10 Best Games Like Heroes Of Might And Magic (HoMM) For Android & iOS

10 Best Games Like Heroes Of Might And Magic (HoMM) For Android & iOS

Heroes of Might and Magic is a role-based, strategy-based strategy game with RPG elements where you can make a hero and participate in battles against enemies.

If you are a real gamer and have played this legendary cellphone game, you might start looking for similar games. We have selected a large number of games and prepared a list of 11 of the best application games such as Heroes of Might and Magic for Android and iOS.

1. King’s Bounty Legions


King’s Bounty Legions is a 3D combat strategy and army management game that is gaining huge popularity among gamers. The game presents a mix of genres: strategy, battle, and defense. As in most games of this genre, you will find a world of magic and mysterious creatures. The main target is to defeat your opponents in several battles.

You will play the role of governor of your kingdom protecting him from invading invaders. There are many different creatures to recruit and train for your army: Pirates, Dark Griffins, and Druids. You can join an alliance with other players or create your own alliance to fight against enemies.

There is a large community of players that you can interact with and chat online.

King’s Bounty Legions is one of the best games compared to RPG and other mixed strategy games. It is available for the Android and iOS platforms for free download. You will be advised to buy many facilities in the application that will help you recover the lost troops or increase it.

2. Fantasy War Tactics


Fantasy War Tactics is a free playing strategy and RPG for Android and iOS. You will enter the world of fantasy and magic playing with heroes with extraordinary abilities. A fast-paced game with amazing graphics drawn in anime style will give you lots of positive emotions.

Fantasy War Tactics Features:

  • Become a master, recruit an army of heroes and start a war.
  • More than 50 heroes are played with unique characteristics, abilities and personalities.
  • All game characters are made in 3D.
  • Different levels of difficulty with the new level added the latest “Hard and Hell” for players who are very skilled in the game.

Except for your fight, being able to sell unwanted weapons, improve your arsenal and hero skills. This feature is useful for times when you run out of energy and cannot participate in battles. The application recommends in-app purchases.

3. Dungeon & Heroes


Dungeon & Heroes: 3D RPG is another RPG strategy game that you will enjoy. To start playing you will build an empire by building a castle, gathering various heroes to gather your troops, and protecting your territory. You need to find dungeons to gather important resources, fight with the Fire Dragon to get more bonuses, explore other areas to find rare objects and resources.

Main feature:

  • Different heroes and other fantastic creatures in stunning 3D graphics.
  • Various tasks and activities: battles, construction, and simple fights to open a path to move or grow your area.
  • Alliance to create or join allies with friends all over the world.
  • Many resources available: coins, gems, artifacts.

The game is free to play, although some in-app purchases will be recommended to speed up the search for the game. This game is challenging and you will enjoy playing it.

4. Lords of Discord


Dive into the world of magic and war with this turn-based strategy game. Lords of Discord is another mobile game with typical scenarios and fantastic creatures as heroes. But this does not make this game less popular than other games in the same genre.

The main rules of the fight:

  • The initiative determines the order of actions in battle. Thus, the heroes fight in the order presented on the panel at the top of the screen.
  • Each hero can have more than one ability besides attacking. You can switch between them to use different skills.
  • Winning the fight will give your troops treasure and points to level up gradually.
  • Revive the fallen unit to recover your troops.

So the main agenda in the game is to participate in battles, clear the area from enemies, conquer the land, get money, points and other treasures, and continue leveling up by growing your empire.

The game loads fast enough between screens to give you maximum enjoyment and great involvement in the game.

5. Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians


Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians will fascinate you with amazing graphics, designs and images. This game was originally made for PC and then the mobile version was developed for Android and iOS.

There are hundreds of creatures available to be opened at different levels. You will find Fire dragons, angels, mysterious beasts like a fox with two tails, vampire knights, half-human half-cat creatures. All creatures look rather funny and not at all scary.

Game features:

  • You will spend most of the time in battle as expected for such a game.
  • There are maps with various regions such as the Mystic forest, the Colossus desert, and the Ice Cave.
  • All creatures have different and unique skills. So it’s better to make your team choose different and mighty creatures to win the battle.
  • Of course, you will have the main character in this game. It can be male or female. Do the appearance by choosing a skin color or hair style.
  • You will have some great creatures to fight.
  • 3 difficulty levels: normal, advanced, and nightmare.

The game is free to play and offers in-app purchases.

6. Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes


Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes is a classic strategy game with all their mystical creatures like Orcs, Elves, Goblins. This game was released a little more than a year ago so this is a fairly new project.

We start in a large castle where we will build buildings, increase our troops, and improve our heroes. Of course, there is a map and all missions will be displayed there. For each battle victory, you will get coins and gems. Each mission can be played up to three times to get more gold and gems.

There are 4 different campaigns in the game that are different from each other based on race. You can choose to play for the Human, Elf, Greenskins, or Dwarf races. Each race character has unique skills and different actions. It is recommended to complete the tutorial in the Human campaign before playing for other races.

Each campaign contains about 90 missions and has a leader. For example, your main hero in the Human campaign is called Percival Kent and he will lead you through the game.

There is good background music that is usually used in such strategy games with heroes, missions and battles. You will find some ads in the game but not too annoying. It is available for download on Android and iOS devices.

7. Legend of Empire-Expedition


The Legend of the Empire has a story in which the ancient Fairy Empire was destroyed by enemies and the father of the main hero was edited during the war. So you must revive the once prosperous empire.

Build and develop your city step by step by adding more useful facilities. Grow the city from scratch: a logging camp to collect wood or an important villa to call people to live in your city.

Main feature.

  • Complete various searches such as preparing food for starving people. For this, you can build agriculture. You can also build a mine or dig.
  • Get a reward for each complete assignment.
  • Recruit various creatures such as dwarves, traitors to fight for your empire.
  • Occupy other areas that contain resources. You can find it on the map.
  • Communicate with players all over the world.

This game has great graphics that you will definitely enjoy. This game is quite easy to play and you might be addicted to the process. The game is available for Android and iOS for free with a recommended in-app purchase.


8. War and Order


War and Order is a free and great alternative to Might and Magic Heroes available for Android and iOS. Grow your kingdom, protect your territory, fight with enemies in this well-designed and popular game. War and Order is a fantastic medieval strategy reality game. Many different mythical creatures will fight using all kinds of weapons that protect your kingdom.

Main feature:

  • 50 types of characters to recruit including Orcs, Elves, Angels, and Animals.
  • Different types of buildings to build your army.
  • Connect with other players around the world by creating alliances and discussing strategies in chat.
  • Perfect graphics and design.

In this war strategy game, you must build castles and troops and increase your imperial income points, gather resources, and improve all your facilities. For this, you will gather resources, services, gems.

9. Vikings: War of Clans


Vikings: War of Clans is a good game with very detailed graphics and medieval architecture. Grow your empire, recruit troops, and become the leader of many of your troops. This game will take you to the world of the Vikings, great warriors from the North. You will find many tasks in the search section. Equipping them you will develop your empire and collect prizes.

Main feature:

  • Grow your empire by building different structures: mines, quarries, factories and farms. You always have to gather enough resources for your troops. So plan ahead before starting to fight.
  • Recruit troops: train mercenaries, horsemen, archers.
  • Defend your kingdom from attack and expand its territory.
  • Create alliances with other players by joining clans

This game is free for Android and iOS devices.

10. Citadels: War Game Strategy


Citadels: Strategy War Game is another good strategic game to improve your tactic skills. As always, you will complete the tasks suggested by the game and get a reward for each complete action. The design of the game is good, but some people might find the icons on the screen and the main message fonts rather small.

In the game, you will find development tasks so that you can expand and develop your empire. Recruitment is another important action. For this reason, you will build many constructions such as the military academy.

Actions that must be completed in game:

  • Expedition to a new area on the map.
  • Protection of your region.
  • Military campaigns and work.
  • Construction of castles, towers and other buildings.
  • Communicate with other players to build alliances.

You can recruit a human army or a mystical creature to fight for you. Fairies, archers, witches and Vikings will serve you. You can run your clan or choose a strong guild to join. Enjoy traditional PvP strategy games where you can interact with other players and fight with them.

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