10 Best Cardiovascular Apps in 2020 Android & iOS

10 Best Cardiovascular Apps in 2020 Android & iOS

Millions of people suffer from high blood pressure and various other heart diseases that can end in a stroke, heart attack or other cardiovascular disorders. They all have to monitor their heart rate and blood pressure every day. In addition, those who have a weak cardiovascular system must be wiser and more careful about their health. This includes a healthy diet, healthy sleep, and living an active life.

Fortunately there are many applications created to help people carry out all the actions mentioned above. We have compiled a list of the best heart disease applications for Android and iOS that will do a great job in maintaining good “heart health”.

1. Qardio Heart Health


Qardio Heart Health is a free application created to track your heart rate and blood pressure. It also collects different data such as irregular heartbeat, body mass index, weight, calories, skin temperature, and steps. It is easily integrated with other applications such as MyFitnessPal, Samsung Health, Google Fit and has export features. According to the information that you entered into the application, you will see an analysis of your health condition. Do you have normal blood pressure and there is no reason to worry or one level of hypertension and the subsequent decision to consult with your doctor.

This application is very popular and very popular. It also has several awards and is called “The Best Health App”.

2. Blood Pressure Companion 4+


It is absolutely mandatory to keep track of your heart rate and blood pressure in the case of having several cardiovascular system diseases. It’s a good habit to monitor those indicators for everyone. Blood Pressure Companion is derived to track all this data and generate totals in graphs and diagrams to show you the risk of heart attack or high blood pressure.

In this application, you can track systolic and diastolic blood pressure separately, weight diagrams and heart rates will be displayed as well. Statistics will be available in one day, week, month, or year. In the end, you can save all the charts in PDF or HTML format and send them to your doctor.

3. ASCVD Risk Estimator


This application is a collaboration of two American Heart Association organizations and the American College of Cardiology. The aim is to estimate the risk of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease for each individual. This assesses the different data that users add to the application.

This application needs to add:

  • age;
  • race;
  • systolic blood pressure;
  • diastolic blood pressure;
  • weight;
  • lifestyle habits;

cholesterol levels and various indicators, etc.This application will present current risks and risks for the next 10 years. The information provided in this application is dedicated to notifying patients but not to replace treatment or be the only good solution for therapy.

4. My Cardiac Coach


My Cardiac Coach has been developed by the American Heart Association to help those who have had a heart attack and need to recover. This application is made with a series of features that are important for heart disease patients. This includes heart rate monitoring, different lessons dedicated to heart-related problems, reminders to take medication and other large communities having heart attacks.

This application is considered a complex recovery tool. The collection of scientific articles comes from the American Heart Association itself. This application can also be used as a fitness tool. Not only the heart rate can be monitored here. Weight and physical activity can be included in the application as well.

Fortunately this application is free and available for both platforms.

5. Instant Heart Rate+


This unusual application will be very useful for those who need to measure pulses regularly. This allows the user to measure the heart rate using a cellphone camera. An unexpected feature of this application is to recognize your current heart rate by analyzing the color changes on the finger. This application has a good rate and positive reviews which prove that the application is accurate. In addition, you will see every heartbeat on your mobile screen just by placing our index finger.

It is said that professional medical oximeters have the same principle in measuring pulse.

This application will help not only for heart disease but also for athletes who are constantly monitoring their health condition during training. Instant Heartbeat is available for Android and iOS.

6. PulsePoint Respond


The PulsePoint application represents a large community of CPR trained volunteers who are always close to providing assistance in case of emergencies. Those who are at risk of having a heart attack have little time and an emergency can be too late to help. This application offers a good service for those who suffer from heart disease.

Pulse Points are location based and serve as an emergency warning. This will notify volunteers who need urgent CPR. They can work in the same office or be in the nearest store. They can provide life-saving assistance before professional emergencies emerge. This is a very important point because there are many situations that occur when an emergency car is delayed for various reasons. One of them could be traffic jams as a big city problem.

This application will also remind you of other dangerous events that occur in real time. For example fire or flood.

7. Kardia


Kardia is an application dedicated to ECG analysis. This works with Kardia Mobile which is FDA-approved. You must place your fingers on the electrode. No wires or gels needed. The result is an accurate medical EKG right on your mobile. Then Kardia will provide an ECG assessment. Either it’s normal or you need to consult your cardiologist immediately.

This application will also provide an assessment for your blood pressure: normal, prehypertension or hypertension. Body mass index can be analyzed and presented in a graph as well.

8. CardioVisual


Cardio Visual offers a large library of articles and lessons relating to the cardiovascular system and its disorders. This application has two different versions. Separate is for medical workers who specialize in heart and blood vessel disease. And the second for patients and those who complain of different diseases. An interesting fact is that this application was awarded in 2018 as “The Best Application for heart disease”.

The large collection of lectures, videos and articles from this application is constantly updated. These include topics such as aortic & mitral heart valve disease, diabetes, peripheral arterial disease, heart attack or myocardial infarction and many others. This also includes expert discussions on new treatments and treatments. All information is simplified to be easily understood by non-medical related users.

9. iBP Blood Pressure


IBP Blood Pressure iBP Blood Pressure is one of the most popular applications for tracking heart indicators. Need to include systolic and diastolic blood pressure, pulse, weight, and blood glucose. This application will assess the measurement of the condition of your cardiovascular system in different colors according to the American Heart Association. For example, blood pressure less than 120/80 will be marked as green. More than this will be red.

Measuring all indicators every day and adding them to the application will give you charts and statistics in the end. All reports about your heart rate and blood pressure are easily sent to your doctor’s email.

10. SmartBP


Use the Smart Blood Pressure application to record data about your blood pressure, pulse and weight. It will play the role of your health diary also offers statistics and measurement analysis. You will find a diagram with all the heart related numbers that you add every day to the application. This application can be synchronized with various programs and let users share important data with their cardiologists.

You add to the application of systolic and diastolic blood pressure and have the analysis generated separately because these two numbers are very important and crucial at some point. PDF files can be created in the application and sent directly by email. You can set reminders so you don’t forget to take measurements. It also allows you to see statistical differences before and after taking medicine. This application is free with several in-app purchases. It is available for Android and iOS.

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