11 Best Homeopathy Apps For Android & iOS

11 Best Homeopathy Apps For Android & iOS

Are you a supporter of alternative medicine? Try homeopathic methods to cure the disease. The basic concept is that symptoms can defeat any disease. You can study homeopathy without buying a book or studying it at university. Download the homeopathic application for more information.

We made a list of the best homeopathic applications. Read information about the application and download the most interesting ones.

1. Hompath FireFly – Homeopathy


This is a homeopathic software with a collection of knowledge for beginners. It contains a list of advanced homeopathic areas. You will find more than 109 books with the most valuable knowledge. Download this application and you will receive an encyclopedia on your smartphone.

You can use this application as an assistant in solving your client’s cases. It has a very good data retrieval system. Enter the name of the recipe or topic in the search bar and the application will choose everything that matches. It has a simple and intuitive e-book design. This application contains books by famous homeopathy authors.

This application has more than 107 volumes of homeopathic books. Read the case healed and get experience. This application has data of more than 3 thousand solutions. All important information is in the Main Note.

If you are just starting to learn homeopathy, this application has more than 7 hundred clinical tips in confirmed cases. Test your knowledge in quiz blocks.

2. Homeopathy UK


This application will help you find local homeopathy. It has a modern approach and information about this. This will provide a large amount of information for those who are interested in homeopathy. Open map in the application. This will show all the homeopaths around you.

You can personally come there and workers will help you and share information. This application will also show you how to get to the homeopathic center.

This application helps you find the most suitable for homeopathic methods for your symptoms. You can use the search bar to search for treatments. Enter your symptoms or treatment.

In the “about” section, you will find all the main information about homeopathy and the history of its development. This application has been downloaded more than 10 thousand times.

3. Boiron Medicine Finder


This application will allow you to learn more about homeopathy. It contains a collection of essays by Boiron. This application has a comfortable interface that allows you to fully understand homeopathy. You can easily relieve symptoms and cure them.

Look for symptoms in an easy list and read detailed information about each. You only need 3 clicks to find a medication recommendation. This application has the dosage and description of each drug. You can also read other lifestyle tips.

This application has a default map that helps you find the nearest pharmacy. Automatically determine your location. Download coupons and get discounts. Use the search bar to find the information you need faster. Search by symptoms or drug names. You will become a homeopath with this application.

4. Materia Medica Lite


This application allows you to carry homeopathic material wherever you go. It does not require internet connection to work. You can search by material, alphabet or medicine. Read the introduction to understand the basic principles of homeopathy. You can read the work of great doctors in the past.

This application has been downloaded more than 100 thousand times. It has a modern design with text fonts that are easy to read. The developer keeps fixing problems and adding improvements. Download this application and you can become the most valuable homeopathic information carrier.

5. Select Remedy – Best Homoeopathy App


This application has well-organized content. This will allow you to read homeopathic books offline anywhere and anytime. You can quickly share symptoms and special treatments with friends through social networks.

If you like the information, you can add it to your favorites. Click the star icon to add text to your favorites. This application has a collection of popular books about homeopathy.

This application has a blue interface with intuitive navigation. Select a disease category and the application will display all information about symptoms and their treatment. You can also read a short biography of scientists who have done homeopathy. You can cure any phobia. This application has been installed more than 50 thousand times.

6. Homoeopathic Repertorium


This application has a simple design. Select symptoms and read detailed information about them. You can understand the cause of these symptoms and how to overcome them.

This application has icons for intuitive navigation. This will allow you to add symptoms to the list of diseases. You can identify the disease through a combination of symptoms. This application will help you with this.

This application has no advertisements. Nobody will bother you. Add your symptoms and the application will show you more than 50 treatment options. The developer expands the number of cases from 5 to 15.

This is useful for fast repertorization. This application has been downloaded more than 50 thousand times. It helps users from all over the world better understand homeopathy.

7. Homeopathic Clinical Tips Lite


This application is specifically designed for clinical search for tips on homeopathy. It has more than 500 clinical tips. You can solve a case in no time without extra effort. This application has a simple search engine design. A warm orange interface awaits you. Select the solution and the application will display all detailed information.

Add cases to your favorites list to create your own database. You can cure various diseases with clinically proven homeopathic methods. All application materials are taken from homeopathic literature.

This application will introduce you to the main scientists of homeopathy. You can see homeopathic tips for individual organs or systems. This is a great platform for novice homeopaths. You can use this application as a practical reference. It has been installed more than 50 thousand times.

8. Homeopathic Quick Reference


This application contains a keynote about homeopathy. It has 7 topics to learn. You can use this application offline. It weighs only 700 thousand but has all the necessary information that does not need to be downloaded.

You can click the button for more information. You need an internet connection to do this. Information is organized in an easy format. It’s easy to learn homeopathy with this application.

This application has a readable font. Your eyes won’t get tired while reading. It has a design similar to an e-book. Learn the classification of symptoms and medications. The application does not require permission to work. It has been downloaded more than 50 thousand times.

9. Homeopathy 1000+ treatment


Many scientists have proven the benefits of homeopathy. You will be able to learn this alternative medicine with this application. It has easy navigation. Select symptoms to find out information about that. This application will show you typical signs of symptoms, types of diseases and treatment.

This application has bookmarks for your favorite articles. You can add text to the question bookmark to resolve it later. This application has more than 1,000 symptoms and solutions. This application will definitely help you cure your problem. It has been used by more than 100 thousand people.

10. Homeopathy Remedy Finder


This free application will give you all information about homeopathy and treatment methods. That does not require registration. You only need to complete 3 steps to get recovery. Open the application, select the symptoms and click the Remedy button.

Homeopathy will allow you to change the immune system positively. Read as much as possible to understand homeopathy.

This application has a simplified design. You will not be disturbed by images and advertisements. You will see certain text with the most important information. This application does not take up much space on your smartphone. Weighing less than 1MB.

11. HomeoTips Schwabe: Learn Homeopathy Remedy & Cure


This application will help you understand what homeopathy is and how to use it in medicine. You will get to know various homeopathic schools. This application is a collection of articles and books from various homeopathic experts. It also has video lectures and tips. You will be able to read blog posts and find interesting information.

You will receive advice from experts. If you have questions, you will be answered quickly. This application sorts text and articles on topics. This makes the application easy to navigate. You can share articles on your social networks so your friends can also read them. This application will notify you about homeopathic daily news.

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