10 Best Free Games Like Candy Crush Saga Android & iOS

10 Best Free Games Like Candy Crush Saga Android & iOS

One of the most popular free games that set the standard for puzzle games is Candy Crush Saga. The Candy Crush Saga game is one of the best puzzle games available on the Play store for android smartphones and tablets. No doubt many people love to play this most addictive android game. However, there is one downside to the Candy Crush Saga game, which is not compatible with ARMv6 processors. But don’t worry, we’ve got a great solution for you. If your android smartphone or tablet has an ARMv6 processor and you are looking for cool free games like candy crush saga then you are at the right place.

There are many games like Candy Crush Saga free that you can play on your smartphone (Android, Windows, iPhone / iPad) and today we will share them with you. All free games like candy crush saga that we will share in this post have been tested on android devices and even those that come with ARMv6 processor. We are pretty sure, you will find a comprehensive list of the 10 best free games similar to candy crush saga for this useful phone and tablet.

 1. Farm Heroes Saga


Farm Heroes Saga is a popular free game like candy crush saga. This game was developed by King, the same developer who developed Candy Crush Saga. You have to solve the puzzles in the game but instead of candy, there are plants in the game. Which means you will play around with the plants and save them from bad raccoons.

2. Diamond Dash


Diamond Dash is another game like Candy Crush Saga. In this game, there are gems and diamonds. The whole board is filled with diamonds and jewels and you have to solve puzzles in this jewels and diamonds game. You can also link these best free games like candy crush saga with your Facebook account and play with your friends.

In simple words, Diamond Dash is the best arcade match-3 puzzle game available to play for free. Fast, fun and challenging game features similar to candy crush will make you addicted to playing.

3. Jewellery Bird


The last two games which are similar to candy crush come with vegetables and diamonds. But in Jewelery Bird, you are a bird and you have to bring the same birds right next to each other so that the puzzle can be solved. Together with birds, you will find chickens, owls, penguins and even chicks in the game. Jewelery Bird is one of the best games like candy crush saga that comes with a total of three game modes.

4. Buttons Crush


Puzzle games are addicting games and if you start playing them, it will be hard for someone to stop laying ground off them. Same is the case with Buttons Crush. This is one of the best games like candy crush saga. Your objective as a player in a game similar to candy crush is to put three or more buttons together.

5. Gunspell


We all know that candy crush saga game free download is available on Play store. Just like Candy Crush, Gunspell can also be downloaded for free. If you are looking for more games like candy crush then you need to give Gunspell a try.

6. Book of Life: Sugar Smash


If you have watched the animated film Game of life then you need to play Book of Life: Sugar Smash because this game is based on the Game of Life movie. Play with all the characters in the movie and complete the levels solving puzzles.

7. Pet Pop Mania


If you want to play with cute little animals and are looking for other games like candy crush saga then you can play Pet Pop Mania. The game has more than 120 levels and in this level there are more than 7 challenges that you have to complete. You can find candy crush and Pet Pop Mania free downloads on the Play store.

8. Garden Elf


Garden Elf is one of the best candy crush games like free. Your goal as a player in this game is to combine three of the more than three vegetables. You can play more than 250 levels for free in this game.

9. Ice Crush


Feel the cold with Ice Crush. This game is similar to Candy Crush Saga and has more than 200 levels. You have to solve puzzles and feed the snowmen in the game. There are many power ups in the game that you can use to complete difficult levels.

10. Juice Splash


Lastly is Juice Splash. This game is a great alternative to the Candy Crush saga. You will never get bored playing this game because there are around 200 incredible levels. Just like other puzzle games, the number of moves available in each level is limited. Solve the puzzles in the available moves that will unlock the next level. Scoring high will get you to the top of the leaderboard.



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