11 Best Meme Generator Apps For Android & iOS

11 Best Meme Generator Apps For Android & iOS

Whenever you like it or not, memes have gained enormous popularity in our century. In fact, they have become one of our favorite ways of entertainment replacing traditional stand-ups and comedy shows. It often turns out that ordinary people can ironically reflect their experience more relevant to others than professional artists can do.

That’s why applications to produce memes are made – they give everyone the opportunity to cover funny situations from everyday life with ironic images. What’s more, watching memes never takes you long, that’s why many people today like and share them.

1. GATM Meme Generator


Although it seems that memes have lost their popularity since Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok took over, they have only become more qualitative. There is still a great opportunity for any meme to become very popular if it reflects some everyday problems and hot topics in a very humorous way.

And although this application can be a little outdated, it still contains all the main meme topics and images that you can choose and edit them the way you like. By the way, on the contrary, what was said at the beginning of this review, you can generate memes for you and your friends, without their intention to become popular.

The editing here is pretty basic – you just select the image and add text (the font is always the same). So, if you are looking for more editing possibilities, this application might not be your first choice.

2. Meme Generator Free


With this application, you will find the most interesting and funny memes and can share them with friends via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, Google+, Email, Dropbox, Drive, Snapchat, etc.

Here you will find various meme categories, which include more than 700 examples, a tool that allows you to create new memes, use images from your mobile, then save them and share them with others. There is a large range of stickers and color and text settings so you can create memes of any kind.

You add up to 10 signatures to your image. What’s more, you can put together a series of memes into one later. To see all the pictures you have, you have to scroll down and everything will be displayed in your menu. You can also compile a list of your favorite memes and, by the way, new memes are added constantly.

3. Mematic


This is one of the most popular applications for creating memes on Earth. See, more than 5 million people downloaded it. The reason is of course due to simplicity and comfort in its use. Mematic gives you the opportunity to edit your images and then share them with your friends.

You will get access to all the classic meme styles and will create extraordinary memes in no time. Remember your favorite character? Bachelor of Frog, Philosoraptor, the Most Interesting Men in the World – they are all here.

Now it’s time to make your own funny and interesting story using all the tools from Mematic. At any time you can download and save memes that you create.

Show the latest news under a new perspective by turning it into a picture that is fun and easy to remember. Take your favorite printing style and place the text on your image. And, of course, pay attention to memes created by other users of this application.

4. Meme Creator


The name here speaks for itself. As you might have guessed, this application includes an art studio that will allow you with the skills to create extraordinary and unique memes. You have a lot to do here – more than 600 images.

There is no chance you will be trapped in the absence of differences – you have more than 20 fonts to write your text on images. If you want, you can combine saved memes and create different comics. After you are done with other charming memes, let the world see your creations and share them through social networks or apostles.

If you feel your image looks chaotic and needs to be fixed again, use the appropriate tool, and find a unique filter that you like. You can also resize images. Finally, there is always something we like and don’t want to lose – for these cases you can make a list of your favorite memes.

5. Meme Producer


To make life’s images more meaningful, you can download this application. Any ideas that hit your mind – you can immediately turn them into life with the help of Meme Producer. It has more than 2 million downloads and already means something.

First, look for a picture, describe a life (or imaginary) situation where you have a creative idea. When you find it, change the captions and add all the necessary features and information there. When you are happy with the results, you can share them with your friends or just random people.

Happy together! You always have the opportunity to add lots of images to your memes. If you have not found the image you are looking for in the app store, you can upload it directly from your gadget. Here the text can take more than one line. A decent advantage too is that this application has no ads and no watermark.

6. Modern Meme Maker


Show your creativity with Modern Meme Maker. As soon as you get an idea about how to make extraordinary memes, you can immediately create one and then share your photos using social networks. Here you can choose not only pictures, but also videos for making memes, both from the application library and from your mobile.

You will find more than 100 funny memes to go to. Create a funny story or your own life, change pictures, rotate, cut, add text! If you don’t want the meme to be used by someone else, you can add a watermark to it.

Select the font you like and add a description of the image that you are working on. Then you can divide your memes into categories and it will make it easier for you to orient the large number of memes created by you and other users. You can also use screenshots of videos and add them to meme stories.

7. Make a Meme+


All the funny memes you know, from “alone” to “successful kids” are here. In other words, you won’t have time to make and watch memes with this application. It’s easy to make text on images here because you can change fonts and text just by tapping on the screen.

Add hats and faces to your memes and photos like “Scumbag Hats” and “Troll Face”. When you are done with other memes, you can send them to your friends on Facebook.

Additionally, you can add friends to your funny meme story and you will have something to laugh about. Tweet the meme that you created. Send them via WhatsUp using special options for that.

You can also attach a picture to one of your contacts for fun. There is also a function called Know Your Meme “that will help you find out about new memes and the creative process. Download or delete aby from your creations.

8. Video & GIF Memes


Today’s video memes are far more popular than pictures. So why don’t you use video memes? It looks complicated, actually, it’s very easy, especially if you use this particular application. First, you can choose the type of file you want to create – image, GIF or video.

After you choose your category, just upload the file to the application. For different types, there are different edits (obviously). You can add fonts, filters, stickers, video trims, and add effects. After you finish editing, you can choose which quality you want to save your picture / GIF / video.

9. Memasik: Meme maker app


Another cool app for creating memes that really allows you to make it like a pro. Here you have all the tools for creating memes on any trending topic. One of the main advantages here is the stickers that you can use on any picture and turn it into a super cool meme related to a specific topic.

And it’s really fun how the application interface is easy but at the same time, this application has many functions to make the most diverse memes. For example, do you want to make a thug life meme? Just upload a picture, add text, type “thug life” in the search bar while looking for stickers, and see how many good options there are!

10. Tumblr


Because Tumblr is an image-based social network, it makes sense that here you also have the opportunity to create memes. You can create as many memes as you want and publish them on your page without fear of too much content (like on Facebook or Instagram, for example).

Additionally, on Tumblr, you can even create GIF memes if you want. Extensive editing possibilities, you can choose various filters, effects, fonts, add stickers, and so on. Besides memes, Tumblr is actually a really cool application where you can find images on all topics.

11. Memedroid


Have you ever known someone who doesn’t like memes? Well, maybe there is no such person on this planet. Because memes are very light content, they are very popular by everyone – they help us to distract, have fun, and improve our relationships with our friends.

This application is like a social networking meme – here you can create memes, share memes, and discuss them with other users directly in the app. Additionally, if you see a user creating really cool and funny memes on a regular basis, you can subscribe to them so you will always have the chance to see what they made first.

Memedroid is a great alternative to Facebook because here you can only share your memes when on Facebook your page turns to junk because you post so many memes because it doesn’t really involve the audience and what’s more, it can be unattractive to prospective employers.

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