10 Best Apps For Veterinarians Android & iOS

10 Best Apps For Veterinarians Android & iOS

The veterinary profession is a complex and responsible job that requires not only attention and knowledge, but also concentration, focus and more.

If you choose this way of life, then get ready for a challenge. Like doctors for humans, veterinarians are always at their posts – they cannot ignore the surrounding animal diseases.

If you have just entered the veterinary academy, want to become a doctor or just start practicing, you don’t have much experience in solving problems.

We offer you easy-to-use applications to help you diagnose and treat diseases. You can also easily determine the best medicine and dosage. So, here are a total of 11 best applications to help veterinarians do their work.

1. Vet Calculator


Veterinarians aren’t just people who examine animals and castrate cats. These are the people responsible for the correct dosage and a lot of treatment and care calculations.

The Veterinary Calculator has been developed specifically for veterinarians and allows them to do the quick and simple calculations needed in practice.

A total of eleven types of calculations are available in the application. Here you can find calculations for drug dosages, energy and fluid consumption, and so on. Because there are many measurement systems throughout the world, the Veterinary Calculator can convert your data into precise units of measurement.

The application design is very clear, so you can immediately determine which tab to open for certain tasks.

2. MSD Vet Manual


The MSD Veterinary Manual is a complete medical aid that will contain all information on your smartphone. Here you will find thousands of different topics and diseases, data about them that you will get from leading specialists from 20 countries.

The MSD Veterinary Manual is designed to help veterinarians and students get the information they need on time.

In addition to text, you will find here photos and illustrations of diseases and disorders. Reference tables, manuals, and even interactive quizzes to test your knowledge are all available in the MSD Vet Manual.

Please note that all information is downloaded separately. Even if you have just downloaded the application, you must download additional material online.

3. IDEXX VetConnect® PLUS

Veterinarians often prescribe tests for animals. Waiting for these results hurts and sometimes the owner can’t wait long for them. Doctors do not sit in the laboratory all the time, but are often traveling or busy visiting animals.

VetConnect® PLUS will help the vet get a quicker picture of the test results, so that he can do something about it if necessary.

You manage a list of people who will receive information about results. You receive notification of all results from the IDEXX lab. In addition to sending information, you can also track the status of your reading immediately.

This is a much faster and easier way to get information than to wait for the fax results. Most importantly, the results are available not only for your doctor, but also for your quadrupedic patients.

4. Timeless Vet Drug Index


The Timeless Medicines Index is a complete pharmacological guide for professionals used to double-check all information. If a veterinarian compares data with a manual, that doesn’t mean he’s stupid – someone just improves his skills and makes a reliable diagnosis. The application author is a trusted medical professional.

The design of this application is quite simple – you get a classification of drugs. Because the catalog was created entirely from scratch, the Timeless Timeless Medicines Index contains current information for today.

This application is very useful for practitioners who don’t have time to track new information about drugs. You should try it just once and you will accurately appreciate the extraordinary work of other professionals who made this catalog.

5. TARGET (Vet)


Antimicrobials are a large industry that has a strong impact on medicine. Parasites, diseases, and many other diseases can occur in small animals at any time in their life cycle and not always doctors can diagnose and treat them immediately.

In order for veterinarians to evaluate the effectiveness of certain drugs in medicine, a TARGET application is made. TARGET is a comprehensive reference guide for antimicrobial agents.

Here you can find a table with an assessment of the effectiveness of treatments. For a quick view, you will even find ratings with colored marks, but we still recommend that you study each product more closely.

TARGET will help you calculate the dosage for the most effective treatment and estimate the cost. The cost factor is also calculated by specialists and simplifies the choice of antimicrobial drugs.

6. Horse Anatomy: Equine 3D


Sports questions are often accompanied by injury and illness, and this does not only apply to motorists. At horse racing and during racing you can always find a veterinarian who specializes in horse care.

If you want to be a specialist or deal with complicated cases, we offer you to use the Horse Anatomy app.

Here you can explore the structure and anatomy of horses in 3D. This applies not only to external indicators, but also to muscles, bones, organs, and detailed appearance of nails and head models.

Any body part that you can zoom in and explore in more detail. It is even possible to make “cuts” anywhere – for example, to examine the abdominal cavity from the inside.

If you feel you know enough about horses like a veterinarian, you can take a test and evaluate your knowledge. The desire to work with horses means great responsibility, so you should try Horse Anatomy.

7. Vet Blood Tests Guide


In this application you will get complete information about animal analysis that is currently available. From hemoglobin levels to complete amylase analysis, you can find everything here. To be more precise, the Veterinary Blood Test Guide becomes your instructor and informant about all possible rates.

Small animals often suffer from diseases that are difficult to diagnose. In such cases, it is best to carry out a complete diagnosis of your pet’s performance and do many tests.

To make it easy for your veterinarian to find out if your pet’s test results are normal, there is the ability to check data with the application.
In the Veterinary Blood Test Guide, you will find a complete list of parameters that are important for diagnostics. Platelet analysis, nutrition and electrolytes – compare all information with reliable data.

8. Vet Nurse Quick Reference


It’s not just veterinarians who need advice. In fact, there are also animal nurses who care for animals. There is also an application for them, where it is possible to get all information about the normal conditions of animals.

Parameters, vital signs, and healthy appearance – you will find all this in the application – is practically the ideal consultant in your pocket.

The Veterinary Nurse Quick Reference in his catalog contains the values of 18 ordinary pets – cats, dogs and even snakes. Nurses can use the application to determine the disease or even the incubation period of the disease.

It is also possible to calculate a healthy weight and other indicators that determine the animal’s condition. A large number of conditions and illnesses are presented on your smartphone, however, all of this is only in English.

9. Vet Drugs Veterinary


Although the design of the application is not very attractive, Veterinary Medicine is a very useful tool for veterinarians. In order to have very fast access to all the information you need, you can bring the Veterinarian to the main screen of your smartphone without wasting time searching for information for your little patients.

This application is specifically designed for veterinarians and ordinary people should not prescribe medicines for animals without specialist advice.

There are more than 600 medicines in the Veterinarian catalog, each of which has a list of indications and contraindications and will also help you find the right dosage for each animal.

If you don’t find the right medicine when you look for it, the developer asks you to contact them to help improve the catalog, so you can help not only animals but also other veterinarians.

10. CVP Vet (US)


If you are looking for a list of products approved for pets or just want to check a drug manufacturer, we recommend that you use the CVP Vet application. This will be a complete drug consultant for you and will provide you with all the information you need in a short amount of time.

Even if you use a lot of drugs, you might find them in this catalog. At CVP Vet, you will find around 6,000 feeds and biological products designed to improve the health of your pet.

Veterinarians can advise on certain products, including the expiry date of biological products. Please note that CVP Vet requires your internet connection and will not function without it.

Our little friends need more protection than us. Because pets can easily become infected or fall ill with something unknown, veterinarians really need to have resources at their fingertips to consult.

Never be ashamed of it – the more reliable the information you get, the better help you provide. Depending on which animal you work for, choose the right application and get help with dosages and medicines now!

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