10 Best Card Game Apps For Magic Tricks Android & iOS

10 Best Card Game Apps For Magic Tricks Android & iOS

Learn card tricks to surprise your friends. With these skills, you can be the center of attention in any company.

Use this list of the best card game applications for magic tricks. Choose your favorite and learn new tricks.

1. Magic Tricks by Mikael Montier


If you are just starting to learn card tricks, know that there are several tricks in this category.

They don’t need agility and will allow you to impress your friends. In Magic Tricks by the Mikael Montier application, you will find card tricks that are simple but interesting and mysterious.

The trick that needs to be understood is the card trick. But don’t forget the others.

The number of card tricks cannot be calculated with any statistics. We can only say about the sequence of numbers – the scores reach thousands.

The quality of card tricks also occupies various illusion skills. From basic tricks, which are easy for kids to master, to very professional tricks. Their secrets are only known by a few people who are dedicated to them.

The main focus of this application is guessing the map. Choose a suitable deck. Ask friends or anyone around you to guess cards. Then, with the help of a simple trick, show on your mobile screen the card made by the person you chose.

There are also many interesting tricks to do here. All instructions can be found in a special section of the Magic Tricks application by Mikael Montier. Learn to surprise your friends with new things.

2. Learn Magic Tricks


The Learn Magic Tricks application contains more than 100 map tricks to help you stay in the spotlight of any company. This is one of the best applications of its kind that you can only find.

Card tricks are the most famous trick after a white rabbit is taken out of a black hat. Smooth card handling is inherent in casino cheating and skilled magicians.

It is important for you to convince everyone that the club lady is in a neighbor’s pocket.

Card tricks traditionally attract a lot of attention and always gather lots of people. They do not believe that a simple deck can bring so many surprises.

Simple or complex card tricks. Their secrets can be mastered by anyone who has the patience to master them.

In the Learn Magic Tricks application, you will also find lots of useful knowledge for making your own tricks. When you read all the articles, you can surprise your friends wherever and whenever you want.

3. Playing Cards Magic Tricks


People are always interested in mysticism and magic. With the Magic Tricks Playing Cards application, you will learn tricks and unusual tricks.

This will help you surprise your friends and viewers every day. In this way, you can put anyone in the company. Stay in the spotlight with new knowledge.

In this application, you will find useful information and tips on how to do tricks with maps. The main thing to remember is to keep the tricks secret.

Before you start doing tricks, read all the information articles in this application. The following are only useful tips from professional magicians.

You will be able to surprise your friends by finding mysterious maps or even showing them the flying deck. All this can be done directly in the Magic Tricks Playing Cards application.

If you prefer to use a real deck, you can follow the instructions while focusing in real life. Just place your phone in front of you and follow the instructions. But, make sure your cell phone is not visible to others. In this way, you will be able to impress them with your wizard skills.

4. Magic-Tricks Tutorials


If you are someone who has ever been interested in card tricks, then the Magic Tutorial application is designed for you.

The first time you enter the Magic Tutorial application, you will be shown an article about the map. Where are they from? How have the numbers on the deck changed and other interesting information?

At the top of the screen, above each article, there is a picture. If there is more than one picture, you can flip it over with the appropriate movements on the screen.

In the Magic Tutorial application, it is enough to simply highlight text fragments and send them to friends on social networks.

In the lower right corner of the screen, there is a “Share” button. Click on it and choose recipient. The article will automatically go to the selected person.

The Magic Tutorial application has a default search system. If you don’t understand the card term, tap on the magnifying glass at the top right of the screen.

To access the focus category menu and other functions, click the button in the upper left corner. This will open a menu with the following options:

  1. How to be a magician
  2. Standard Technique
  3. Shuffle method
  4. Simple trick
  5. Difficult trick
  6. New trick
  7. Favorite

This free application helps you surprise your friends and create an entertaining atmosphere.

5. 52Kards


The 52Kards application contains more than 700 tricks and secrets that are interesting and entertaining.

They can also be shared with friends. Many tricks are accompanied by illustrations. Learn the secrets of tricks and easily surprise your friends and family.

This application contains various ways to surprise your friends or a group of strangers. The simplest but still most interesting trick is called “Heart of cards”.

Here you have to guess the card chosen by someone else. You can use a virtual deck and also the original one. But, in the second case, you must prepare in advance and read all the instructions that are needed.

First, take the deck and stir until smooth. Here you must pay attention to the lowest card. Then the viewer takes out any cards. After that, make a few decks.

The viewer must place the card on the deck of your choice. Now install all decks. At this point, it’s important to remember where the viewer’s card is located.

This is the simplest and most superficial example of all possible tricks. Install the 52Kards application to learn the most interesting things.

6. Card Magic Tricks And Tutorials


The Card Magic Tricks and Tutorial application is a collection of unique card tricks. Surprise your friends and be the center of attention in any company.

This application supports night mode and offline mode. There is also a search here. Interesting tricks can be added to favorites and shared with friends.

Application remembers where you stay for each category. This will allow you to continue reading from the same place later. It also marks the history of the article or when reading.

The application of Magic Tricks and Card Tutorials includes more than a thousand tricks for different tastes. It can please anyone with different preferences.

This is the version with coins, maps and various items. This application is distinguished by a special focus – guess the mind.

The application of Magic Tricks and Tutorials provides detailed descriptions, as well as qualitative illustrations. They will allow you to understand magic even for beginner magicians.

The most important modes in this application are tricked by playing cards. Here you will learn how to surprise your friends with a deck of ordinary cards. Learn the most unusual tricks and become a perfect illusionist.

7. Mind Reader (Card Magic Trick)


Mind Reader application (Card Magic Trick) contains a collection of the most unusual digital tricks. Using instructions in this application you can surprise everyone around you.

All tricks in this application are categorized. But, the most important feature is the presence of a large number of tricks by playing cards.

A concrete example of an interesting focus in this application is the illusion of “Final Card”. Here the visitor must issue 3 cards, which you can find.

For this purpose, you will need a deck of 52 cards. Ask the viewer to take out 3 cards and remember them.

Next, you need to make three decks. The first deck of 10 cards, the other two decks of 15 cards. This way you will have 9 cards left. You have to get rid of them.

The viewer places their cards on each of the three decks. The remaining 9 cards must be placed under the third deck. Then place the third deck on the second deck. All of these cards must be placed on the first deck.

In the end, you only need to issue a viewer card. For this focus, you not only need knowledge about focus, but also very good memory.

8. Magic Amino


The Amino Magic application will help you learn the most unusual tricks. Thanks to them, you will be able to surprise your friends, only having a regular deck of playing cards.

This application contains a large collection of information about various tricks. There are even tricks to use augmented reality. This is a real breakthrough in the field of virtual illusions.

Also in this application, you can access video tutorials. Thanks to them, it will be easier for you to understand and learn the real tricks and their performance.

Thanks to this variation, you will be able to use different decks of playing cards. The trick here is adapted to 50 different decks.

Here you will find illusions for every taste. So, you can surprise your friends by guessing the cards they have made.

You can use a deck of virtual and real cards. When using a real deck, you must prepare in advance and learn all instructions to focus.

You can also put the cellphone near you to peek instructions. But, don’t forget that you need to surprise your friends. This means you have to hide your cellphone from unnecessary sight.

9. Magic Tricks


Have you ever wanted to be a magician or an illusionist? Do you want to surprise your friends or be the center of attention?

Then use the instructions in the Magic Tricks application. They will help you with your article as a real magician.

Here you will use playing cards to do unique tricks.

The most interesting focus is “Mind Reading”. Announce to your viewers that you can guess the cards contained by the audience.

Call four people, sit at the table and give the cards. If you are with friends, you can all install the Magic Tricks application on your mobile and use a virtual card.

Ask everyone to make one card in their hand. Now collect all the cards, place them on five decks.

Invite people to choose the deck of cards they like and give you. Adjust the card with the fan and rotate the image to the viewer. Ask people who have paid attention to their maps.

As soon as someone answers, you will immediately issue the card you want to see. If the selected stack does not have the correct card, take another stack.

However, you can guess the right card, even if the stack contains some puzzles.

10. Card Tricks for Beginners


Do you like tricks and illusions? Then the Card Tricks application for Beginners will help you get deeper into the process. Here you will learn many tips on how to do interesting tricks by playing cards.

This application is suitable for beginners and amateurs as well as for professionals. Also here you will find various tricks with coins, cubes, and other magical devices.

Magic tricks are very popular. You can use it at any event to focus on yourself. In this way you can surprise your friends and family.

Also in the Card Tricks application for Beginners, you will find a selection of different video lessons. They will help you better understand the most unusual and mysterious illusions.

For all tricks, you need a deck of playing cards. You can use a variety of decks. For example, the most common are 36 and 52 deck cards. Surprise the audience by guessing the card they want. Or show them the popular illusion with the disappearance of the entire deck.

This free application works without any limitations and there is no need to purchase defaults. Apart from that, there are no annoying advertisements.

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