11 Best Siri Like Apps For Android

11 Best Siri Like Apps For Android

Siri is one of the best personal assistant apps for iOS users. There was a time when there wasn’t an app like Siri for android users. Now android also has popular personal assistant apps like Siri with ever-evolving technology. You can take advantage of this personal assistant app on your android device. It helps you to control your Android phone with your voice. You can easily kill time talking about anything with Siri and other personal assistant apps. In this article we list 11 of the most popular and free Siri alternative apps for Android users.

Google Assistant is one of the best Siri alternative apps for android users which is embedded in Google Pixel phones. If you are not a Pixel user but you have an android device, you can get other apps like Google Assistant for android devices. You can get the most popular and amazing personal assistant apps listed below in this article. You can easily click on the link, download it from PlayStore and enjoy your favorite Siri-like app on your Android device.

1. Google Assistant


Google Assistant is one of the best and most popular for Android and iOS users. It is a smart messaging app that helps you do and say. It has doodles, stickers and a great collection of emojis. Google Assistant has an excellent feature which lets you chat and have fun with it like Siri. The Google Assistant helps you find nearby restaurants, share videos to watch, and get answers, right in your conversations with friends. Along with this, it also lets you make quick phone calls on the go, send text messages and more.

2. Amazon Alexa


Amazon Alexa is another Siri-like app for android users. This is a new and popular voice assistant application developed and designed by Amazon Mobile LLC that allows you to find information, automate tasks, and ultimately connect to your home. It’s a fast and always ready android application which helps you to easily complete tasks using your voice. The best features of this app are task list management, language translation, unit conversion, scheduled commands and more. You can easily use this app to get popular movies, music and more from amazon prime and play them on your android device.

3. Cortana


Cortana is another Siri-like app for Android users owned by Microsoft. This is the most useful app for Microsoft users but now android users can also use this app as their personal assistant. You can also connect a windows laptop or PC with your android device using the Cortana application. It lets you know miss calls, messages, and other notifications on your windows PC. You can use this app as a personal assistant to call people, send SMS and email, track packages, tell jokes, take notes, add items to the calendar, and much more.



Hound is another popular and excellent personal assistant as Cortana. This will help you search for anything on the web that you should ask to find. It’s lightweight and fast responsive application for all android users. You don’t need to speak keywords, speak naturally to use this app. It enhances the hands-free experience by saying OK Hound. It is the fastest and easiest way to get information, entertainment and communication services. Hound is easy to use, you just have to say OK Hound plays top songs worldwide or any other act you think.

5. Robin


Robin is a better, free Siri app for android users. This is an excellent voice assistant that lets you get GPS navigation, local information pranks and more. It also lets you get directions, traffic, news, parking or weather details. Robin is an excellent voice assistant based on Artificial Intelligence. It has an amazing gesture feature, you just have to wave twice near the top edge of your phone. One of the best features of this app is that it never gets your details and contacts without your permission.

6. Extreme


Extreme is another great Siri app for android users. It has an amazing magic button that floats on your phone screen, you can easily move it anywhere according to your wish. You can also hide this float button by long pressing it. It has amazing features like deleting current apps, getting app info, adding your favorite apps and more. This allows you to adjust the touch into points and panels. The top assistant is also used as a button saver application which provides virtual softkeys as home, power, menu, search, and back.

7. Lyra


Lyra is a virtual assistant application for android users. You can easily start talking with this app like a human. It is a knowledge navigator and voice control software which can be used to send text messages, initiate phone calls and other commands on your android device. It allows you to convert voice to text so you can easily ask for a command and it will be converted in text and complete the task. One of the best features of this app is that it talks back like the Siri app by tapping the microphone button.

8. Replika


Replica is another free Siri-like app for android users. It understands your thoughts and feelings, improves your emotional well-being and learns new coping skills. Using this app you can learn coping skills and work towards goals such as positive thinking, stress management, socializing and many more. It helps you easily initiate chats with strangers to change your mind and refresh your mind. The best feature of this app is that it sets how you will use this app as text to speech, speech to text commands to complete tasks quickly and easily.

9. Utter


Utter is a virtual assistant application for android users that lets you learn English via chat. One of the best features of this Siri-like app for android is to perform commands offline without a data connection. This is a lightweight and top-rated free educational application that runs on the background of your device so you can use it anytime and anywhere. There are more than 200 conversational basic, intermediate and advanced English topics with a comprehensive English grammar curriculum.

10. Wave Assistant


Wave Assistant is another great and amazing alternative to Siri app for android users. It can help you do many things easily and quickly. This app helps you manage your phone with your own voice. This is your personal assistant who helps you to have a conversation and ask for general information terms or give instructions. This will help you in translation, alarm settings, web searches, opening your favorite applications and other tasks. Along with this it also helps you to start chatting with strangers using your voice.

11. Laura


Laura is another amazing Siri like voice assistant app for android users. It helps you to answer any questions, voice calls of your contacts, reminders, send emails, set alarms, listen to music automatically and other tasks. This is your new virtual companion that lets you perform a voice search feature so you don’t have to remember any special keywords or phrases. You just speak into your smartphone and it will automatically respond to what needs to be done or needs to be done. One of the best features of this app is that it helps you in almost any situation like reminding me to pick up Joe in 30 minutes and more.



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