10 Offline Cooking Games For Android & iOS

10 Offline Cooking Games For Android & iOS

For all adults and children who love to cook, there are a large number of free cooking games for Android and iOS. Run your own restaurant and become a professional chef who prepares different foods such as burgers, pizza, tacos, donuts, etc. Check the list of the best cooking games that don’t require internet connection at any time.

See what you like: serving guests, growing your restaurant business or making dishes by following step-by-step instructions.

1. Cooking Mama Let’s Cook!


The Cooking Mama application is the successor to the long-popular Nintendo game. Now it becomes available for smartphones and other devices. A modern version of the game is available for the Android & iOS platforms.

Let’s see what you can do in this game:

  1. Learn how to cook step by step to make simple but important actions. For example, peel and cut onions with a knife on the cooking board. The process looks so real and natural. If you have never cut an onion before, you will definitely learn it.
  2. Harvest from your own garden. You can raise animals on a farm, plant crops in the field, care for orchards, and fish in a lake or river.
  3. Run your restaurant. After preparing a lot of food, you will be able to launch the restaurant as a business.

This game is considered the most popular cooking game in the whole world. Many people of various ages are immersed in it.

The Cooking Mama game has extra benefits:

  • More than 30 recipes are available for free cooking.
  • More than 20 games in other applications to play except cooking.
  • Some recipes use realistic cooking videos.
  • More than 30 languages are available including Arabic and Chinese.

The game is free to play from any device, but many offers and promotions will be suggested for you to buy additional items for the game.

2. Toca Kitchen 2


Toca Kitchen 2 is an unusual cooking game where you can improve recipes and dishes. Boil strawberries or tomatoes, banana fritters, and make fruit burgers. Surprise guests by making them unique and new food combinations and witnessing their reactions.

This game is good for kids because it will help them be creative and develop their imagination. It’s nice to witness the reaction of guests when they try foods they don’t like.


  • Prepare food using the food you have.
  • Feed to one of the three selected characters.
  • Easy access to food. Tap the fridge on the left.
  • Shelf Tool. You will have a cutting board, juicer for mixing food, frying pan, frying pan, etc.
  • Condiments and sauces to play with the taste of food.

This game is free for Android users. Unfortunately for iOS users, this game isn’t free, although it only costs $ 3.99 without additional in-app purchases.

3. Restaurant Dash: Gordon Ramsay


The chef and famous British restaurant owner Gordon Ramsay will be your mentor in this offline cooking game. You will find characters in the game talking in Gordon’s voice and imitating his behavior. In this game, you must learn how to manage a restaurant that serves guests under Gordon’s supervision. Get instructions from the world’s most renowned chefs, sharpen your cooking skills while preparing food and earn money for your work.

The main steps and actions to take in the game:

  • Choose a personal look for your head.
  • Follow celebrity chef instructions to reach stars and increase your level.
  • Open new levels and get the opportunity to manage a variety of restaurants and cuisines throughout the world. Some examples: Ethiopian vegetarian restaurants, Australian BBQ restaurants, Dragon Bowl Hong Kong serves Chinese food.
  • Improve your cooking skills and participate in battles with other players through the network.

You will follow step by step instructions on tapping food to prepare food. Gordon’s instructions were presented in a voice and written message. Select the language you want to play; most European languages are available.

The game is free to play, but you will be asked to buy a few additional items that will help you make progress in the game and win on the buttles.

4. World Chef


World Chef is one of the most popular cooking games available for Android and iOS. This game is free to play without an internet connection. However, you will receive suggestions to continue in-app purchases if you need to accelerate the success of your game.

The main idea of this game is to open a restaurant and grow your business while increasing profits, increasing the size of the restaurant and preparing more new foods. You will find food from various countries and cultures: Italy, America, Mexico, Japan and others.


  • Run the restaurant, decorate it however you want and make it work.
  • Buy new ingredients and make delicious new dishes.
  • Cousins of different countries are available for cooking.
  • Plant crops in your garden and sell to get higher profits.
  • Grow your restaurant business, expand the size of the place, change decor and buy new equipment.

5. Cooking Diary


Cooking Diary is another popular cooking game where you will run your restaurant or cafe. It is available free of charge for iOS and Android platforms. This application is resource hungry so there is free space on your device’s memory.

Choose the character of the chef, boy or girl, start the restaurant and start cooking. There are many different characters in the game that can play the role of hero chefs. You can adjust the appearance of the chef by changing his clothes.

Main feature:

  • Inherit a restaurant, manage it. Being quick to serve when customers are waiting and their dissatisfaction can play a bad role for you.
  • Change the decoration of your restaurant.
  • You will be able to create a character from the beginning choosing the color of the skin, hair, lip and nose.
  • There are more than 300 items of clothing to try on your character.
  • The design of the game is amazing and includes videos and stories.

This game is fun to play and you want to move up through levels.

6. Good Pizza, Great Pizza


You will not find someone who does not like pizza. Some of us even want to prepare it. Good Pizza, Great Pizza is a simple and free popular game that allows you to make pizza without getting dirty. In this game, you have an important task – to run and manage your pizza cafe that serves customers.

Maybe if you have never tried making real pizza yourself the application will teach you that. Learn the main steps in making a perfect pizza: spread the dough, add sauce and cheese as the main ingredients. Remember that herbs need a fee. Be wise and don’t overeat your pizza.

Follow the step-by-step instructions for making pizza. Slide the screen from left to right from the cooking board to the oven and then to the cutting table to complete the customer’s order. Make more money, make money, increase your popularity without much effort and less pressure. The Good Pizza, Great Pizza is a simple fun game that will keep you entertained at your break time.

This game was designed by someone who worked in a pizza kitchen for years. That’s why it might look like a real pizza restaurant.

This application supports a large number of languages including Chinese and Indonesian.

7. Cooking in the Kitchen


Cooking in the Kitchen is a simple cooking game that is suitable for children under 8. The main idea is to follow up on instructions and maintain the process of preparing food. No need to run a restaurant and complete tasks to reach the next level.

You will find about 25 different recipes from spaghetti to donuts. All you need is to take some ingredients, boil them or fry them in the pan, add some vegetables and spices and prepare delicious food.

Examples of dishes to prepare in the game:

  • Fried, hamburgers, and hot dogs as favorite fast food.
  • Bake a cupcake with wuffles and season with ice cream and toppings as a desert.
  • Croissants or French pancakes with fruit and syrup for breakfast.
  • Mexican tacos or sushi with favorite ingredients.

The number of dishes continues to grow so you will not be bored. The game is free with several additional in-app purchases. This game has a nice and neat design. All of this makes the game popular with Android users.

8. Cooking Craze: Get Cooking and Get Moving


Run your fast food restaurant with the Cooking app craze making donut burgers and hot dogs. A very accurately designed game with a colorful interface will make you crave the food you have prepared yourself. This game involves you in managing the restaurant, serving customers, and meeting their needs.

Cooking Craze Features:

  • Cook, bake, and burn the following step-by-step instructions.
  • Time management. Don’t be slow so you won’t make customers angry.
  • Learn to become a good entrepreneur and restaurant owner – start building new restaurants in various cities.
  • Earn money and points to reach the next level.

Be a crazy chef who cooks delicious food fast and takes money in a short time to get more game points. Users can play the game offline after downloading some content. So prepare additional memory space on your device.

This game is supported by Android and iOS.

9. My Bakery Empire


My Bakery Empire can be the right choice for those who like to make desserts. The game is available for free download on iOS and Android devices. Game design will not disappoint you.

You will play Lizzie – the main character of the game who has the highest dream is to run a bakery with savory desserts.

Main features of My Bakery Empire:

  • Run as many different bakeries as possible. Succeed with one and launch another.
  • Surveys require customers to place extraordinary orders and ask you to hurry up.
  • Decorate your cake with colorful, sparkling creme, sweet flowers and fairy tale figures.
  • Dress Lizzie into clothes suitable for cooking.
  • Participate in bakery shows, compete with others and take the top place in the competition.

This game contains advertisements and in-app purchases.

10. Street food


If you are looking for a simple game to pass the time without burdening your mind, street food will be a good choice for you. This game can be very useful and entertaining for your child. From one side of the game can be considered as education. In street food games, users must follow step-by-step instructions for preparing different popular dishes.

Foods to be prepared:

  • Burgers and fries.
  • Hot dogs and corn dogs.
  • Nachos and pizza.

After cooking you have to sell everything to your restaurant customers on wheels.

Know that you might become hungry playing this game because designers make the game very bright and the dishes are close to real. This game is free for Android users.

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