10 Best Google Authenticator Apps Alternatives For Android & iOS

10 Best Google Authenticator Apps Alternatives For Android & iOS

When it comes to providing extra protection to your account, Google Authenticator is one of the most popular apps to provide an extra layer of security. However, many users decide to migrate to other apps because of some of the issues it has. For example, there is no backup option which causes problems when your phone is lost. In addition, it also lacks locking features such as fingerprint security which makes it less personal.

Luckily, you can find the best Google Authenticator alternatives on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for your iPhone and iPad. Alternative applications are numerous, allowing you to choose the right one according to your preferences. What applications are available? Let’s take a look at this!

Choosing the best alternative to Google Authenticator for Android, iPhone, or iPad can be frustrating. Especially if you haven’t tried it yet, it can give you a headache. Luckily, we have selected the best alternative that will work well for your Android and iOS device. Keep scrolling through the points below.

1. Authy


Authy offers strong 2-factor authentication. It helps secure your account by generating 2-step verification tokens on your Android and iOS. This is what you need to prevent hackers. The added layer of security forces hackers to bypass a second protection before logging into your account.

This is the best Google Authenticator alternative as it provides a lot of features. Authy supports secure cloud backup which allows you to get access to tokens at any time. The backup is encrypted, so a third party can’t get in your way. The algorithms used by this app are the same as those used by banks and the NSA.

Apart from securing cloud backups, Authy supports multi-device syncing so you don’t have to re-scan a new QR code every time you want to add it to your smartphone. This authenticator also offers an offline token which allows you to authenticate without an internet connection. You can securely access most online accounts, including Amazon, Dropbox, Facebook, Gmail, and many others.

If you own bitcoin, Authy is a great authenticator to secure your bitcoin wallet. Several companies have entrusted their bitcoin wallets to this application, such as BitGo, Coinbase, and many more.

2. Microsoft Authenticator


One of the best Google Authenticator alternatives is Microsoft Authenticator. Microsoft provides you with easy and convenient two-factor authentication via Microsoft Authenticator. This app does a great job of providing a second layer of security to your Android and iOS devices. Once you are signed in, all of your Microsoft products and services will be accessible.

For more convenience, this authenticator allows you to add multiple accounts, such as Amazon, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google and many more. It also supports TOPT, so you can keep all online accounts safe. Easy, simple and safe.

Like any other authenticator, Microsoft provides Multi-Factor Authentication. This means that you will get a second layer of security after typing your password. The good news is, this authenticator comes with an app lock for added security. You can also set the app to run in the background for a better experience.

Additionally, Microsoft has a single sign-on feature. After you provide your identity, accessing other Microsoft applications does not require a login. This app brings convenience to your mobile device.

3. FreeOTP Authenticator


This is a free authenticator app that you can find on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. FreeOTP Authenticator manages to bring an additional layer of security to most of your online accounts. This app can generate One Time Password on your Android and iOS, which works together with normal passwords. It makes your account unlikely to be hacked.

What online accounts do you have? FreeOTP works well with many online services, such as Evernote, Facebook, GitHub, Google, and many others. If your company implements the TOTP protocol, this app can work for them too.

Among other authenticators, FreeOTP is the closest to Google Authenticator. It doesn’t support app lock or passcode to prevent hackers from accessing this app.

4. LastPass Authenticator


Trust your two-factor authentication to LastPass Authenticator. This app offers easy yet strong authentication to add a second layer of security. It features secure cloud backup as well as one-tap verification for all the security you need. It’s hassle-free, worry-free.

The authenticator works by providing an additional login step each time you need to sign in. Two-factor authentication helps increase the digital security of your account. If your standard password is compromised, authentication makes the account inaccessible without a code.

LastPass offers a number of features such as push notifications, a different code every 30 seconds, SMS code support, and encrypted backup (optional). This allows you to add multiple accounts.

5. TOTP Authenticator


This free app brings convenience to your mobile device. The TOTP Authenticator allows you to easily add a layer of security as well as secure your presence from hackers. This app combines best security practices with a seamless user experience.

Authenticators work by generating a one-time token that can be used in conjunction with your password. Strong two-step authentication helps secure your online accounts from hackers. However, this app doesn’t work when you enable SMS based authentication.

TOTP Authenticator offers a variety of key features, including a dark theme and multi-language support. If you are upgrading to the paid version, the app offers cloud sync which lets you access your code anywhere and anytime. Chrome extension is also available in a paid version. This feature allows you to enter code into the Chrome browser.

6. Aegis Authenticator


Aegis is the best Google authenticator alternative to install from the Play Store. This free, open source application helps provide a second layer of security to your online services. Like any other authenticator, it generates a two-step verification token to work with your password.

A number of features are added to ensure the safety of your account, at the same time enhancing your experience. Aegis Authenticator comes with an encryption feature to secure your OTP vault. So, it’s impossible for hackers to retrieve any information from this password vault.

That makes it even better, the app offers biometric unlock as an alternative if you don’t want to use a one-time password. However, this feature is only compatible with devices with a biometric sensor. Lastly, Aegis supports vault export which allows you to transfer to a new device. Unfortunately, this application is not yet available for iOS devices.



MYKI is an offline authenticator and password manager specially developed to secure your privacy. This is a reliable application to protect your online services along with sensitive information so you can sleep well. Better yet, it has become the editor’s choice of PC Mag and has been dubbed a safe and excellent choice.

MYKI comes with abundant features that exceed your expectations. The app works offline – no data connection is required, which means you can get codes anywhere, anytime. Passwords are stored on your phone, not in the cloud.

MYKI keeps your things organized. It features tags to ensure better information organization. It also allows you to create multiple profiles to separate different information. The search feature allows you to filter and find information easily.

8. Adobe Authenticator


Adobe is another alternative to Google Authenticator that will work great on your Android and iOS devices. This app provides additional security to your account by enabling two-factor authentication. You will receive a verification code and a push notification every time you open a secure account.

Adobe Authentication generates a verification code that must be entered after your password. Any unwanted people who want to access your account will not be able to attend, thanks to a second layer of security that provides extra protection.

What kinds of features does this app include? Lots! It can generate verification codes even if you are offline. It also features easy registration via scanning QR code and responding push notifications. Adobe also supports authentication for multiple accounts.

9. VIP Access


If you have a VIP capable account, this is the best authenticator to choose from. VIP access by Symantec helps secure your transactions and online accounts. It boasts a strong authentication process via two-factor authentication. This application also features a QR code scanning to generate a specific security code.

Whenever you want to access PayPal, eBay, Google, Facebook, or more, VIP Access is available to secure your account. If your device is equipped with fingerprint identification, this app provides fingerprint push notification for authentication on your Android and iOS.

Fortunately, VIP Access supports offline authentication. This means that you can generate a verification code without a data connection. Use a code together with your username and password to open your online services. Protect your account, protect your privacy.

10. Duo Mobile


Duo Security launched Duo Mobile which allows you to secure online accounts with two-factor authentication. This application will generate a security code that can be used together with your password. In addition, your Android and iOS devices will receive push notifications for easier authentication. Applications can be used for web services and compatible applications.

Before using this app, you need to activate Duo Mobile and link it to your account. You will receive an activation link from this application. Apart from that, you also need to scan the QR code using your camera to activate the account. This is how you can enjoy a secure account.

What makes Duo Mobile worth choosing? This will allow you to save all accounts to Google Drive. Therefore, you can access the account even if your phone is lost or changed. Apart from that, this app also allows you to capture screenshots and use them for the future. However, this feature is only available for 10 minutes.



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