10 Best iPhone Apps For Writing Music While You Play

10 Best iPhone Apps For Writing Music While You Play

Maybe every music lover wants to write their own composition. If you think that making quality songs or mixes takes years of training and several years of education, you are right but only in part.

Modern computer software for making music even allows beginners to produce complete works of music, and knowledge of music notation is only useful if you plan to conquer the top of the international charts.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our choice of 10 Best iPhone applications to compose music as you play and learn the characteristics of each application. Along the way, compare the simplicity of developing each program, its functions, and usability.

1. AmpliTube


This is an application for guitar sound conversion. The latest version of the guitar synthesizer includes new tools. This program has gained studio sound status.

Useful AmpliTube software options:

  • record sound with a bass guitar;
  • preset;
  • stirrer;
  • default metronome.

On AmpliTube, it is possible to control the speed of the background and recording tracks. Special sound effects will make the sound richer and deeper. Through this program, you can also import and export M4A music file formats.
Try this program and you will be surprised by interesting solos and rich sounds!

2. n-Track Studio


This is one of the most convenient and functional software for recording and editing sound on your device.

n-Track Studio turns your gadget into a fully functional pocket sized recording studio. With its help, you can record, edit and play an unlimited number of songs, mix them, and force a number of effects.

Thanks to the integrated MIDI synthesizer, this program will allow you to create your own MIDI tracks. In addition, you can always edit, cut, or copy the desired part and put it in other parts of the track, and more.

Among the program’s features, we must also mention the ability to record an unlimited number of songs. The maximum number of tracks supported will depend on the capabilities of your mobile device.

3. NanoStudio


NanoStudio is a software that is useful for musicians. This is a compact recording studio, you can create and record music on your PC.

This program includes a virtual synthesizer, several effects, which allow users to implement ideas in practice. NanoStudio’s virtual recording studio offers a comfortable, intuitive user interface, which allows using the instrument with minimal effort.

In the NanoStudio program, a large number of effects and filters are realized, to meet the needs of even the most demanding users. Full support for a variety of sound cards and MIDI keyboards also allows you to use all the “hardware” features for user needs.

This program does not require large amounts of system resources – memory and CPU time.

Also, for beginners, this portable studio includes detailed help files that explain all the basic and advanced features of the software. In general, NanoStudio will be a good choice as a voice recording program for every day, both for beginners and for more advanced users.

4. Animoog


Animoog is the first professional polyphonic synthesizer for your device, as the author said. First of all, it is worth mentioning that this program is for those who understand something in the game on synthesizers.

This program has many features and for beginners, it will look complicated and confusing. But when they understand the program, you will appreciate all of its features.

5. WavePad


This is a simple and free audio editor, which is perfect for users who are working with this kind of program for the first time.

With it, you can record sound from an external device, cut and assemble individual tracks, add all kinds of sound effects, and so on. This program supports the most popular audio formats: WAV, MP3, VOX, GSM, WMA, RealAudio, FLAC, AU, OGG.

In WavePad there is a noise reduction tool, which can work in automatic and manual modes. There are also functions of normalization, amplification, rewind, and reverb. The functional player can be extended via VST plugin support at any time.

What’s more, WavePad can work with files in batch mode, allowing you to send bookmarks to continue editing later, produce spectral analysis, restore notes, and even make sound changes. Agree, this is a series of features that are quite impressive for a free software solution.

Of course, it is necessary to specify that WavePad is only available for free for non-commercial home use. If not, you have to buy a license.

6. FL Studio Mobile


This is an amazing program that allows novice composers to try their hand at writing music and experienced musicians will be able to create works for the audience’s pleasure. So, you can create music tracks on your mobile gadget.

If you do a tone on your PC, you can transfer it to your device and here you can carry the melody perfectly. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a professional musician, you definitely need to download FL Studio for your device.


  • music creation on the iPhone with the help of 133 different instruments;
  • all devices have duplicates to achieve maximum effect;
  • there is a step by step sequencer, which helps in editing bass;
  • there is a piano keyboard that can be adjusted;
  • the ability to make tracks for drums;
  • You can listen to the composition first.

7. Music Studio


This is a classic application for writing music. This is basically a music studio in your pocket. Actually, the Music Studio app works best on the iPad (there is more room to play the instrument), but if you want to use it on your iPhone – that’s also pretty good.

This software has many interesting features, here are some of them:

  • 85-key Photorealistic keyboard that can be configured dynamically
  • Instant positioning through slide gestures and resize with pinch gestures
  • Drum pads, chord pads and chord programming
  • 183 instruments recorded in the studio (16bit 44.1 kHz samples from real instruments)
  • 123 free instruments, 60 available in the app store

8. Figure


This is an application on the iPhone for those who can’t live without music at all, and even on public transport is trying to make a composition.

On one hand, this program is very simple. There are three instruments (drums, bass, synthesizers), several options for “changing” the sound of the song, and … that’s everything. But the opportunities for creativity are endless.

The figures’ interface is one of the best ever seen. Making a new song based on a template. Choose a tool (for example, Bass), just below the horizontal line choose a sound style, and you make a pattern at the bottom of the screen using only gestures.

After creating such a music template, go to the second (Drum) and third (lead-synth) instrument. As a result, the composition is formed.

Professionals do wonders with the help of Images!

9. GarageBand


GarageBand is your own recording studio. If you want to learn how to play instruments, write music or record, GarageBand will help you.

There are many synthesizers, guitars, orchestral instruments, drum sets with drum machines, samplers, and so on. This application is easy to learn and does not require special music skills, except, of course, music notation.

Each tool in the program has a number of special settings. GarageBand for iOS is the perfect variant for making simple music ideas, which come to mind, for example, on the subway on the way home.

10. Music Maker Jam


This is a sophisticated application for the iPhone, with the help of allowing users to create your own tracks. There are more than 100 styles of music (hip-hop, dubstep, rock, etc.),

There is an 8-channel mixer, which allows almost unlimited space for creativity and realization of new ideas. In addition, there are tools available to record your own voice and exchange hits with friends.

Users can choose from a large set of loops and realize their musical ideas, change the tempo, or play tracks with amazing effects in real-time. Music Maker Jam – is a fantastic opportunity to manifest yourself, create new genres, create a series of different styles from your own soundtrack.

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