11 Best Reading Light Apps For Android & iOS

11 Best Reading Light Apps For Android & iOS

We can’t always rely on candles and big lights when we need to read a little so we can sleep well. This is the best way to read your book in low light on your cell phone, which is a portable gadget. There are apps available on Android and iOS devices, which let you read a little light in low light by turning your phone into a portable light.

This application offers many features which help you apart from reading. They help you find lost objects, brighten up the room in a power outage, are useful in hiking and camping. They are very helpful in an emergency like when you have to send an SOS alert to someone or send a secret Mores code, they also save your phone’s battery life and give you control over many functions.

This app accesses your phone’s light source, camera flashlight, screen and keyboard to give you a fully bright experience. Here is a list of the best light reading apps which are more useful than other heavy gadgets.

1. Tiny Flashlight + LED


Little Flashlight + LED is a smart application that only runs on Android devices and offers a light reading feature. This app syncs with the flashlight of your mobile device, or if you don’t have a flashlight, it will turn your display screen into a bright white screen so you can use it easily as a light reading device.

The core function of this app is to provide free plugins like Strobe light, Morse and Blink to make your flashlight ad more useful to increase the productivity of your phone. The interface of the application is easy to use and consists of a constructive design featuring primary buttons for interaction.

Tiny Flashlight + LED is the most optimized application and has a reliable design to save your battery life while in operation. This app is free and does not consist of in-app purchases but supports ads.

2. Brightest Flashlight Free


Brightest Flashlight Free is a light reading app that turns your device into a flashlight. You can easily control the light intensity and adjust it according to your needs. This tool is only available for Android users. This app activates all available lights on your device to give you maximum light. Used for light reading and reading menus in dark themed restaurants.

This eliminates the need to carry an emergency flashlight. The core feature of this app is to brighten up every light your phone has, from the keyboard light, screen and camera. The interface has a straightforward design and consists of a user friendly layout. Free Bright Flashlight is easy to use, contains ads, and offers no purchases.

3. Color Flashlight


Color Flashlight is a smart light reading app that lets your phone turn on all possible lights on the device. The central aspect of this app is to eliminate the need for emergency lights and turn your phone into a light source. It turns on your camera flashlight as well as your screen light. It consists of a function which turns your device into a colored flashlight, police light, disco light, candle and LED flash.

Color Flashlight puts you in control of all the settings so you can control the intensity of the light. Color Flashlight’s interface is fantastic and has a simple design, easy-to-use layout, and an intuitive structure. It is free to use and consists of ads, and to access more features to make in-app purchases.

4. Flashlight HD LED


Flashlight HD LED is a smart app that turns on all available lights on your smartphone. It is only available for Android users. The main function of this application is to provide the best controlled reading light for your convenience. Some of the notable features of this app include night vision, lets you choose a color, a fantastic light source, saves battery life, eliminates the need to carry an emergency flashlight, and much more.

The HD LED Flashlight interface consists of three buttons on the screen, which have different functions, and one for activating the camera flashlight, second, changing the screen light to white, and third, controlling the white screen light and offering a full RGB color scheme. Flashlight HD LED is free to use, does not contain ads and does not show ads.

5. ScreenLight Flashlight/Strobe


ScreenLight Flashlight / Strobe is a smart reading light app that turns your phone into a straightforward reading light gadget. It accesses your phone’s light devices, such as camera flashlight and screen light. This application is only available with Android devices. It uses your screen as a flashlight, night light, or spotlight.

It also consists of different colors of light covering your entire screen in different colors. The main features of this application consist of reading night light, for reading in bed, red light, flashlight, screen light, intuitive interface, simple GUI, and many more. ScreenLight Flashlight / Strobe is free to use and consists of no purchases but supports ads.

6. Flashlight & LED Torch


Flashlight & LED Torch is a light reading application that only works for Android users. The purpose of this app is to provide you with the brightest flashlight. It turns your phone into a smart light. It is the most advanced light that provides its application, and it consists of many interesting features such as fast work, multiple color schemes, spotlight control, turning your screen into light providing its source. This saves your battery life and does not affect how fast the phone functions.

The interface contains SOS features, flashlight, quick access, can emit Morse, code and more. With a simple design, the user interface offers a simple design, user-friendly experience, and a constructive layout with a simple theme containing several interactive buttons. Flashlight & LED Flashlight is free, ad-supported, and doesn’t include any purchase modules.

7. Flashlight.


Flashlight. is a smart light reading application that supports both Android and iOS devices. This is a simple application that contains a function that turns your tool into a light source. The app design is easy to navigate and proves limited features like color step control, flashlight control, display time and lets you access clock settings.

The main function of this app is to provide a life-saving white light, so you don’t drain your phone’s battery. The interface is easy to navigate and offers a simple and straightforward design. Easy to use, contains no ads or any purchased modules.

8. Amazing Flashlight


Amazing Flashlight is a smart light reading app that contains tons of features. It is only available on Android phones. The core features of this app include LED light, screen light, real widgets for home and lock screens, disco stroboscope and many more.

The pro version has additional features like saving your battery, brightest mode, screen dimming, color light, lighthouse effect, supports HD resolution, and much more. It also transmits Morse code in case of an emergency. This app contains life-saving features like SOS, spotlight, compass, low light camera, night mode and many other functions.

The interface is user-friendly and offers attractive themes, which are easy to navigate and provide a constructive layout. Amazing Flashlight shows ads and comes with an in-app purchase module to let you access other options.

9. Flashlight for iPhone + iPad


Flashlight for iPhone + iPad is a light reading application that is only used by iOS users and is not available for Android devices. The light is displayed in many ways, apart from controlling the screen, it offers a smart yet interactive setting interface and button controls.

The middle button contains the on / off button that surrounds the four color buttons, fire, match, and bulb. This implies that the app offers light animation features of these four modes. The main function of this app contains, multi-function and simple flashlight, different skins, simple mode, sync disco mode with a tap, and many more.

The app is easy to use, contains a simple and user-friendly interface and interaction modules. Flashlight for iPhone + iPad is free, offers no ads or purchases.

10. Light – LED Flashlight


Light – LED Flashlight is a light reading application that only supports iOS users. It allows you to turn your device into an outsourced light gadget that replaces your emergency flashlight. This quickly accesses your settings module and keeps your battery life safe from any harm. The core features of Light – LED Flashlight are a large interaction button, a bright flashlight, contains an emergency aid, a strobe option, has a dimmer, includes a wake module.

Light – LED Flashlight has a smart interface which is interactive and attractive, offering a smart GUI structure and user friendly layout. Light – LED Flashlight is free to use and provides an in-app purchase mode to unlock more options.

11. Flash Light – Flashlight


Best Flash Light – Flashlight is a bright light reading app that syncs with your phone’s light sensor and allows you to control the intensity of the light. This is only available for iOS devices. It is full of features and offers many different modules.

The main aspect of the application is that it provides a comprehensive control interface which is located on the home screen of the application. It includes the brightest and fastest flashlight, contains a magnifying glass, provides a compass, a map, a location tracking module. The original comes into play when turning on the lights with a clapping sound, offering spotlights, and other such options.

The interface is built around an attractive application module. It is easy to use, has a beautiful structure, and allows you to save battery life. Best Flash Light – Flashlight is free to use and offers in-app purchases and supports ads.



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