10 Best Screen Recording Apps For Android

10 Best Screen Recording Apps For Android

Sometimes you just need to show everything that happens on the screen – when you prepare a presentation or when dealing with technical support services and so on. As the popular saying goes, it’s better to see once than hear a hundred times, and this might be true in this case.

Have you ever tried to explain to someone how to take certain actions on the phone, without using video (or pictures)? If you just explain to the “finger” what and where to click – you will be understood by 1 in 100 people! Agree?

This is another thing when you can record a video of what is happening on your screen and show it to others – so it is possible to explain what and how to press, and to show your expertise in this or that field.

1. Screen Recorder – No Ads


Most users might agree that one of the most annoying features of all free applications is tons of ads. Fortunately, the developers of this one expressed understanding for everyone and made this screen recording completely ad-free – we have to thank them for that.

Overall, this is a very basic screen recorder but not in a negative sense – this is a very simple and lightweight application, which, on the other hand, covers everything you need in a good screen recorder. When you want to record your screen, you can just tap on the icon in the application and then you see the bar on the home screen.

You open any program, any video, or other media that you want to record, tap the recording button on the bar and the recording starts. Remember that sound will only be recorded through a microphone – Android does not support recording sounds from 3rd party applications.

2. AZ Screen Recorder


AZ Screen Recorder is one of the high-value screen recorder applications for android devices. Why so popular? First, because of its enormous function. Second, all the functions of this application are absolutely free. Third, the application does not require root access.

With the AZ Screen Recorder application you can record videos in Full HD screen format and even in Quad HD, can stop the video and then continue, select bit rate and frame rate, resolution, activate the microphone, presses can be displayed on the screen and more functions.

Don’t limit yourself in time, function, and possibility. With AZ Screen Recorder you can record screen videos without paying a penny.

3. Rec.


Rec. is a screen recorder application with a user friendly interface that makes the screen recording process quite simple and

fast. When you open the application, you only need to slightly adjust the bitrate and duration of the video to your liking. Start by pressing the “Record” button.

You can also record audio and give your project a name before you start recording. When you press the application “Record” means 10, make preparations before starting a new session.

It is possible to stop recording by pressing the “Stop” button in the notification section, or you can simply turn off the device screen. The duration of the video in the free version of the application is limited to 5 minutes and the audio duration cannot be more than 30 seconds. If you don’t want to limit yourself, you can buy a paid application version.

4. Apowersoft Screen Recorder


If in the screen recorder for the Android device you are looking for, first of all, a beautiful interface design then this is the perfect application for you. In another aspect, this is an ordinary screen recording application that has several additional features, although it cannot compete with the most powerful.

You can record the screen with sound, but all sound will be captured from the microphone. To start recording, you need to overlay the application icon on the screen and tap Recigh when you are ready to start. After your video is created, you can cut it.

5. ADV Screen Recorder


Very popular application on Google Play. The interface design here also looks like a standard Android application. An interesting feature for many users is that it does not require root for recording. In addition, ADV can make recordings with 2 machines (Default and Advanced).

During recording, you can use the front or back camera. Once done, you can cut the video right in the application. You can also add some text. Also, for example, if you are recording but you need to make a pause, you can do it on video too and continue whenever you want.

6. Super Screen Recorder


One more screen recorder that is very convenient without time restrictions and watermarks. This is an application for those who prefer to have some additional features in their screen recording application but not too many at the same time. Here you will find screen enlargement and video editor functions.

All videos will be recorded in high quality resolution. One interesting feature of Super Screen Recorder that is worth mentioning is its ability to convert videos into gifs. By the way, you can create your own personalized watermark and put it on your video.

7. Mobizen Screen Recorder


This is one of the most popular screen recorders for Android and is even marked as “Editor’s Choice”. Mobizen Screen Recorder is highly valued among gamers because it is very good for screen recording for video games. It records everything in the highest quality possible – 1080 Resolution, 12.0Mbps Quality, 60 FPS.

There is no watermark left from the video as in some paid screen recorders. Anyone can use it without rooting from OS 4.4. All recording material will be saved to your memory card, so you don’t need to worry you will run out of memory space.

8. RecMe


The main feature of this application is the most standard Android application. If you are looking for something with a UI that does not provide usage problems, then this is a good choice. All videos will be recorded in HD quality (up to 60 fps, up to 1080p, 32 Mbits / s bitrate).

RecMe also claims that it can record audio from internal audio sources or mix it together with microphone recordings. In addition, when you save your video file, you can even choose in the format where you want to save it. There are no watermarks on your video.

9. ScreenCam Screen Recorder


For those who are looking for a multi-function screen recorder application, this is a pretty good choice. Apart from that, the best feature of it is the fact that among all screen recording applications for Android, this is the only one that can record sound internally (which makes a big difference, by the way).

It must be compatible with all versions of Android. In addition, ScreenCam Screen Recorder has no ads and is lightweight at the same time.

10. MNML Screen Recorder


Another cool screen recorder for Android that doesn’t have ads. This is perhaps the simplest application on this list – only a screen recorder and nothing else. Moreover, the interface design is very minimalist. This application will be perfect for those who like to work fast and do everything quickly without interruption in things that are not important.

The quality is very good and the whole process is known without delay. MNML is an application that is not suitable for those who like additional functions and broader actions.

So, we have presented you the best application for screen recording. If you need to record everything that happens on your mobile screen, we hope that one of these applications will help you in this regard.

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