10 Best General Knowledge Apps For Android

10 Best General Knowledge Apps For Android

Smartphones are now also used for learning purposes. We use it to access the internet, search for information, learn new things and take online classes. There are several language learning applications, dictionary applications, Mathematics applications, and general knowledge applications to learn various things. The general knowledge application helps you gain knowledge on current issues and evaluate your knowledge. In this article, I list the best general knowledge apps for learning new things. You can install one or more applications in this list and gain knowledge at your leisure.

We have prepared a list of the best general knowledge apps for Android devices. You can use this app to study current situations, improve your general knowledge, and take quizzes to rate you.

1. World GK


World GK is also a great general knowledge app for students and professionals who want to learn new things or are preparing for competitive exams. This app brings you the latest news from several categories including world, technology, science and more. This app includes 15000 GK Questions and more are added regularly. This app is also available in 25 different languages and helps you improve your general knowledge.

2. Current Affairs 2020


This app is one of the best to learn Current Affairs and general knowledge. If you’re preparing for a Bank, SSC, Railroad, Civil Service, or MBA exam, this app is great. You will find information in Hindi and English. Apart from HL and breaking news, this app also offers daily quizzes and daily news. You can bookmark important articles to guide you later. This application is useful for some government exams.

3. QuizUp


QuizUp is a useful general knowledge app for Android that also includes a quiz game. You can use the app to learn more things. There are thousands of topics to choose from. You can also play quizzes with millions of other players. You can also challenge your friends and play quizzes together. So, overall it’s fun and learning.

4. Wikipedia


Wikipedia isn’t actually a general knowledge app, but you can use this app to search for a specific topic to learn more about it. This application is available in nearly 300 languages. This app brings an online encyclopedia to your mobile and you get access to 40 million website articles. You can also save your favorite articles for offline reading.

5. GK & Current Affairs


It’s also a great app for learning general knowledge and current events. You can also use this app for offline learning. The app loads new data once you get an internet connection. You get current affairs, GK tricks, Math Tricks and General Knowledge from 29 Categories. This app also includes Exam Target Questions, All Indian Mock Tests with Results Analysis and NCERT Books & Solution.

6. General Knowledge Quiz


This is a quiz app for general knowledge about India and the world. This app helps you learn new things to use during competitive exams. This app contains 30+ streams of general knowledge questions. You can take the test freely to refresh it, take a Quiz in the form of an online test or practice quiz questions in offline mode.

7. General Knowledge Trivia


General Knowledge Trivia is also one of the best General Knowledge apps for Android. This app comes with free multiple choice questions for students to improve their general knowledge of several categories. So, this app is useful for competitive entrance exams. This is useful for those who are preparing for the civil service exam, SSC or similar exams where they ask for general knowledge.

8. Aptitude Test and Preparation


This is a great talent app with questions and solutions. You can also learn short tricks to improve your talent skills. This app has 600+ Questions and answers from 35+ categories. You also get detailed solutions for every question. There are daily online tests, Puzzles, Practice Tests and many more.

9. General Knowledge 2020


General Knowledge 2020 is also an excellent general knowledge application for learning purposes. You can use this application to improve your general knowledge every day. This application aims to serve students & professionals who are preparing for competitive exams. You can use this app to learn about animals, birds, politics, science, computers, books and more. It has more than 15,000 GK World questions in various categories. This application also keeps updating its database.

10. Quora


Quora is basically a Q&A app where you can ask anything and get feedback from people. This app is also one of the best for learning new things. There are millions of questions regarding general knowledge answered by scholars. People are active here and responses come within minutes. You can ask if you want to know about something.



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