medication, measuring health indicators, or exercising.

You can also add family members or friends to the application. Entrust the people closest to take care of you during treatment. Not scary if you forget to take medicine. Family members and friends invited will remind you to follow the treatment schedule.

2. Mr. Pillster


Mr. Application Pillster will remind you when to take medicine. This works well. This application is easy to use and easy to configure.

You can add pill shapes and colors, and get reminders at the right time. You can even post reminders an hour later if you can’t take the pill at the time of the reminder.

This application allows you to add relatives and friends and their dosage. So, if your relatives forget to take medicine on time, create a profile for them and add to their schedule.

You can even install this program on your mobile and link the two applications. So, you can set alerts, while notifications will appear on both phones.

Pillster app is designed to help people in timely intake of drugs and vitamins. You can also control the entire drug treatment process.

This program makes it easy to fill in your medication list and match it to the right number of reminders.

In addition, this application has various sound signals and options for their use. Repeat the signal after a certain time. The signal is long until you hear and turn it off, taking into account time zones when traveling and so on.

You can make a medication schedule for a day, a week, or a month. Set the largest number of doses per day to avoid overdose. The Pillster app tracks when you sleep or when a treatment course starts / ends.

3. CareZone


Gamification is a process that tries to live your daily life as if it were a game. Thus, you get points for doing the right thing and lose points for negligence.

Gamification can change your life for the better. This brings the Care Zone to the process of taking medicine on time.

As soon as you prepare the medicine, the application will send a reminder to you. Confirm your actions and get points every time you take medicine on time.

It also tracks other healthy habits. Like checking blood pressure, drinking water, and others. You will also get an accurate history of each task that you have completed or not completed.

The points you get, you can exchange gift cards or donate to charity organizations. These are just a few of the features that make CareZone one of the best medical reminders.

Also, the CareZone application warns you when you add two drugs that can react with each other.

In addition, this application not only stores and tracks information about your health. It is also possible to view reports about the dynamics of treatment.

Always update your doctor with treatments. Print health reports for your next visit. Your doctor will receive visual data during treatment. If necessary, he will be able to prescribe you more effective therapies.

4. Medisafe Medication Management


Medisafe Management Medisafe is a simple and convenient reminder program. This helps you remember to take medicine.

Manage your appointments on the right day and set reminders. At the right time, they will appear on the screen of your mobile device.

Don’t you like it when technology makes your life easier? If you have a pill that cannot be identified, you no longer need to go to the pharmacy. Point your cellphone camera there.

Medisafe Drug Management will fulfill all your expectations. You must place the tablet on a blank surface and take pictures using the application.

This will give you the possibility of the name of your medicine. The smart application detects tablet shapes, colors and prints and compares them with a database. You won’t always get 100% matches, but you can narrow your search, which is already good.

This is one of the easiest ways to identify various types of drugs.

After installing the application, you will see a diagram showing the tablet that you need to take. If you press the sign in plus, then you can add the first drug.

Here you can specify the name of the drug, color, shape, and choose the frequency of treatment. You can also add friends, family members, or doctors to the application. By setting this parameter, your relatives will receive a warning if you miss a drug.

Your health is your own business. As such, the application of Medisafe Drug Management does not store your personal data. To use the application there is no need to register an account.

5. Dosecast


Dosecast is a convenient free application. This will help you always take your medication on time according to your doctor’s instructions. Don’t let yourself risk losing your medicine or taking more than necessary.

In this application, the report function is available. You can see how much you use drugs and how much you miss. In addition, there are special tabs.

With it, you can make all the preparations and descriptions for it. Very comfortable. No need to save information about lost flyers all the time.

By the way, all this information will be available not only to you but also to other family members, if you want. Here you can also enter a plan to visit a doctor and data from subjects and measurements.

In addition, this is the only tracker that allows you to fully manage the course of treatment. Course duration is from 1 day to one year or regular intake.

Dosecast application has progress indicators. The completed course is automatically transferred to the archive. You will always have at your fingertips all your prescription drugs. The course can be paused.

This is a convenient application for daily use of drugs, tablets and vitamins. This will help you take your medication on time and track your schedule.

Dosecast Application Features:

  • Flexible timetable for taking medication.
  • Appointment Reminder.
  • See past and upcoming appointments on the calendar.
  • Manage receipts from notifications (receive, skip, reschedule).
  • See the closest results in the widget.

If necessary, the Dosecast application is synchronized with the server. This means that all information you specify will be available even after buying a new phone. All you need is to download the application again and enter your username with a password.

6. Medicine Scheduler and Tracker, MST


Drug Scheduler and Tracker, MST is an application that helps you track your drug intake on time. This is a wonderful assistant for those who always forget to take medication as scheduled.

There are two reminder items in the settings – “Active” and “Complete”. Click on the “Completed” item in this window all tasks completed will be completed by you.

  • You can uncheck any reminder and it will continue.
  • To delete a reminder, press and hold until a menu appears.

In the menu that appears, you can

  • Edit old reminder.
  • Delete reminder.
  • Just close it.

The functionality of this application is quite limited. This allows you to set reminders in time. But medicines can be divided into several categories, choosing a specific color for each.

The Medicine Scheduler and Tracker application, MST is designed to work with a large number of medicines. This is a powerful organizer that helps you easily manage important schedules.

For user convenience, the application has a special widget. This tells users about today’s medicine. The program will show the reception time with a voice signal. If you cannot complete the planned action now, it will remind you of it in one minute, three or five minutes.

The function of the application is to complete the reminder task. After completing the form, the application sorts all entries by date. This reminder can be repeated every hour, day, month, or even minute.

Drug Scheduler and Tracking Application, MST is simple and easy to understand. It is distributed free of charge, has no annoying advertisements and doesn’t even require registration.

7. Mango Health


The Mango Health application is very easy to use. To set an admission schedule, enough to answer three questions:

  1. how often does it take? (as needed, every X hours, every day, every X days, weekly – with a choice of days of the week)
  2. how many times a day?
  3. How long is the course?

The application will calculate and offer a time of acceptance, based on your answers. Confirm or adjust the time of receipt.

Mango Health Application Features:

  • Appointment reminder (no internet connection needed)
  • the easiest way to enter tablet information
  • the reception schedule is set by a few clicks, the time is set visually: hold and drag the box
  • You see all the pills you need to take today
  • Today’s screen – here you can see all the pills scheduled to be used, sorted by time and grouped by time
  • to mark a tablet as accepted – just click on it
  • the ability to track the rest of the tablet
  • Repeating reminder and 15 reminder sounds to choose from (including 5 lengths)
  • the ability to add comments (for example, taken after meals) and dosage
  • the ability to change the reminder text
  • the ability to set a password
  • archive of pills taken and the possibility of repeating the course
  • ability to send your medication list by email (current or archived)
  • quick link to find your medication in a browser
  • Data can be synchronized between your devices

This is the only tracker that allows you to fully manage the course of treatment. Course duration is from 1 day to one year or regular intake.

The Mango Health Program also has progress indicators. The completed course is automatically transferred to the archive. You will always have at your fingertips all your prescription drugs.

8. Pill Identifier and Drug list


The Pill Identifier application and Medication list will help you remember to take medication.

This is a simple assistant for taking medicine. It tracks the progress and changes in your health.

This program has gathered a large amount of information about almost all drugs. So, you can add medicine. The application will show you how they interact with each other.

In addition, this feature will help you protect yourself from the use of low-quality medicines. You will receive all available information about the drug. For example, the permitted dose and the number of applications.

This application composes course reports. You can send this to your doctor. Very comfortable.

You can also synchronize multiple devices. You will be able to follow the treatment of your family members. If you see someone forgetting to take medicine, then you can remind.

You can enter and save parameters such as:

  • arterial pressure
  • blood glucose level
  • pulse
  • body temperature
  • weight
  • drug

For each drug that is marked, you get points. The points collected can be spent on coupons at the pharmacy. However, this feature does not work in all regions.

Treatment reminders will appear on your cellphone, even if locked. Also, the Pill Identifier and Drug List application is adjusted for all time zones. So, no matter where you are, you will always receive reminders on time.

Enter information about the amount of medicine you have. This application will notify you of the need to refill the amount of medicine when it runs out.

If you don’t know the purpose of the pill, then you can add the parameters. Add information about colors, shapes, and photos of drugs to the application. The Pill and Drug Identification List will tell you the name of the pill and its purpose.

9. ListMeds


ListMeds is a cellular assistant for taking medicine at the same time.

In today’s world, most people are busy with their own business. Sometimes it makes us forget to take medicine. In addition, this step forces our body to take more vitamins. Thus, drug tracers are an integral part of one’s life.

Your mobile device is always with you. This means that you will always be aware of the need for medicine.

To start using all functions, you need to enter information about your medicines. You also need to enter the dose and time of taking the pill or vitamin.

This program tracks the drugs received and missed. If you miss a drug, it will be added to the missed list. If for some reason you cannot take the medicine at the specified time, then you can post it to the next date.

State the number of days and how many times a day you need to take medicine. The application calculates the number of tablets needed and the time of entry.

You can also specify certain days of taking medicine. The application will create your personal schedule.

The ListMeds application has a separate section for contraception. This will calculate for you the schedule for taking cyclic medications.

Add your family members to the application. So, you will always know whether the person has taken the medicine.

This is a free application that helps you complete the course without interruption.

10. Medication Guide

10 Drug Guide is an application for taking medication on time according to instructions. Do not expose yourself to the risk of losing drugs or taking more than prescribed.

Millions of people use this application to receive reminders about taking medicine. Check weight, pressure, blood glucose and other health indicators.

This application is suitable for diabetics, heart and cancer. This is also an easy way to remind you to take vitamins and birth control pills.

With a few simple steps, you can add medicine and get reminders for taking pills. See the dynamics of your treatment.

Benefits of Application Drug Application:

  • Intuitive application and very easy to use
  • The ability to increase the size of your health – pressure, blood glucose, weight and more
  • Large selection of ringtones for medication reminders
  • Drug reminder
  • The ability to add drugs is “as needed”, which must be taken on welfare and without a schedule
  • Drug reports in PDF format that you can send for yourself or your doctor
  • Reliable application that will remind you to take medicine, even if your phone is in sleep mode
  • Automatic backup and storage of drug history on a safe and secure server

Contacts are used if you want to add a doctor or medical friend. The Drug Guide application never stores information from your address book. It does not have access to the address book until you give permission.

11. Med Helper Pill Reminder


Med Helper Pill Reminder is a new medication reminder application.

Why is this important? Studies show that more than 50% of patients do not take medication as prescribed. This leads to ineffective treatment. It can also cause loss of health, time, money, and in the worst cases, even lives.

How does this program work? What you need is:

  • add to the application medication that you need to take
  • add an appointment schedule
  • choose the type of schedule – every day, once every few days, once every few hours or on certain days of the week
  • select the duration of the course – by the number of receptions, on the end date or without limits
  • state the time of administration and dosage, the number of doses per day is unlimited
  • Other country options, such as the start date for taking medication and notes for each reception

For each drug, you can create an unlimited schedule.

In addition, your environment can be included in the program. It can be children, parents, animals or others. Mention to whom this or that drug is intended.

When you need to take medicine, you will receive a reminder. Type of drug, dosage to whom it is intended and records.

This is the most popular application. That is justified by the convenience of the interface and exceptional functionality. The Med Helper Pill Reminder program also includes a visualized medication schedule, and the ability to export data. In addition, this program is completely free and has no paid features.

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